Opening Your Frozen Yogurt Business

The frozen yogurt industry is one that is growing every year. More people are looking for a healthy alternative to desserts, and frozen yogurt is a product that gives the satisfaction of a sweet treat without the higher calories that are seen in ice cream, cakes and cookies. You can add slices of fresh fruit and other items to the yogurt to give you the flavors that you desire. Owning a frozen yogurt store is a fun way to sell the product while interacting with customers. It’s best to contact a frozen yogurt supplier to find out exactly what is needed in the store to keep the product cold and to get a few tips on the flavors that sell best at various times of the year.

Do a little research about the customer base before you open your store. This will help to determine the kind of products that you should sell and what people are looking for in a frozen yogurt shop. Surveys are a good way to find out what flavors people might like and to see what decorations and amenities that they might like to see when they enter the store. You want to talk to people from all backgrounds to see what they think about frozen yogurt so that you can cater to the target area of customers who will buy the most from your store. Think about the income levels of the people who live in the community. You don’t want to set the prices so high that customers can’t afford them, but if you know that customers can spend a little more money, then you might want to consider a slight increase in order to make a profit.

Look at the competition in the area. How many stores are similar to yours, and do those stores sell anything in addition to frozen yogurt? Before opening your store, you need to make sure all of the paperwork has been submitted to the county and the state and that you have followed all of the regulations that are set forth by the health department so that you aren’t breaking any rules with the business.

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Happiness is a choice.

Most would agree that life is too short to be unhappy and dissatisfied. However, it’s often hard for people to make the necessary changes to evoke more joy in their lives. Happiness is a choice that often requires work to achieve. The more dedicated we are to living a meaningful and authentic life, the more motivated we are to make the changes necessary to bring balance harmony and ultimately happiness to our lives.

Just who are you?
This is the first question we must ask ourselves when it comes to creating happiness. We have to know ourselves enough to develop a relationship with ourselves. This keeps us rooted to our truest selves, and the process begins with self-acceptance. Self-acceptance opens the door to personal growth and self-love.

Being Purple in a Yellow Crowd
It’s hard to be openly different. It takes a lot of courage and self-acceptance to go against the status quo. This becomes an extremely difficult rite of passage during the teen years. Most of us don’t master this ability as teenagers. It takes years of learning about ourselves and what brings us joy and happiness, to develop the strength needed to stand on our own. Pop culture is often a source of pressure, because the media often promotes sameness in a broad sweeping sense, and downplays authenticity if it’s not catchy and broadly popular. In order to fully embrace who we are, it often requires respecting our own personal uniqueness even if who and what we are are not widely popular.

Happy Being You
When we hide who we are, or simply refuse to truly embrace it, it becomes impossible to maximize our peace and happiness. It’s a way of denying ourselves the opportunity to continue to grow in our own uniqueness and authenticity. We instead force ourselves to live counterfeit lives, showing the face that garners the greatest amount of peer approval, instead of the face that accurately depicts who we are and what we value. We can enjoy cooking and dream of opening our own restaurant, often spending hours combing the internet for the perfect ribbon blender, but if we hide this, we stifle our own uniqueness.

Learning self-acceptance naturally leads to personal growth and development. As we bloom, we discover things we didn’t know before, as a result. The more we commit to being true to ourselves and our own personal growth, it makes it easier for us to stand out, if need be. When we are fearless enough to openly practice our own unique authenticity we inherit all the benefits of this practice: peace, joy, harmony, self-love, and ultimately…happiness.

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Corporate Housing Solutions

As a business owner, you should be searching for the most cost-effective way to complete any process. Logistics can be a tedious process. This issue is complicated even further when you have employees who have to travel for work. Coming up with travel arrangements and housing arrangements is annoying. Sometimes you have employees who need to stay in a place for an extended period. That is why corporate housing was invented. It helps companies cut out a few steps when they are finding living quarters for their traveling staff members.

Corporate housing is a turn key property where someone can live for a period. It is sort of between an apartment and a hotel. They are ideal for some business travelers. Here are some reasons why.

It’s cheaper – With corporate housing, everything included with the property is available to the traveler. That includes things that hotels might charge for, like parking. During an extended hotel stay, the daily parking fees can add up. That is not an issue when you purchase corporate housing solutions. The overall day rate will also remain the same. Hotels charge different prices depending on demand.

