I bungled my Feedburner. I was afraid I did something wrong to it because for a few days, it was showing a 0 number of feed subscribers when before that happened, I have around 62. Thank goodness, I found the culprit already. It was a plugin I installed and well, it played havoc to my feeds. Basta, you better check the plugin first before you install it. And be careful with all those buttons that you will click. You just never know when an error will occur.

Weekend plans

I don’t intend to go out this weekend. I just want to be able to relax and read. Been reading regularly again. I bought the 3 Twilight books (Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse) even though I already read the books through my ebook reader. I also bought a Julia Quinn book, a Reader’s Digest special edition, 4 interesting books that will hopefully bring my muse back hehe and a cute little notepad 🙂

That will surely keep me busy this whole weekend. How about you? Going out or doing something special this weekend?

Whatever, here’s hoping a great weekend for everyone! 🙂

Great tax news!

For all my Filipino blogger-friends who are working as a corporate rat here in the Philippines, well, I have some good news for you. Ready? 🙂

There will be no more tax deductions for minimum wage earners! Let us thank Mar Roxas for authoring Republic Act 9504. Yey!!!

The law was signed today declaring that for every minimum wage earner here in the Philippines, there will be no more tax deduction in your salaries. Now that is a big help for so many Filipinos earning minimum wage right now. Remember, when a tax law, ruling, regulation is changed within the year, it will become effective for the whole year. It means that for those people who are deducted with tax from their January to June 15th salaries, you can get a refund come December. For minimum wage earners only, okay?

Now, for those who are earning more than the minimum wage, there is a good news for you as well. The personal tax exemptions for single (Php20,000), head of the family (Php25,000) and married individuals (Php32,000) are now fixed to Php50,000! And an additional exemption for qualified dependents has been increased to Php25,000 per dependent from the previous Php8,000 per dependent.

To top it off, the senator added that all holiday, night differential, hazard, and overtime pay would also be tax-exempt.


That will reduce tax deductions by a significant amount. Expect tax refunds or lower tax deductions come November and December of this year people!

When I was still working as a corporate rat, my tax deduction could pay two assistants already. It was that painful to look at when I get my payslip. With this change in the tax table, I might be lured back to work as a corporate rat… Might is the operative word there hehe… If I will not go to work on Mondays, well, that will be a greater pull 😉

*More information on the new tax bill here.

Republic Act 9504

Rumors are everywhere about the tax bill GMA will be signing into law It is the Republic Act 9504 or the tax bill that will exempt minimum wage earners from being taxed. This will be a big help for us Filipinos. There are so many minimum wage earners here in the country. The factory workers for one. You know how big in number they are. This bill, authored by Senator Mar Roxas, will save some money for the minimum wage earners. That money that would have been deducted as tax can now go to food and other basic necessities of a family. Let’s wait and see if it will really be signed into law today.

Weird weather

Have you noticed the strange weather the past few days? It still is extremely humid in Manila these days. It is supposed to be the rainy season already.

The past couple of days, there have been thunderstorms in the afternoon, around 5pm. But after less than an hour, it will stop. It just scares me how weird the weather is. After watching all those global warming tv specials, well, you can just imagine, what my mind conjures when I hear booming thunders and all.

What is this really happens? Frozen sea, frozen everything? Scary!

Pleasantly surprising blogger comments

Have you noticed how exciting it is to receive comments from bloggers who are up there in the blogosphere ladder? Well, I got two last week from someone I have been reading about for so long already. She is one of the first “blogger-celebrities” that I got to know when I started blogging myself. I was pleasantly surprised how simple and sincere her comments were. To say I was thrilled when I read the URL of the commentator is an understatement. It actually made my day!

Do you also feel the same way when you receive comments from bloggers you consider celebrities?

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