Traffic jam all over the metro!

Wow! It seems like every Filipino is out in the streets doing some Christmas shopping or going somewhere. EDSA has become one big parking lot! The MMDA is doing everything they can to alleviate the problem but my guess is that there is just too many vehicles out in the streets and not enough space for them to go through. Double parking in almost every side street is also a big problem. Side streets can be used as short cuts/alternate routes but since small streets can only accommodate one lane due to double parking, traffic jams are also the result.

You can’t go anywhere without being stuck for hours in traffic!

My sisters and I went to Divisoria, the cheap shopping mecca of Metro Manila, last Saturday morning. We were two blocks away from the 168 Mall but we got stuck in the middle of a traffic jam. We stayed on the same spot for close to 30 minutes before a traffic aide appeared and helped with getting the vehicles move.

I am no traffic expert but my suggestion is to use every available employee of the MMDA this holiday season. There should be at least one MMDA per number of meters and tow every damn vehicle parked on side streets! Another suggestion is to limit ownership of cars. A family of four should not have three to four cars because one should be enough for them and two is already convenient.

Airline executive went nuts over nuts!

Korean Air

I am sure you have heard by now the news about a Korean Air executive who went nuts over nuts! Yes, you read that right. A Korean Air flying out of New York had on board the airlines’ vice president on cabin services. She was served nuts not on a platter but still inside a packet. Angry over the oversight of the senior cabin crew member, she made a scene. According to reports, she insulted the crew and even forced him to kneel.

Then, she made the pilots turn the plane around to go back to the airport terminal and let the crew off the plane.

What a power-tripping woman! The crew might have made an oversight on first class cabin protocol on serving nuts (of all things!) but it didn’t merit that kind of reaction from her. Even endangering the whole plane when she made it turn back.

According to news reports, she already resigned from her post in Korean Air and even issued a public apology for what happened. She is reportedly going to be sued for the incident.


Is Feedburner acting up?

I don’t know why all of a sudden my feed count is down to the 70+. I used to have close to 200 feed subscribers/readers and I know when one unsubscribes because Feedburner sends information to me. I think Feedburner is not registering the right numbers anymore? Is that it? Because I haven’t received any email indicating someone unsubscribed to my blog. In fact, I know a couple of people who subscribed!

Are you having the same ‘problem’? If you do, how did you address it? I haven’t seen any news about it from friends so I’m thinking is this an isolated case?

I will go check some more and when I have an update about this ‘problem’ of mine, I will write about it here.

Measuring and Mounting

What is so great about blinds is that you can easily measure the window yourself. They are so much easier to measure for than curtains as there is no need for a hem or seam allowance and furthermore no rings, tabs or tapes are required. Blinds generally attach directly to a window frame whereas a curtain will need rails and rings to hang properly. If measuring the area yourself you simply need to firstly decide whether you want to hang the blind inside or outside the window. If covering a bay window or a distinctive shaped window then an inside mound can emphasize and show off a window’s shape.

Measuring Blinds

On the other hand an outside mount would be more appropriate when hanging blinds on windows of unequal sizes as this could balance their appearance. To ensure accurate results, it is important to use a metal tape measure. If measuring a window with a recess it could be beneficial to measure the width at 3 different points as it is often the case that the window is not consistent along the recess and then use the minimum measurement for your width measurement.

Measuring Correctly

If measuring for roller, roman or venetian blinds then you should decrease the width by 1cm. Use the same method when measuring the length, ensuring you take 3 measurements and using the smallest. in order to stop vertical blinds from catching on the window sill you could reduce the length by 1cm. The rules are slightly different when measuring windows without a recess. In this case measure across the window width, then add an extra 10cm to the overall width to permit a 5cm overlap either side of the window. This will ensure that the light is blocked out effectively. Once you have decided where you want the bottom of your blind to end, measure the length of the window from the top of the fitting to this point.

Never give up!

never give up

One thing that I intend to do this last month of the year is to prepare for the coming 2015. I intend to be stronger, braver, and better overall this coming year. I intend to have MORE and that means working even harder than I ever did in my whole work life.

I need to beef up by being healthy. I intend to go back to being a corporate rat and that means fixed working hours. I need to condition myself to waking up early again, braving the rush hour and traffic jams, and working for a boss again.

I can do it! I won’t give up!

You should, too.


The Importance of a Graphic Design Portfolio

With the development of the internet, many people are now establishing a reputation as an online freelancer. It is becoming more commonplace for companies to outsource a great many projects such as graphic design to freelancers in other areas of the world. However, while it can be easy to set up a website advertising your services, you should not overlook the importance of having a graphic design portfolio.

Why is a Graphic Design Portfolio Important?

Imagine purchasing a new car when you have not seen any models from the manufacturer? How about buying a house when you have never even seen a floor plan? Of course, these are big purchases, but when a company is placing a graphic design project in the hands of a freelancer or online company, they are putting a great deal of trust into the arrangement. The company decision makers need to have confidence that you have the skills and experience needed to complete the project to their high standards. This means that a graphic design online portfolio is essential for securing projects from potential clients. Your client can look through your graphic design portfolio and confirm that your style is in line with their brief and that you have the skills to complete the project.

Tips for an Eye catching Graphic Design Portfolio:

When establishing your graphic design online portfolio, you need to remember that you may not be available to talk the client through the work. Each example should speak for itself, so keep your potential clients in mind when you are building your portfolio.

Don’t be tempted to include every project you have ever worked on. Your portfolio should showcase your talents, so only include your very best work. Your portfolio should be professional and business focused.

Don’t forget to include an about page with your online graphic design portfolio with your full contact details.

Cyber Monday 2014: A disappointment :-(

Cyber Monday 2014

I was a bit disappointed with yesterday’s Cyber Monday! There wasn’t really that many good deals for bloggers like me who were looking for deals on web hosting and domain registration. Or I might have been focused on Bluehost and Godaddy only. Ha!

You see, I am a loyal customer. When I find a service I am satisfied with, I don’t go looking anywhere else anymore. I am a very satisfied Bluehost and Godaddy customer for years! All my domains are registered at Godaddy while I’ve been with Bluehost for years as well. I was expecting a big discount on renewals on both companies but I guess they didn’t focus on that this year. Last year, I was able to get really, really good discounts.

Oh well, better luck next year for me!

I just have to take note here that both Bluehost Tech supports and Godaddy people were very accommodating, even helping me check deals applicable to me. I am really hats off to these companies who know how to value their loyal customers!

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