Investment scams

An evening news report aired a few nights ago made me think about this post and sharing it with all of you. It’s about investment scams, those “double your money” schemes that so many people still fall for.

In a gist, there were several people who were made to believe that the money they gave a company would double just because. Hearing the word “double” made them lose their senses and they gave hard-earned money to the company obviously operated by unscrupulous people. After amassing large sums of money, the owners of the company disappeared!

You know what made me really angry? One victim was interviewed and she said that the money she gave, invested in, the company was money earned by her sister who was working abroad, an overseas worker who was earning through blood and sweat! Can you imagine the anguish of that OFW who was not told that the money she was asking her sister to save for her was now lost to some scammer?

Please don’t fall for any kind of “double your money” scheme. There is NO way that your investment will double just like that! Unless you are a loan shark or a drug dealer, your money won’t multiply in any kind of investment out there. Just like that! You will have to wait for a long time before you will be able to earn so much from your investment. Don’t believe in promises that all you have to do is trust them with your hard-earned money and a couple of days after, it will be given back to you double the amount. Totally BULL! It’s fraudulent and you are better off investing your money in a business you know a lot about.

Interest and dividends are earned over time, in small amounts unless you invested millions. Keep that in mind!

Something to think about…

Are you fulfilled doing work you don’t like because it pays well?

I heard this question on the radio and it made me think. No I am not fulfilled but there are days I can feel a certain sense of fulfillment, if you can call it that, because I did something good for the company. Yes, my work pays well and I am thankful for it. But given a chance wherein I am not thinking of my family and all I need to do is feed myself, I would be contented with a lower-paying job but wherein I can feel contented and happy.

Advice for taking proper care of your back

If there is one ailment that is particularly debilitating it is back pain. If it is especially severe sufferers are often unable to continue doing the things they enjoy, for example, walking; even lying down can be difficult.

Those suffering problems with their backs do not have to be particularly active to be struck down with this affliction. Indeed, Detroit Lions chiropractor Dr Sol Cogan is on record as saying that treating athletes with back problems is not much different to treating members of the public.

The symptoms of back pain do tend to differ. For instance, lower back pain can be felt down the legs; pain in the upper region or middle of the back can cause a feeling of weakness or numbness in the limbs, chest or abdomen and even lead to a loss of bladder or bowel control.

Back pain can be caused by a slipped disc, sciatica and arthritis; however, many of the problems are self-inflicted, such as through poor posture or failing to lift heavy objects properly.

Avoiding such problems can mean introducing some minor lifestyle adjustments. Regular exercise such as walking and swimming can help strengthen the back muscles. Good posture can also aid back comfort, so slumping while sitting on a chair should be avoided. Wherever possible it is also advisable to sit on chairs with a backrest and with the feet placed flat against the floor. When bending it should be done through the knees and hips rather than the back, and it is important never to twist and bend at the same time.

Lifting is a major cause of injury to the back, so to avoid such issues heavy loads should lifted and carried close to the body. Other ways to avoid back strain and the resulting pain is to sleep on a suitable mattress and if applicable, lose weight.

As soon as back pain appears physical activity should be stopped, but for only a few days. A heat or ice pack can be used on the affected area and pain relievers such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen taken to ease the pain.

The sleeping position is very important when trying to overcome back pain. Those who sleep on their sides are advised to adopt a fetal position with a pillow between their legs. People who lie on their backs should put a pillow under their knees to relieve pressure on the back.

Recovery time will depend on the symptoms, but generally it should have no major impact on the sufferer’s life and he or she can begin to exercise again after two or three weeks. However, this should be done slowly and it is suggested that heavy lifting be avoided for a period of six weeks.

When suffering back pain a visit to a chiropractor can help. Regular consultations can ensure the back remains pain free and help prevent a repeat of the problem.

If proper care is taken back pain is much less likely to reoccur. However, there are steps that can be taken if symptoms do appear and which will help ease the pain.

Getting to grips with online gaming: Where to start

While the phrase, ‘online gaming’ may once have conjured up images of hardened gamers, complete with headsets, vibrating control pads and virtual-reality goggles, these days the term covers a far wider spectrum of hobbyists. More people than ever are using online gaming as a form of escapism, turning their backs on the fast paced world of 3D gaming and big budget graphics in favor of something altogether different.

Why should you head online?

‘Serious’ console games and online platforms are big business still; there is little doubt about that. However, there has been a sharp increase in the number of people, both men and women, who are turning to slots and online bingo sites. According to BBC News, in the UK, women in particular are choosing to game in their droves, attracted by the friendliness and gentle competitiveness of bingo. It’s a great way to meet new friends and have a good time; akin to a night out without the hassle.

