All things come in 3s…

There’s the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The previous Pope John Paul II was beatified. And then Osama Bin Laden was announced finally eliminated by the U.S. Forces at Pakistan.

I wasn’t one of the many people who waited with baited breath over the Royal Wedding. I watched it over the evening news. I just can’t see what good it would do to me if I gushed over the wedding. Fine, so the balding young prince got married. Big deal! Will poverty be eliminated? I don’t think so. Alright, I’ll relent a little. It did provide a momentary entertainment to everyone who watched it. But with what happened to Princess Diana, the cynic in me says it can also go that way for Kate.

On the other hand, I felt blessed with the beatification of Pope John Paul II. I saw him up close during the World Youth Day in 1995 wherein our school was one of those who sent delegations to the Quirino Grandstand. Seeing him up close was like being as close as one could get to the Lord. I swear, it felt that way to me. That changed something in me. And the pope’s beatification was more significant (especially to my religion) than that wedding.

And there’s the death of Osama Bin Laden. The notorious leader of the Al Qaeda group. An announcement surprised all of us last Monday. President Barack Obama himself announced it. Bin Laden was found in a rather big house in Pakistan with his wife and with the go signal of Obama himself, the house was attacked by the US Forces.

Where were you when these events happened?

Three big events during last weekend and early Monday.


Reproductive Health (RH) Bill

I heard about a priest who asked people attending the mass to go out if they support the Reproductive Health (RH) bill. Some attendees got up and went out of the church. Obviously, they support the RH bill. I would like to think that some of those who walked out were disgusted with the priest for mixing religion and politics!

I support the RH Bill! 100%! It’s about time the government address the ballooning population and do something concrete to stop it. Religion says that the Lord told the people of the olden days to “go forth and multiply”. But that’s when there’s more green than people inhabiting the earth! Now that we are in danger of turning the planet into one big sardine can, it’s but normal to start stopping the population boom.

Also, the thing about the RH Bill is that it will help minors from poor families into becoming child laborers. It will minimize the number of children suffering from poverty and needless pain and abuse.

Let’s take for example this teenager that we’re helping. He is 15 and the eldest in a brood of nine. Yes, nine kids! They live in a space not even fit for a single person to live in. But since the kid’s parents can’t afford a bigger space to rent out, they make do with what they have. The kids barely eat. The parents can’t afford to send all kids to school. The eldest has to do odd jobs for him to earn and contribute to the family income. The younger kids also do odd jobs to earn school money. Imagine this scenario. The parents couldn’t afford a big family but because there’s no family planning involved, they managed to produce nine kids. Eleven mouths to feed daily is way too much for a newspaper deliveryman and a stay at home mom.

There are more families like that in the Philippines. The Reproductive Health Bill is really needed. NOW more than ever! If not, more and more kids will suffer and the country will have to find a way to accommodate a growing population like this.

Fake Greenbelt Signage

Fake Greenbelt Signage

I became aware of a viral photo the other night. It’s a Fake Greenbelt Signage posted by someone obviously playing a prank saying poor people are not allowed inside Greenbelt 4. I heard that many people reacted negatively to it.

It’s obviously done by someone who has a lot of time in his/her hands. Do you really think that if Greenbelt intends for their mall to be for rich people only they will post a sign that says so? Of course not!

People will believe what they want to. Think before you react. And to the one who posted this fake signage… playing with people’s emotions is not funny at all.

Note: Click this link to read about the reaction of Ayala Malls management on the fake Greenbelt signage that’s gone viral the other day.

Remarkable discipline amidst disaster


We all know what happened to Japan. A magnitude 8.9 earthquake hit the country that resulted to a huge tsunami destroying the Eastern part of the said country. It was devastating! I’ve seen so many before and after photos of the specific areas hit by the tsunami and it was horrible.




But one of the things that struck me while watching videos of the situation in Japan now was how disciplined the people were. People were lining up like there’s no reason to panic. Rows and rows of grocery items were gone already but still the Japanese people were slowly walking inside the store. No one was running. There was no one pushing others out of the way to get to the remaining items as quickly as possible. We don’t even hear looting or chaos in relief distribution normally associated with calamity-stricken countries.

Even in a tough situation, their discipline is remarkable!

If there is a country that can rise up against this kind of disaster, it will be Japan. Let’s continue praying for the country and the people living there.

Medical malpractice

Have you heard of the case of Jed Dragg, an HIV positive patient diagnosed 10 years ago at the San Lazaro Hospital only to find out a few weeks ago that he was actually NOT HIV positive at all!

A clear case of medical malpractice but since here in the Philippines we don’t really have a medical malpractice law, all Jed can do is file an administrative case against the hospital and to ask the Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) to revoke the licenses of the doctor(s) and laboratory technicians who gave the wrong diagnosis.

One of the things that struck me when I first saw this news was what about the 10 years that was lost from Jed? For 10 years he lived with that fear of being an HIV positive. He lived with the stigma, malice, evil thrown at him by persons who knew of his HIV. He said in an interview in TV Patrol that his family even disowned him already because of the shame of being related to an HIV positive person. If the medical personnel responsible for the wrong diagnosis be punished for what they did, can they give him back the 10 years that was lost from his life?

Poor Jed.

I do hope that the medical malpractice bill, if still in Congress, be pushed so it can become a law. We need it. This is not the first time we hear of a wrong diagnosis. I am sure there are more out there. Speak up! We need our representatives to know that a bill punishing doctors and other medical personnel for wrong diagnosis and other things that harmed their patients is already needed.

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