Taxes – This another factor in the cheaper of corporate housing. Hotels have to pay a hotel tax. You pay this tax every time you stay in a hotel or motel. It isn’t as noticeable when you are just staying for a night or two. These taxes can add up over the course of a couple of weeks or a month.

Furnished – These properties are turnkey properties. That means corporate apartments and condos are fully equipped. They are also fully stocked with kitchen utensils and cooking appliances. It feels much more like a home than a hotel. This is incredible considering corporate housing is usually cheaper.

Eating out is fun, but the cost can add up. When you stay in corporate housing, you will usually have access to a full kitchen. That means you can make some healthy homemade meals while you are staying there. That can make the stay feel even more like home. Most hotel rooms have no kitchen at all. Some extended stay hotels have a smaller economy kitchen.

There is still one more reason that business housing is a better option, more space. A rented apartment or condo is much bigger than the typical hotel room. They also provide more privacy. Many companies offer these services. Contact one today to see how much money they can save you while also improving your business’s travel logistics.

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Four Reasons Obamacare Continues to Be Unpopular in Congress

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, went into effect more than six years ago. It was controversial at the time it was passed and remains controversial today. The following are four significant reasons for this.

Rising insurance costs

The Affordable Care Act was meant to insure a greater number of people, but it was also designed to bring down the cost of health care. Unfortunately, this has not happened for many people. Six years after its enactment, many families are paying higher premiums than ever. The ACA was dependent upon younger, healthier people paying premiums to subsidize older, less healthy people in the health insurance pool. The numbers of young people have fallen short of projections, and this has led to higher premiums. Some insurance companies have decided to drop out of the exchanges because they are not making enough money, so this may lead to even higher premiums in the future.

Some people lost their health insurance

Certain private health care plans were no longer allowed under the ACA. In general, these were the catastrophic plans that required large deductibles be paid before the insurance coverage kicked in. However, for those who were healthy, this type of policy was attractive. Once they lost these policies, many of these people were forced to go to the private exchanges created by the ACA to get an insurance policy. Some of the coverage in these policies was more than people had in the past, so the premiums were higher. Advocates of the ACA claimed that these policies were much better, but for many people, the additional coverage was not worth the higher premiums.

Fines for not having health insurance

This has been a part of the ACA from the beginning, but it has only recently gone into effect, and people are starting to feel the cost of not having insurance. Those in the lower middle income brackets are the people who are feeling this penalty the most. Because the money is collected by the Internal Revenue Service, those paying this fine experience it as a tax hike.

Many people have been left without insurance

Part of the ACA was the expansion of Medicaid by increasing the income limits for eligibility. This was mandated by the federal government for all 50 states. The Supreme Court, however, ruled that it was optional for each state. Many states decided not to expand Medicaid, so in these states, there are people who do not qualify for Medicaid and also do not make enough to participate in the public exchanges. This gap has created a group of people who are living slightly above the poverty level without access to health insurance. This was not intended by lawmakers, and many are understandably upset about this.

Although there are some people who want to fix Obamacare, there are many in Congress want to repeal the ACA and replace it with better health care laws. Senator Mike Crapo, of Idaho, is one such politician. Senator Crapo believes that the ACA has been costly and has also taken away personal health care choices for Americans.

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Promote Your Band Like a Pro: Top Tips for Musicians

Promoting a band these days isn’t quite like it used to be back in the heyday of the music business. After all, recordings just aren’t selling like they used to, and touring acts aren’t always bringing in a ton of cash until they reach superstar level.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t make money and promote your band to get to the next level. It just means you need to be smart about how you do it. Use this guide to learn more about promoting your band without breaking the bank and burning all of your profits in the meantime.

Social Media Matters

For every young musician, social media is something that’s already a known entity. However, the importance of connecting with friends, family and followers can’t be overstated when building a career in the entertainment industry.

To stay relevant, make sure you’re posting and letting people know about gigs, events and things like CD release parties before they pop up. Photos never hurt either.

Play Free Gigs

No matter how the music business changes, you can’t forget the fact that fans are always going to love live music. Even if you don’t have a huge turnout every night, playing for a crowd brings new attention to your group and helps you refine your skills.

