Cyber Monday 2014: A disappointment :-(

Cyber Monday 2014

I was a bit disappointed with yesterday’s Cyber Monday! There wasn’t really that many good deals for bloggers like me who were looking for deals on web hosting and domain registration. Or I might have been focused on Bluehost and Godaddy only. Ha!

You see, I am a loyal customer. When I find a service I am satisfied with, I don’t go looking anywhere else anymore. I am a very satisfied Bluehost and Godaddy customer for years! All my domains are registered at Godaddy while I’ve been with Bluehost for years as well. I was expecting a big discount on renewals on both companies but I guess they didn’t focus on that this year. Last year, I was able to get really, really good discounts.

Oh well, better luck next year for me!

I just have to take note here that both Bluehost Tech supports and Godaddy people were very accommodating, even helping me check deals applicable to me. I am really hats off to these companies who know how to value their loyal customers!

Bluehost Tech Support experience

I just had a very wonderful 12-hour wait for my blogs to be up. I am being sarcastic, if you haven’t noticed it. It started around 6PM yesterday, August 6. Most of my blogs under an account in Bluehost were showing “Error establishing a database connection” when I try to load it. I waited for 15-30 minutes to pass considering that in my past experience, Bluehost downtime only takes a few minutes. But when my blogs were still down, I used the AliveChat service of Bluehost to talk to a tech support about it.

I got someone named “Rev” the first time. This was what he told me…

I apologize, an Admin just gave me an update. In order to give the best database performance possible, and to ensure the integrity of your data, a diagnostic is being performed, and any inconsistencies will be repaired. This process may take approximately 20 to 60 minutes

So I said, sure, I’ll wait for the diagnostic to be done and would just contact support again if the problem persist. After 2 hours, I was back using AliveChat again and this time, I got someone a tech support named “John”. I got this from him…

We will do our best [to get the blogs back up], and we apologize that we don’t have an estimate for resolution yet, but it is a problem with our server we’re trying to fix
we are working on theMysql server for that server–we are restoring from backup the database users

He was really nice so I said again that, sure, I would wait some more hours. Anyway, in my mind, that was the first time it happened to me. Third time’s the charm! At 2:48AM today, August 6, I was able to talk to someone named “ndickson”. After more than 6 hours more, my blogs were still down. A handful were up so I was very suspicious already on what’s happening. I was fearing the worse. Crash/corrupted databases, etc. I was told that…

Okay I just spoke with the admins they are nearing completion of their work on this server.
it shouldn’t be that much longer.
so it looks like your databases are coming back online which means this work really is “nearly done”

By that time, I was totally pissed off already because I was doubting if it’s really their servers that had a problem. I was checking the server status from time to time and every time, it gave back a message that server load was okay and service was okay. I told ndickson that but he said that the server status is not up to date right now. Clearly, this tech support was giving me false information, the same way that the previous 2 might have given me false information as well.

4 hours after that 3rd chat, I thought of contacting support one more time. This time around, I got someone named “EricW”. Do you know what this guy told me??????

Well your config files are not correct
mysql is not down
It has nothing to do with the servers.


Stupid me believed 3 inept, totally less experienced tech supports who told me that the downtime had something to do with the server repair. I should have checked myself but in my defense, in my past experience with Bluehost downtime, the tech supports I talked to were reliable.

So EricW told me that the config files were wrong. I checked and found out that the database users were deleted for some reason. All I had to do was to add the database users again to match what’s in the config files and ALL my blogs went back up.

Had anyone of the first 3 tech supports told me that the error was due to the config files, I would have done something about it right away and would not have waited 12 hours before everything got fixed. I am filing a complaint against those 3 tech supports so that they can go back to training to know more about their work!