Application, processing and release of SSS ID

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) going to Taiwan are now being asked to provide an Social Security System (SSS) ID before their job application can push through.

Back in early 2000, SSS ID processing and release takes approximately two weeks to a month. I thought all the while it’s still the same until my sister told me that it now takes a least six months before an SSS ID is sent to the home of the member. I was shocked! Why would it take that long to print an ID when it would take seconds, a minute at the most, to print that ID.

The call center I worked for had their own ID printer so I know how easy it is to print an ID even on those ATM-like cards.

According to the news a while ago, bidding for the ID cards and printing system is still ongoing. It will take months to a year before an SSS ID gets released. So what will happen to those OFWs going to Taiwan now? Wait for a year to claim a freaking ID so they can start working for a better life?!?

Someone in the government should look into this ridiculous SSS ID printing system!