Overly sensitive people

I was reading entertainment web site PEP.ph when I saw an article about Lucy Liu‘s apparently ‘racist‘ comment in her October 11 interview on the The Late Night Show With David Letterman. It said that Lucy Liu made a comment about how she doesn’t want to get dark skin from running outdoors as it will make her “look a little Filipino”.

Of course, her comment became the hot topic on the net! Filipinos were outraged that such a racist comment could come from another Asian.

But was the comment really racist or are we just being our overly sensitive selves over an innocent comment like that?

Well, I think it’s the latter. We Filipinos are just overly sensitive people! Well, we really have dark skin, right? So what’s wrong with that? Filipinos are associated with dark skin and that’s a fact! I think we shouldn’t let comments like that get us all riled up because it’s nothing. If she associated us to dirt or poo then that’s something else.

For whatever it’s worth Lucy already apologized for her comment saying her words were taken out of context.