Good news!

Both my Paypal withdrawals, made on January 25 and February 1, 2008, are approved already! Finally, the problem has been resolved. I do hope everybody’s pending withdrawals are completed by now.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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Update on Paypal withdrawal problems

Here is an update on the issue regarding Paypal withdrawals that are still pending for quite some time now.

Paypal acknowledged the problem already.

We are aware that users in certain countries such as Malaysia, India, Indonesia and the Philippines, are currently unable to complete withdrawals to their Visa® credit, debit or prepaid cards. We are working diligently to resolve this as quickly as possible so that you can access your funds. We hope to have this resolved in the next 72 hours and will let you know once we have more updates.

So there is no problem on Unionbank’s side. Nevertheless, in my opinion, they should still make an official announcement regarding this issue. Some bloggers assumed (that includes me) that the problem lies in their system. Or probably relationship with Paypal. Most of the bloggers who got affected by this withdrawal problem are Unionbank EON cardholders.

Anyway, here is an email sent to Pam

Due to a technical issue we have experienced starting on January 20, 2008 we have been unable to successfully withdraw funds to your credit card. As we work through resolving this issue you may experience one of the following scenarios:

* Pending status – if your withdrawal is ‘pending’ then we are still working to resolve the issue and complete your request. We are treating this issue with high priority and will update you as soon as it is resolved.
* Completed status – if your withdrawal is ‘completed’ then we have processed your request and the funds will post to your credit card in 5 to 7 days

You should not see any delays on future withdrawals.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and we appreciate your business.

Yours sincerely,


Apparently, there was a maintenance done on January 24-26 causing glitches in Paypal’s system. Some of those who had/are having a problem are now showing Completed in their withdrawal transactions. Good for them! My two withdrawals are still showing a Pending status. Hopefully Paypal will be able to sort this out soon. What’s important is that they have acknowledged the problem and is doing something about it as evidenced by those with their withdrawal transactions completed already.

I would also like to recommend to you guys to use the Withdraw to Bank Account instead of the Withdraw to Credit Card option. I tried withdrawing $100 yesterday and it is already completed as of this afternoon. Ganon kabilis! Hopefully it gets credited to my Unionbank account right away.

As you can see, withdrawing funds to your credit card takes 5 days. 2 days more to get it credited to your bank account. With the other option, it takes a day to get it processed within Paypal and hopefully, two more days to get it credited to my bank account.

Will let you know how long it took to get the funds credited.

Happy weekend everyone! May the following week will bring more luck and love to all of us 😉

Aargh! Paypal!!!

It seems there has been an ongoing problem with withdrawing funds from Paypal to your Unionbank account. I have withdrawn funds last January 25, around 9PM to my Unionbank Savings Account. I expected to receive it last February 1st or 2nd because it normally takes me around 5-7 days before funds get credited to my account. It’s now February 5.

Last Sunday, February 3, I contacted Paypal asking if there is a problem with my withdrawal because it is still showing a ‘Pending’ status. I haven’t received any response. Last night, I can feel symptoms of a panic attack so I emailed them again, now citing the ID number of the transaction because I forgot to include it the first time. Still, no response.

So an hour ago, I called up 84186 – Unionbank’s Phone Banking, and talked to a customer support representative. I didn’t get any answer from the CS aside from she will report the matter first. I expected as much. After that, I called up the branch. I talked to a very pleasant Joy of Emerald Avenue branch (Wynsum Bldg) and she listened to my problem and told me she will get back to me after she has talked to someone from their head office. She did call me back but she still has no answers for me. Head office wants the customer to call CS directly. I. DID. THAT. ALREADY!

Now I am into a full-blown panic attack. I have withdrawn 2 batches of my funds there! I have been advised by my good friend Devilicious that her writer has been having the same problems with her withdrawal since January 14. JANUARY 14!!!