So why is online bingo, in particular, so popular? With its big incentives, friendly advertisements and inviting loading screens, bingo sites can often seem far less threatening than the more ruthless and competitive, console and online games currently available. Bingo, slot machines, poker and similar gaming sites also offer players a recognizable format with which to play. Bingo is a game that has existed for many years in physical form, making it easy to learn and play online.

Top tips for gaming online

Choose your console. If you already have a laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone, you are likely to have some idea of the games available to you. Other consoles, such as the X-Box One or PS4, cost a little more, but offer greater gaming options if you’re serious about trying out a new hobby.

Becoming involved in the world of online gaming can be daunting, so start small. There are numerous titles for smartphones, tablets and similar devices, all of which provide a great introduction into the world of online gaming. Find a game, such as poker or bingo that you feel most comfortable with and see where it takes you.

Make sure your computer or console is compatible with the game you wish to run. Some sites, including online bingo or card game platforms, may require you to upload or update Flash Player, Java or Shockwave programs.

Keep it quick; the best way to get into online gaming is to choose games and sites that can be accessed during a coffee or lunch break, or in the evenings. Rather than starting with a game that requires total concentration and submersion pick a light strategy or casino-style game that you can dip in and out of. You’ll soon find your interest growing.

Setting ground rules is particularly important if delving into the world of online bingo, slots, poker, or similar. It can be easy to lose several hours, not to mention hard-earned dollars, if you’re not careful. Your new gaming hobby is supposed to be fun rather than draining.

Remember, online gaming should be fun. The enjoyment of gaming comes to everyone in a different way, but the fundamentals of the pastime are the same. If you’re not enjoying a particular gaming experience simply move onto try something different.

Reducing The Size Of A Video File Using Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video ConverterYou might feel the need to reduce the size of video files for shortage of storage space in your hard drive and if you want to watch a movie on your smartphone or tablet then reducing the size of the video file is a must. Nowadays, movies are available in High Definition having a very large file size which needs to be reduced. Movavi Video Converter, apart from converting audio, video and image files also has video file compression feature. After you’ve reduced the size of the video file, you’ll be able to save it in any common video file format. Presets for some popular mobiles and tablets are also included for your ease of use, you’ll just have to specify the device. As the user interface of Movavi Video Converter is so simple, even someone with no experience of video editing will find it easy to use.

To reduce the size of a video file using Movavi video Converter you’ll have to follow the steps given below:

  • You’ll have to install the software by double clicking on the installation file and subsequently following the instructions on the installation wizard.
  • After opening the program, you’ll have to click on the ‘Add Video’ option which you’ll find at the program window’s top left corner and then you’ll have to click on the open file option and then choose the file you’ll be working with.
  • After that you’ll have to click ‘convert to’ option and then click on “More presets for formats” and after that you’ll have to select the format you need to convert your file to. If you convert your video file to mp4 format you’ll be able to view it in computer as well as in most mobiles and tablets.
  • To enhance the video quality you’ll have to click on ‘Settings’ located just beside preset list and then you’ll be able to make the necessary changes. It is recommended that you select a codec that is comparatively new, because such a codec will reduce the file size but the quality of the video will be quite high.
  • If you want to play the video on a particular device then you’ll have to click on “more presets for devices” option and specify your device and the converted video will be of highest quality compatible with your device.
  • After that you’ll have to determine the size of the file to be produced after conversion. You’ll have to keep in mind that bit rate is the determinant of size and quality of video. To adjust the file size you’ll have to click on “Output” after which you’ll be able to set the file size and bitrate by dragging the slider. You’ll have to click on “Apply” button after you’ve set the file size.
  • To determine where your file will be saved, you’ll have to click on “Browse” option and choose a folder and then click OK.
  • You’ll have to click “Convert” to let the conversion begin.

For more information on Movavi video converter visit the following

A background check is a must.

Landlords need to keep in mind that however in a rush they are in finding their newest tenant, they need to do a tenant background check on their prospects. There are good and bad tenants. You don’t want a bad tenant, I am sure of it.

Let me tell you a personal experience narrated to me by my paternal aunt. She has a house and lot that she rents out. It is located a little bit outside the city and is modest in size. A friend of hers recommended a couple who rented the property from my aunt. They were highly recommended so my aunt said yes right away, without asking for any employment or income information from the couple. After a couple of months, problems began. They couldn’t pay the rent anymore so they asked for a discount which my aunt gave just to get payment from them. Even with the discount, they still couldn’t make rental payments. And then when, finally, my aunt politely told them that she really needed the rental payments she could get out of her property and if they couldn’t provide that they should vacate the premises, they left the property trashed. My aunt didn’t get five months worth of rent out of them and she had to pay for the renovations done on the property.

This should serve as a lesson to landlords out there. Do not skip the background check. It is a must! If you can’t do it yourself, use a service like Tenantify. It’s easy. Just sign up online, request information from your prospective tenants, let Tenantify verify the information given, and wait for the detailed results. Then, you can make a decision, but not before you have the results in your hands.

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