Get the money back

I was really wrong in buying the laptop instead of buying a desktop right away. A desktop is intended for prolonged use and that is what I really need. Thank goodness I earned more than enough last month so I have some money to spare that I used to purchase this desktop.

Now, all I have to worry about is how I can get back the money I spent for the desktop. Here’s to more opps! 🙂

Technorati Authority

My Technorati Authority took a nosedive!!! From 400-something, it’s now down to 258. Now I am thinking of how I can make it go up again. I guess the incoming links are now 6 months old. I have to do something to make this go up again because I know a couple of advertisers who look at this number.

I was once told by a Technorati support that the viral tagging is something that they will work on to stop in the future. I was emailed about it, especially the most recent one I joined. Even the new blog I have is tagged “for review” because of that viral linking post.

Oh well…

Lesson learned: Update your anti-virus program!

Today is a very disappointing day for me. I lost all 3GB of my files! It’s not much but it contains all my photos, blog files, drafts I have yet to publish, wordpress themes I’ve used and chosen for future use, notes, and so much more. I lost the heart of my blogging life. All because I don’t update my anti-virus program. I turned off updates and have forgotten thrice now to buy a new AV. My cousin had to do a full reformat of David, my laptop 🙁

It hurts to know that I can never recover those files anymore. Thank goodness I don’t delete all email attachments. At least I could find some there. But the important ones are forever lost to me…

So lesson learned for today? Update your anti-virus program! Scan your computer daily. Beware of what you download on the net.

I hope you don’t have to learn it the hard way like me.

Entrecard woes

I bet a lot of you EC droppers out there are having the same problems like me. Entrecard loading is horrible for the past few days now! It’s taking me forever to load a site. Accessing the inbox is out of the question. It takes forever to load a site. I checked on both Chrome and Firefox. The same horrible loading.

I was wondering what Entrecard is doing with this problem. I mean, I can understand the server load and all. But what’s their proposed solution to this? And what’s the fixation on monetizing blogs this time?

Entrecard has given this blog tremendous traffic. And for that I will always be thankful, especially with the Alexa rank boost.

But in times like this, it makes you think about driving traffic to this blog the hard way again.

WAH Moments: Eating out with the boss

One of the advantages of working at home is that you need not worry about spending so much money on a single meal. Like what I did before when I was still working for a big call center company here in the country.

Every lunch time, my ex-boss, let’s call her Bratty, would ask the whole finance team to eat lunch with her. That was good considering some bosses ignores their staff outside the office, whereas Bratty wanted to spend lunch time with us. The problem was, she always picked the expensive restaurants. Where a single meal costs almost 500pesos (roughly $11). If you are someone like me who is a breadwinner, shelling out that much money daily is a big chunk out of the paycheck. 500 pesos in 5 days is 2,500 pesos (roughly $55) already. In just 1 week! Multiply that by 4 weeks and just imagine the number of grocery items you could buy from that amount already.

I could say no to the invitation and eat somewhere cheaper. But then, she’d make you feel like you were not part of the team. As second in rank to her, that’s a big blow. Being in her good side was my number one priority back then. I had no choice but to endure her constant bullying.

Now, thanks to freelance work, I no longer worry about spending that much in a day. Eating at home is undoubtedly cheaper than eating out. Plus, I get to eat more at a lesser price… One of the perks of working at home 🙂

Changing themes again?

Those who know me from way back I started with Akoni, knew my penchant for frequently changing themes. Whenever something happens, blog got slapped for instance), I have this overwhelming need to change something in my blog. Don’t ask me why. It’s just one of my quirks. It is the same way with my offline life. When I feel helpless about something, even little things like missing a tv show, I channel my frustration in my blogs. Maganda na rin di ba kaysa kung saan ko pa ma-channel frustrations ko hehe

Or you know, maybe it’s just my fickle mind! I easily lose interest in the same colors. I think I don’t like the orange in this blog anymore. I feel more like Christmas colors. Hmm…

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