Moved Into A New Home? 4 Checks To Prioritize

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Moving into a new home can often feel like the end of the story. After the excitement – and, admittedly, the stress – of your house search and the moving process itself, your journey has reached its conclusion.

In actuality, the first night you spend in your new home is actually just chapter one of a brand new story – one that will see you and your family turn this new property into a home, sharing experiences and making memories that will last for a lifetime. In order to ensure that that wonderful story gets off to the best possible start, here are four checks you may wish to prioritize as you look to settle in to your new property…

#1 – A maintenance home inspection

The purpose of a professionally-conducted maintenance home inspection is to obtain a thorough overview of the workings of your property, both as it stands today and any issues that might potentially develop in the future. You’ll be able to identify if any upgrades are in order and when they may need to be arranged, so that you can gain a much deeper insight into your new home and budget accordingly for any changes you may need to make.

#2 – A pest inspection

You’ve just moved into a new property, your pride and joy – so naturally, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not sharing the space with any unwanted guests. A professional pest inspection can thoroughly check over your entire property, looking for signs of infestation that have otherwise been unnoticed. If any problems are identified, then you can arrange for the pests to be evicted, so you can enjoy your new home in peace.

#3 – A security inspection

Home security is something that people will rarely analyze when they are viewing a property they are considering buying. Instead, most of us focus on the space and living arrangements the property can provide, imagining ourselves living there, rather than practical necessities. As a result, upon moving in, it’s advisable to see the property through new eyes and check the overall security of the entire building. If you notice any issues (such as weak fencing or a lack of security cameras), you can then consider using these measures to ensure your home is as thoroughly protected as possible.

#4 – An “in case of emergency” check

Finally, a check that is designed to familiarize yourself with your property and ensure that, should a serious or emergency situation develop, you’ll be able to take mitigating action. The most important part of this check is ensuring you know how to turn the water and power off at the main supply, and it’s also beneficial to check the location of existing – or install for the first time – fire extinguishers or blankets throughout the property. It’s also advisable to ensure that all of your family members also go through this check with you.

In conclusion

When all of the above checks are complete – and, if necessary, appropriate action has been taken to rectify any issues – then you can start to enjoy life in your wonderful new home!

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More Than Just A Car Hole! Making The Most Of Your Garage Space

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When you’re looking to overhaul your home, make a room serve more than one purpose is a great way to reinvigorate a space. While that spare room can become a home office or reading room, what happens with less practical spaces? Your garage is more than just somewhere to put your car; it is somewhere that can serve many purposes. And it seems that now, garages aren’t used for parking at all. What can you do, seeing as your car is parked on the driveway, with this space that’s very likely, home to piles and piles of boxes?

Guest Room

If you have a two-car garage, you could very well turn this into a guest room. Be careful with this, especially in terms of your city’s zoning laws, but also think about insulating it properly. With something like the garage door, it might be worth getting garage parts from Precision or another supplier to ensure that it is a safe and sturdy structure. You have to make sure that, especially when winter comes, that it’s adequately insulated. Put lots of blankets in there, and a space heater, but also think about the flooring issues. If you don’t put protective flooring down, will flooding or excessive rain put this guest room out of action?

A Game Room

If you spend a lot of time working at home you might want to escape to a room that doesn’t remind you of work. A game room is a perfect fit for a garage because you have the opportunity to do pretty much whatever you want with the space. The great thing about a games room is that it’s not that expensive to implement. You don’t have to insulate it if you don’t want to; if you want to turn it into an extra room of the home, you can add a few more comfortable touches to reduce the garage sensibilities. It doesn’t have to be difficult, you can add family photos, rugs, or a few posters, and the space will feel a bit more like an extra room of the home rather than just a garage.

A Home Gym

It is certainly a very popular option, primarily because a garage lends itself well to that environment. You don’t need to decorate it, just put your workout equipment dead center, put some music on, and off you go! But if you want to add a little bit more to it, you don’t necessarily need a weights bench. If you want to do something different, you can turn it into a place where you can do circuits. Install a pull-up bar, get some hand-held weights, as well as a running machine, and you’ve got a multi-purpose gym without ever having to go go to the real thing! As a home gym is the opportunity to remain in isolation, it can give you the opportunity to truly focus on the exercises. A home gym is a delicate balance to get right, primarily because if you don’t want to exercise, you don’t have to! But by having a diverse set of workstations, you stand a better chance of keeping on top of keeping healthy.