Someone from Unionbank needs to address this right away. Because according to D’s writer, Paypal’s response to her is to get back to her bank. Paypal has nothing to do with the withdrawal processing. She’s using an EON account, by the way. EJ Foronda of Unionbank called me up a few minutes ago, most likely because of Joy from Emerald branch. He apologized and promised me he would look into this matter right away. He told me to email him the details of my pending withdrawal and he will try to get to talk to someone from VISA or Paypal and will get back to me asap. Thank goodness!

UPDATE: I haven’t gotten a call from EJ of Unionbank yet. When I called CS, they still cannot address my concerns and is actually passing the blame to Paypal. According to a CS I spoke to, Unionbank is just a receiving bank. If they don’t get any remittance from Paypal, then there is nothing to credit. Might be true. But what is frustrating about this answer is that, it just skirts the issue at hand. Shouldn’t they be looking into this??? In my opinion, they should! A friend of mine withdrew funds to her Citibank credit card and encountered no problems. I am thinking that if the problem lies with Paypal, then there will be complaints coming from other than those using Unionbank accounts! That simple!

Unionbank better address this right away! A lot of people are experiencing the same problem as mine. Read the links below…

Aggie’s Paypal Money Withdrawal Problems

I got the following link from her blog post. Thanks, Aggie!

E-bay Forum – PayPal Pending Withdrawal Problems

Read comments in this post and at Aggie’s as well. And Pam is also having the same problems. My Feb 1 withdrawal should have been showing a “Completed” status already. It’s “Pending” till now.

Now, I am wondering if any of you have encountered, or is currently settling, the same problems as mine? Care to share what happened and how you were able to solve it?

*Originally posted last Feb 5, 2008 at 11:33AM

The Love Month is here!

Time flies so fast! It is February 3 now and before you know it, it’ll be Holy Week once again. This coming Wednesday is a red letter day for all Catholics out there. It will be Ash Wednesday already. Start of Friday fasting. Holy Week is way too early this year. March 16-23, unlike the usual first week of April that we are all used to.

Notice also how hot it already is? Summer is really here!

So you must have noticed I haven’t updated for 2 days. Here are the main reasons why…

It was supposed to be my mom’s 50th birthday had she survived her sickness. There would have been a party for her if she’s still alive. But she died a little over 2 years ago so there was none. The whole family still had dinner on her birthday, in honor of her memory.

We are looking for a university for my brother. He’ll be graduating from high school this coming April and will start college by June. My little brother’s already 16 and will soon cease to be the baby in the family. I just wish he will get to finish college and not get into bad company along the way.

I also had to take care of our trip to Baguio by the 2nd week of this month. My bestfriend Lem is getting married by the 18th in Baguio and my sisters and I are attending of course. He’s like a brother to us and had it been summer vacation already, the whole family would have been in complete attendance.

And we took advantage of the 3-day payday sale that is currently being held in some SM malls. We bought a lot of home stuff including several curtains. We are redecorating our home for the summer, making it more bright and cool to the eyes.

That took almost 3 days of my time and the reason for my online ‘absence’.

Webhosting and dNeero

My blogs went down for a few hours this afternoon. In all honesty, it really pissed me off. Big time! I have been monetizing most of my blogs. And I have experienced being flagged by advertisers because they thought the review I did went missing in just a few hours or days after I submitted it. I was flagged twice by Sponsored Reviews because my blog was down during those times they were checking. Bummer! Thank goodness they were very considerate.

I have been contemplating on getting another webhost for a couple of days now. I am thinking of getting Bluehost but I heard some contradicting feedbacks about it.

My current webhost dishes out great service. I can contact them via email and text messaging if something went awry with my blogs. They respond immediately. The only thing I don’t like from them is this downtime I encountered several times already. It doesn’t matter if I am just running a regular blog. I am monetizing at least 90% of all the blogs that I have. I cannot afford to get flagged again, or lose a potential advertiser because when they went knocking, my blog was down.

