Rampant robberies

I will tell you something disturbing that my relatives from Bulacan narrated to us a few days ago when they were here for their medical check-up.

Robbery is rampant in Bulacan these days!

Our relatives are from Bustos, Bulacan. This was a place where we (me, my siblings and my cousins on my mother side) go to in the past and our parents would let us wander by ourselves even at night. The place was safe and people know each other. But it was different now.

Ate Linda, my mom’s aunt, told us that they would often hear their doorknobs being turned slowly in the middle of the night. Family members have their own duplicate key to the house. Ate Linda thought it was just an isolated incident but it was repeated several times since. They have reported the incidents to the barangay but we all doubt if there is something being done about it. Imagine the bravado of the robber(s). They are going to pass through the main door. What if Ate Linda or one of them at home opened the door? I am sure the robber(s) will do something to them! It was really scary.

A block away from Ate Linda’s is our Ate Lita’s home. She is my mom’s cousin. She and her 4 daughters are the only ones at home daily. Her husband died years ago and her siblings moved to another place in Bulacan. They also experienced the same thing. But only once. Another time, she woke up because she heard something downstairs. Do you know that she found half of their window jalousie already off? It really scared them so much they called the police but whoever was trying to get in their house was gone by the time. One morning, her daughter was taking a bath and looked up the ceiling. She found a pair of eyes looking back at her. When they called some neighbors to check, they found a chair at the back of their bathroom wall.

The nerve of these robbers and maniacs who prowl Bustos, Bulacan is really something. They even do their robberies at broad daylight! A neighbor of another relative lost their newly purchased bag of rice a few minutes after arriving home. Another relative lost her coin purse sitting on the dining table.

Scary and very dangerous. We were advising them to lock their doors at night and get some dogs. We can’t rely on local officials and policemen all the time to safeguard our place. We should start by ourselves.

And this should serve as a lesson to us all. Check your locks at night. Check if your doorknobs are sturdy. Check your window jalousie if it’s still intact and make it more secure. Get your family members duplicate keys so as not to expect them knocking at night (and open the door to robbers instead). Double check everything and make sure our homes are safe and secure all the time.

US voting machines

It is always good to know that the people of a country can voice out their choice. That is what happened in the recently concluded US Presidential Elections.

What I noticed while watching the news was the machine that they used in the elections. It made counting all the more easy for them. Imagine, they started the voting yesterday and just this noon they have the results already! Fast!

So I was wondering while watching the news, why can’t we invest in those machines? Instead of the numerous machines that the Comelec bought a couple of years ago and still remain unused to date. The Comelec should look into investing in the machines the US use. It might be the solution to the widely feared cheating that happens every damn election that we hold.

Barack Obama is the next President of the United States!


And I also salute John McCain for accepting defeat with grace.


I am listening to John McCain’s acceptance of defeat/concession speech and I am really moved by his words. He is such gracious and generous with his words for his opponent. He congratulated Barack Obama with his win and encouraged everyone of his supporters to do their share in giving their support to the next president of the United States. What grace!

I really wish politicians in this country are as gracious in accepting their defeat like McCain.

WAH Moments: Flexible time

One of the things I was lucky enough to get when I was still a corporate rat was a flexible time schedule. I am a night person. I function well at night. I can think straight when dusk sets in. So I always made it a point to ask for a flexible time schedule from my bosses. And I was lucky enough to get it.

Typical Filipino office time starts at 8 or 8:30 in the morning and it normally ends at 5pm onwards, depending on the 8 hours required by most companies. Since I live in Quezon City and traffic in the morning is horrible, I need to allot at least 2 hours travel time going to Makati City. If you take the MRT, you can slash 30 minutes from the travel time. Now if I want to come in on time by say 8am, I need to be able to get out of the house by 6am. Since I am a wash-and-wear type of person, I just need an hour tops to prepare for work. With that time frame, I need to wake up around 5am. Now that I cannot do.

That is the reason I ask for a flexible time schedule. I could wake up around 8am, be ready before 9am and be in the around 10am since it’s past the rush hour. I stay until 8 or 9 in the evening and go home past the rush hour.

Now that I work at home, of course, rush hour is something I am not worried about anymore. I work in a flexible time schedule that I really love. I know the best time of the day that I am productive. I know when I am least effective in coming up with ideas.

And the best thing about working at home?

I need not keep looking at the clock to check if it’s time for me to go home already. I’m always home! 😀

Where do our taxes go anyway???

There is a reason why so many Filipinos, and that includes me, hate paying taxes… we see no benefits from it!

In the news a few minutes ago, a man got hit by a speeding Honda Civic. He was hit hard in the head and needed to be rushed to the hospital right away. Do you know that a couple of hospitals in Parañaque have no ambulance? Grabe talaga! Where can you find hospitals without an ambulance on standby? If it weren’t for the news crew of ABS-CBN, I doubt if help will be given to that hit and run victim. When finally an ambulance arrived, it has no medical crew in it! Thank goodness some well meaning barangay officials helped.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the victim was made to wait once more because the doctors were hesitant in admitting him. My guess would be because of financial concerns. Could the victim pay them? But because there’s the news crew of ABS-CBN, the hospital was forced to admit the victim.

Take a moment and imagine yourself in the victim’s shoes. You are paying taxes to this godforsaken government and you couldn’t even be given first aid???

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