Airline executive went nuts over nuts!

Korean Air

I am sure you have heard by now the news about a Korean Air executive who went nuts over nuts! Yes, you read that right. A Korean Air flying out of New York had on board the airlines’ vice president on cabin services. She was served nuts not on a platter but still inside a packet. Angry over the oversight of the senior cabin crew member, she made a scene. According to reports, she insulted the crew and even forced him to kneel.

Then, she made the pilots turn the plane around to go back to the airport terminal and let the crew off the plane.

What a power-tripping woman! The crew might have made an oversight on first class cabin protocol on serving nuts (of all things!) but it didn’t merit that kind of reaction from her. Even endangering the whole plane when she made it turn back.

According to news reports, she already resigned from her post in Korean Air and even issued a public apology for what happened. She is reportedly going to be sued for the incident.