What webhosting service are you using? Would you recommend it to me?


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If you want to join, leave a comment and I will go and invite you. Or you can visit this link :)

Withdraw funds from Paypal to your Philippine bank account

Good news everyone! You can now withdraw funds from your Paypal account directly to your Philippine bank account!

An official announcement has been released by Paypal a few minutes ago. I just received an email from them. For your questions regarding this new feature of Paypal Philippines, go to this LINK.

I just saw it now when I opened my Paypal account and have seen this option when I try to withdraw funds.

*Click image for a larger view

Check it out! Now we can withdraw funds without being charged the $5 fee. Yey!

PageRank Update

It seems there is really some confusing implementation of Google’s PageRanking system.

I am a lurker at Colleen’s blog, PPP’s top earner. When the Google slap happened, a few weeks after the first and second hits, her blog which was a PR5 went down to PR0. Just a couple of days ago, I noticed that her blog went up to PR3 again. I emailed her last night about this and asked her if she did anything at all to get some PR back. She said that she hasn’t done anything at all.

There is hope after all 😉

Now there’s another PPP top earner’s blog that I’ve been lurking at. She’s an obnoxious person but she dishes out tips and tricks in making money online and some wordpress tricks so I read her blog entries. She has a PR4 then went down to PR0. She gained back her PR4 a few weeks back by cleaning her blog. She removed all make money banners and sidebar links. She made links No Follow and have removed any post associated with PPP. Then she submitted her blog to Google for reconsideration.

You can do that as well. So many blogs have regained their PR by doing this. But of course, you need to say goodbye to the incoming extra dollars. What would you be needing a PR for if you can’t earn from it?

Then again look at Colleen’s blog. If there’s one person in the whole www associated with PPP, that would be her. And she gained back her PR without doing anything. Tina S. is another popular PPP member doing PPP posts with a banner to boot. Yet she still has a PR3 until now.

Google’s PR is really one big mystery to me.

Do you have a savings account?

Do you have a savings account and do you have enough savings?

I was watching TV Patrol this evening and they reported that only 1 out of 10 Filipinos are saving something for the rainy day. Sad. But that’s the reality. A couple of people were interviewed and one of them said that what else can she save from her meager income if she is earning only a minimum wage and she has 2 kids to feed. She said that her bank account has zero balance and when you really think about it, she even has a negative balance if she can only make an overdraft.

It is so sad to hear that but it REALLY is the truth. When you are the breadwinner of the family, it is hard to save some money because there is nothing more to save in the first place. Most of the time, breadwinners incur loans and various credits just to make ends meet.

Do you know that I am one of those 9 people who does not save for the rainy day? Oops, wait. Did not. I am saving some now. Before I was introduced to monetizing blogs, I lived from paycheck to paycheck. Those entries I post regarding payday loans? Happened to me. A few days before the next payday, I always find myself short of budget and would be asking friends or relatives for a loan. And because I needed to pay for the loan, my budget would be short once again. It was a vicious cycle. Thank God for make money online programs, I was able to break free from the cycle.

And have you noticed that most Filipinos, when you ask them if they have a savings account, they will say yes but it really is just their payroll account. Most Filipinos who are not working or is being paid in cash don’t have a savings account. The reason is, they do not have enough money to maintain one. Most banks require a minimum maintaining balance of 5,000 pesos and that is a lot of money for an average Filipino.

Someone from the Finance Department was interviewed and he said that every Filipino should at least save 33 pesos a day and it will amount to 1,000 pesos a month. Hmm… it is a good idea for those people who can spare 33 pesos a day. I don’t think that those minimum wage workers can spare that much from their daily budget. Skip lunch or dinner probably? Or the government can probably lower the tax rates so we can save our tax payments instead. Good idea ‘no? 😉

I have started saving some money. And I plan to continue it. Saving is one of my goals for this year. How about you?

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