Booking paying gigs is great, but sometimes there’s nothing better than playing for free. That’s especially true if you’re opening for a bigger band or playing a venue that draws a large number of people every night.

You might make up for that free show in exposure and merchandise sales in no time.

Create Inexpensive Giveaways

CDs, audio, t-shirts and posters are all the lifeblood of the working musician. Even in this modern day and age, merchandise sales are still a big deal. That’s why you obviously can’t give those away for free – at least not to people outside of the business.

There are some items that make excellent promotional giveaways though. As a way to say thank you to fans, you can’t do much better than items like guitar picks and custom stickers with your band logo.

Best of all, you can make custom stickers and small items for just a few pennies. For a fan, that free giveaway is worth a whole lot more than the negligible amount you paid for it.

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The Need of Regulated Binary Options Brokers

The binary option brokers give you a hand by offering two principal forms of binary options i.e. Binary options are uncomplicated to trade but not simple to win. There are only two main forms of binary alternatives and there are numerous different kinds of binary options brokers.

There are lots of kinds of digital options an investor can trade in. Brokers that give a variety of options will probably use the method you want.

Payment and withdrawal choices are always a critical consideration when selecting a Binary Broker. Unique brokers provide different levels of bonus. Binary options brokers are given a fee in the event your trade loses. They do not collect any commissions and do not charge any fees aside from a possible withdrawal fee.

There are lots of brokers that provide demo accounts completely with the chance to take part in simulated trading. Call-put choices are conventional trading possibilities simplistic in nature. A binary choice trading is, rather, an exciting potentially significant risk substantial reward form of trading alternatives. It is pretty simple compared to other forms of trading and do not require investors to understand such complicated details.

Binary is a great trade where it’s possible to make a whole lot of money if you do it right. Binary options trading needs to be regarded as a long-term project along with the broker has become the most important partner for the two: beginners and veterans. So should you would like to find the optimal/optimally man or woman to deal with your organization, you may want to restrict your scope considerably with the few who make trading options their principal occupation. Whatever the case, you must understand what your broker will likely be charging you or you are going to be in for a nasty surprise later on.

Accordingly, that is why credible brokers find it impossible to participate in such behaviours. On-line brokers may provide convenience to people who want to start trading. Be sure that the advised options brokers that you’ll choose should be transparent, secured, and respectable. Only brokers that stick to all these requirements ought to be taken into account.

As different brokers provide different techniques, so you got to pick a method which is available to your own broker’s policy. Selecting the most appropriate broker is a tough task. Singling out a reliable broker is of utmost importance on account of the innumerable number of brokers throughout the web.

Unlike a few years back, the brokers were very limited within the trading industry. There are lots of issues that traders face in regards to trading. Thus, the traders only need to decide whether they’ll occur after the recommendation or not. New traders do not need to be overly worried about working strategies into the very first week of trading as things today are totally different and convenient.

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Are you bored?


I can’t understand why some people get bored. Why? Are you bored right now? Then, do something! There are so many things that you can do. Read, for one. Watch TV. Or walk outside. You can even pray or meditate. Or exercise! There are so many things you can do in order to entertain yourself and to get your endorphins working.

You know I saw a Facebook post by a high school classmate. Bored. I really wanted to ask why because there are things she can do, you know, like talk to me or someone online. But I stopped myself. I concentrated on searching for that sousaphone for sale for a friend who used to be bored all the time but found a way to be productive and creative. He turned to music. Played in his free time and worked as an artist during the other times.

Extra income, goodbye boredom.

You can do that, too, you know. So when you are bored, just turn your head left and right and you will find something to do for sure.

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Tired but smiling.

I am tired because I am new at work and there are too many things that I need to learn on my own. I replaced an accountant who doesn’t believe in keeping a trail so others will know what he’s done. I actually recreated trails so I can have some semblance of history in the finances of the company I am employed at now.


I am used to working doubly hard especially when I am new in a job but this is just simply more than what I am used to. No worries as I can still smile despite it all. It might have something to do with the praises I got from all of the bosses when they came for a brief stay a couple of weeks ago. Still makes me smile, actually.

It’s like that time I found that version 11 my best friend was talking about but couldn’t show me a link of. It was like hitting the jackpot!

Yes, I am tired but smiling.

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