Someone won the 6/55 draw already!

Somebody already won the most coveted prize bag this side of the planet… the 741M pesos Grand Lotto 6/55 draw! According to, a lone bettor won last night, getting the winning numbers 11-16-42-47-31-37.

741 million pesos! Can you just imagine how much money is that? Can you even imagine how you’re going to count that much money if you have it in cash?!?

If I was the one who won that much money, I already know what to do with it. 70% will be divided among my dad, my siblings and I. 10% will go to a common fund for traveling. The rest will be divided among relatives, really good friends, and charity, the cancer institute in particular. It would have benefited a lot of people but it’s not really meant to be mine. I do hope the person who got the prize is someone worthy and will use the money for good.

I also hope that it’s not the president who won. Imagine this, just when he took over the PCSO that’s when someone won the prize money. Hmm… just thinking out loud, okay? 😉

What will you do if you won that much money, huh?


  • Menie Roque

    Suddenly, I had the urge to voice out my personal views about this. I do agree with you in hoping that the sole winner is worthy enough and use the money wisely not only for himself / herself but for the benefit of everyone in a positive way.
    Like you, I also have it mapped out, if I ever win a hefty sum from lottery, say 500M pesos. It would definitely be a sumptuous Christmas and a very prosperous New Year for my family, my relatives, my in-laws, and a lot of charities, including those patients in wards and public hospitals.
    And if I may add, I also plan to put up a lawful business where I will hire employees who are financially burdened, out-of-school youth, undergraduates, physically challenged, and the less fortunate.
    Sorry for that lengthy reply. I guess I’ve been dreaming too much again. Anyway, dreaming never hurts anyone; and it’s free. And sometimes, dreams do come true.
    Thanks for the space and the opportunity to share my thoughts. Regards.

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