Stick with the budget through DIY flowers.

Are you aware that going the DIY route can help you save on costs of flowers for wedding and special events? You can order DIY flowers at Bloominous, not just the flowers but even the accessories needed for arranging it.


My younger cousin, Aubrey, got married a few weeks ago. Since she knew I assisted my brother in his own wedding last year, she would call me up and ask for guidance herself. Of course, I helped her every step of the way. One of the first things I told her to do was make a budget. List down each item and set aside a budget for each.

When Aubrey asked about the flowers I got for my brother’s wedding, she immediately said no to it. Too expensive, she said. It was last minute when she found flowers that fit her budget. Still, too expensive for her but since she didn’t have a choice anymore, she sucked it up and paid for it. If only we knew about Bloominous back then…


You see, going the DIY way will lessen the cost of the flowers. Instead of paying a professional to arrange a bouquet or centerpiece for you, do it yourself! Bloominous will send the whole package to you. Fresh flowers, pre-cut and dethorned, plus there are pictorials for you to follow to make it all easy for the DIYer.


Stick with your wedding budget through DIY flowers only at Bloominous.

Nine to five blog

I used to have a blog solely dedicated for the stuff about my college education, board exams, Accountancy and work life. I had a lot of things to write about and I shared it there. But maintaining a niche blog is hard. I realized that when I started struggling with specific entries to write. Plus, I have other blogs to maintain that I kept forgetting about that one. I stopped and let the domain expire after about a year. Sayang ano?

What I did was make a back-up copy of all the entries I wrote. I know that one of these days I will make use of all those entries by either opening a new blog similar to the last one or by posting it as part of this blog. I am undecided yet though I already have specific plans for it in my mind.

This time around, I will include some other topics in it, still related to work/jobs. I will let you know about it once I made a decision. I am sure it will be a new blog instead of incorporating the entries here.


After-sales service.

I keep in mind the companies, brands, establishments which have really good after-sales service. It is very important to me because I’ve had experience wherein a brand’s customer service was close to non-existent when I needed help in a product I bought. I was so disappointed that the next time I needed the same product, I didn’t buy that same brand anymore. I switched to another brand which has good customer service according to feedback from users. After-sales service is very important because it shows how much a company, brand, establishment care for their customers/clients.

Another thing that I look into when I buy something? Money Back Guarantee. A friend of mine told me about the same feature that an online site where musical instruments and anything music-related products can be bought. I am so glad to hear about it I made sure to bookmark the site for this coming holiday shopping that I intend to do on the last week of November.

Remember to check customer/client feedback before buying a product or availing a service. Most especially, the after-sales service and money back guarantee. Both are very important.

Breathe success!


Once upon a time, when I was still a greenhorn, I equated success to how high one’s compensation package is and how lofty the title he/she holds in a corporation. Success meant having a license one can boast of and being well-respected in the industry one is a part of. I once dreamt of being that successful, you know. Until a loved one passed away.

I realized then that success is a matter of perspective. I can stay at home and still breathe success every single day. I need not be the CEO or President of a company just to be able to say I am successful in my career. I need not earn a hundred grand or more just to feel like I’ve been a success. I can still earn an average income and still be a success because I am living a happy life. There is a sense of achievement in being able to provide for the family. There is a sense of achievement also in working hard every single day no matter what position you are holding just as long as you are able to deliver what is expected of you.

Breathe success no matter where you are! A stay-at-home mom is still a huge success seeing as to how she takes care of everyone at home and still have time for herself and others. It doesn’t matter if you are a lowly rank and file employee, or an online worker like me. Breathe success and you will be no matter where you are!

Live simply.

I can tell you what I’ve become after years of continually improving my way of life… I’ve become a simple person! And I am saying this in a good way. I’ve learned to live simply. I’ve learned that not everything money can buy can make us happy. There is a reason behind the saying “the best things in life are free”. I also learned that some people are there for you no matter what and those are the best people to have around you when you are on top!

I am happy that I have those kind of people in my life, those who are there for me when I am at my lowest and darkest. A handful, apart from my family, who have been with me throughout the years. I have gone back to living simply, yes, but I won’t hesitate to give one of those friends a Tube Tech CL-1B Compressor this coming Christmas even if it will put a dent to my pocket. I won’t mind spending as much for the others, in fact. They have been valuable to me and, simple life or not, I will go out of my way to show them just how much I appreciate their presence in my life.

How do you want to be remembered?


I want to be remembered as the girl who is strong, who gets up no matter how hard she was knocked down. The girl who is always there for her family and friends. The girl who tries so hard to become a beacon of hope for the people she loves.

I am not perfect. Nobody is. But what I have is vats of hope that we will all reach our maximum potential one day. I have enough faith that we will be able to live the lives we all want. And I have more than enough in me to rub it on others especially to the people around me. I want to be remembered that way, as the person who became a source of hope and faith to others.

I want to be remembered that way. What about you?

A holiday gift list.

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I read that and it reminded me of the coming holiday season. I know that it’s time for me to make my annual list of gifts I will be giving to specific people in the family and from work. It’s not an easy task because it is hard for me to think of what to give some people. I find myself in a bind whenever I think of what to give especially to men other than family. Plus, there’s the budget that I need to think of and stick to when shopping.

I will start my list with family members. They are the ones who are easy to think what to give to. Then, there are the uncles, aunts and cousins. Some relatives with whom I am really close to. Of course, my godchildren are priority, too. And then there are the closest friends, friends from work, and neighbors. There are so many people to whom I should give something to this coming Christmas season. Just to let them know you remember them.

I have to set aside a bigger budget every year, more so than the last one. I don’t really mind as it is my own sweet way of telling everyone on my list that I thought about them and that they are special to me.

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