Blogging, the Big Bad Blogger and me!

I am sure most of you have already read about the Big Bad Blogger and the Firm. If you haven’t yet, click on the link and read it.

Have you read the About page in this blog? If you did, you might have read already that I started blogging in 2004. Back then, blogging was considered a pastime, an outlet for those who didn’t like to keep a physical journal of their day to day activities. We (me and the bloggers I know then) were content using blogs as online diaries until we heard about the potential of earning from it. If I remember it right, it was around 2006 when monetizing blogs began. We were probably a handful who knew it. Through word of mouth, bloggers increased in number by leaps and bounds! Oh, the possibility of earning so much more!

I admit I became so engrossed with monetizing my blogs. Who doesn’t want to earn $$$, right? I stopped with bloghopping and focused more on finishing paid tasks on time. I used to attend blogging events but that, too, ceased. I didn’t have enough time to spare, busy as I was with my tasks.

It was around 2008 when I started hearing about bloggers organizing themselves to market their blogs to potential advertisers. Instead of going through channels, they wanted to connect directly to the advertisers for bigger share of the profit. I was happy with what I had plus I was not really chummy with those bloggers so I did my thing and ignored them. I knew groups have been formed and I even interacted with some of them from time to time (through Entrecard mostly) but there was never a desire to join any group. As I’ve said, I was busy with my tasks. I also heard some controversial fights between some bloggers. I didn’t want any of that so I made it a point to keep to myself. Anyway, I have a couple of blogger-friends with whom I was friends with for years. I am happy with them.

And then the Big Bad Blogger issue came….

Blogging is no longer a pastime or an outlet for pent-up emotions. It is now a business for so many people. I personally know someone who made this a big business. Hiring other bloggers to write for her. I know groups of bloggers have banded so as to form a community where they get to share their opportunities. What I didn’t know was this issue with food bloggers (and possibly all kinds of bloggers) who think themselves high and mighty to use their ‘influence’ and put pressure on businesses to sponsor them. Wow! What an unsavory practice! It would really give blogging a bad name what with business owners thinking that all bloggers are out to ask for money and freebies or else they will be blogged about unpleasantly.

I use my blog to voice my concerns and often rant about businesses here in the Philippines. My Bayantel DSL connection, Globe Postpaid bill delivery service, and others. The idea behind each of those entries was for the company to act on my complaint faster. Or to make them aware of the bad service they provide. I think it’s reasonable to use a blog this way.

To actually use a blogger’s ‘influence’ to pressure a business owner to give him/her freebies and even a retainer… now that’s something I think is just bad!