A4tech X-Slim Keyboard

A4tech X-Slim Keyboard

For those people who are used to the keyboard of a laptop/netbook, this is the desktop keyboard for you. A4tech X-Slim Keyboard. I saw this locally at Octagon in SM City North Edsa Cyberzone. It retails for 550 pesos. I also saw this online at Yahoo! Shopping for $11.99 only.

If you are looking for a desktop keyboard similar to that of a netbook or laptop, there is one you can buy. No, this is not a paid post. I just thought of sharing this information with all of you 🙂

Jason Ivler: Road rage killer

I apologize for not updating my post on the arrest of Jason Ivler. I was so caught up with the news about him that I forgot to update my post. Anyway, below is the update I have on the arrest.

Jason Ivler is the stepson of British senior economist Stephen Pollard of the Asian Development Bank and son of Marlene Aguilar, whose brother is famous folk singer, Freddie Aguilar. Ivler was once a teen actor in GMA-7’s TGIS and have tried his hand in singing rap songs. But he went out of the country to serve as a US soldier sent to Iraq.

In August 2004, Ivler was involved in a vehicular accident that left a presidential adviser dead. The car accident casualty was Nestor Ponce Jr., an adviser of President Arroyo. Ivler was charged with reckless imprudence resulting in homicide for Ponce’s death. He was out on bail when he was nabbed in Zamboanga City with two police escorts while trying to catch a ferry bound for Malaysia.

I don’t exactly know what happened to the case after this but considering it’s been years before another road rage involving this guy occurred and he’s out and about town, the case was probably dismissed.

Fast forward November 18, 2009, during a traffic altercation along Boni Serrano Avenue in Quezon City with Renato Ebarle, Jr., the son of assistant secretary Renato Ebarle, Sr., Ivler allegedly shot Ebarle, Jr. Ebarle died of 3 gunshot wounds in the body. Ivler hid for two months before the bloody arrest happened.

NBI agents raided Ivler’s house at No. 23 Hillside Drive in Blue Ridge A Subdivision at around 6 a.m. The house belongs to his mom, Marlene, and she allegedly hid him in the basement of the house. During the raid, Ivler shot at the raiding team of the NBI, wouding two of its agents. Meanwhile, Ivler sustained four gunshot wounds: the stomach, chest, shoulder, and leg and is being treated at the Quirino Memorial Medical Center. He is out of danger now. He will face charges after charges after what happened to the raid in his QC house.

Ivler’s mom, Marlene, on the other hand, was charged with harboring a known criminal and is out on bail. Her husband meanwhile might also be charged with the same case.

*Based on news articles here, here, and here.

Update on the Boyet Fajardo-Duty Free scandal

Do you still remember that Boyet Fajardo – Duty Free Philippines incident last March 2009? If not, let me refresh your memories…

Angelino “Boyet” Fajardo is a local fashion designer who went shopping at Duty Free Philippines. He threw a tantrum when upon paying for his purchases, the cashier asked for an ID seeing as his credit card was unsigned. Plus, it’s SOP nowadays in some stores to ask for a valid ID when using a credit card. He created a scene and asked for the cashier to kneel in front of him, even shouting at the store manager while at it.

I just read last January 2nd in Philstar.com that the Department of Justice gave a go signal for the slander raps against Fajardo. Justice, even delayed, will be served for this conceited designer who thinks the world revolves around him. The case filed against Fajardo by DFP cashier Marvin Fernandez and manager Susan Gonzales is grave slander by deed and oral defamation.

You can read the full article here.

PayingPost and Blogadvertisingstore.com: A Scam?!

I just read a post that really bothered me. It’s about Paying Post and Blog Advertising Store. According to the blogger, Jenie, PayingPost hasn’t been paying up!

I was one of the many bloggers who tried out Paying Post when it was starting up. I wrote a couple of posts for them and when it reached $50, I was able to withdraw my earnings from them. In fact, I wasn’t even withdrawing my earnings that time yet but was just tallying my earnings recorded on my list versus what they have on record. Robert (support@payingpost.com) was a very pleasant person to talk to and he helped me correct the amount of my earnings on their end. And to clean up my account, he paid me right away while we were still exchanging emails about it. I earned $51 from them and that was in December 2008. From then on, I checked from time to time for new opportunities until I just got so lazy I didn’t check anymore. In short, I stopped using PayingPost after that $51 I earned from them.

To be honest, I already forgot about them until I read this tweet from Cherry that alerted me to this news about PayingPost. Apparently, Jenie has heard so many negative things about PayingPost not paying people on time or not paying them at all. And then she just learned that Blogadvertisingstore.com, apparently PayingPost in disguise, has been putting blogs at risk with the script they’re asking their members to embed in their sites!

If you are a member of any of these programs, I would like to hear your experience from them. If you are a member of Blogadvertisingstore.com, beware because your site might be infected with a virus that is supposedly coming from them! Check and double check!

So, is PayingPost really a scam? Because on my part, I had a good experience with them back in 2008. I don’t know what happened back in 2009 that led to these whispers of them being a scam.

Let me know your thoughts.

Active in 2010

I haven’t been active in posting in the latter part of 2009. I had so many topics I wanted to write about but not enough motivation to do so. In short, I am just plain lazy last year! No more of that for me. I need to step up to achieve my goals for 2010. And that includes writing more, daily if my brain permits.

I have already a number of entries scheduled for posting. I have updates on entries I wrote in the past. Most are about local news I posted. I will be more active in Entrecard this year. I just might join other social networking sites, too. I want this blog active and I want to gain more friends for 2010!

What are your plans for your blog(s)?

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