A Home Office

Working from home is most definitely a knife’s edge. If you a busy household it can be difficult to have that focus in order to work properly. But you have to remember that if you want to set up a home office, you need something with a little bit more comfort. A cold garage in the middle of winter could keep you motivated to do your work a bit quicker, but on the other hand, if you have to stay there for eight or nine hours a day, you may want to find another method of setting up a room that’s separate from the rest of the home. You can purchase a shed instead and go down this route. But if your work allows you to go to the garage, make sure it’s comfortable, but not too comfortable.

A Playroom

The perfect opportunity to get the kids “out” of the house! The great thing about a garage is that you can turn it into any space you want! Because a garage doesn’t necessarily follow the aesthetics of your home, this leaves it open to interpretation. On top of this, you might not be so concerned about making a mess! Instead of having your kids play in their room, you can add a few changes, like storage, bookshelves, or musical instruments, and your kids can go for it! Also, remember to insulate the space properly, especially if you send your kids out to the garage during winter. It needs to be comfy, of course!

A Home Theater

For most people, the living room is the place where they watch movies in surround sound, but if the home isn’t big enough or someone doesn’t like it so loud, turning a garage into a home theater and getting people round to munch on popcorn and watch the latest addition to Netflix, surely the garage is the best bet? You could get a large television, a fantastic sound system, but also add that little extra sensation by installing comfy chairs, and it becomes a home movie theater all of its own! And if the garage is particularly chilly, especially in the winter, you can insulate the walls, but also remember to soundproof the space! It’s also worth bearing in mind that if the neighbors know you have a makeshift home movie theater in the garage, that it needs to be secure! Having a proper security system in place is crucial, but also, cover everything in a dust cloth as the garage can tend to attract a lot of it.

The garage is more than a car hole! If you want to make the most of this extra room, especially if your home is getting full, it is a simple way to add a little bit of extra value to the home, while also maximizing what your property can really do.

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Christmas Is Coming. Here’s How To Stop It Sneaking Up On You

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Spoiler alert: Christmas 2019 is now under three months away. While you might wish to keep putting it off, it’ll be here before you know it. If you want to avoid the annual stresses that usually precede the festive season, now is the time to take control.

There are several ways to regain control of the situation before the panic sets in. Use the following checklist for guaranteed success.

Know your plans

The festive season is a time that should be spent with friends and family. As such, you need to know that your plans all sync up. Deciding on who will host the big day along with creating a guest list lets you think about food requirements, gifts, and other key feature. This is especially true if this year’s festivities will be slightly different from those of previous years.

Invest in your health

Festive fun is far more accessible when you feel fit and healthy. So, if your health has taken a hit this year, it’s vital that you take action immediately. Aside from improving the Christmas period, it’ll set the perfect platform to start 2020 in the best possible place. On a separate note, good health will translate to improved looks and greater self-confidence.

Pre-order items

Your festive checklist is sure to include a long list of special items, ranging from trees to turkeys. Where possible, placing an order weeks in advance can save you the stress of racing around nearer the big day. Besides, booking with time on your side allows you to negotiate the best deals with various suppliers.

Plan gift shopping

This is a wonderful time of the year, but it is very expensive too. Saving a little money away over the coming week or so can reduce the financial tension. Meanwhile, planning ahead by targeting the Black Friday deals and other sales will serve you well. It’s the thought that counts rather than the cost of goods, but getting a bargain still fills you with pride.

Check your inventory

A large number of festive decorations and features can make an appearance year after year. However, it’s inevitable that some items will need replacing. Take the time to get your goods out of storage and make a thorough list of what’s good and what’s not. That way you can find suitable upgrades in no time while also avoiding duplicates.

Book a photoshoot

Whether you plan to send a festive greetings card or not, a family shoot can be ideal. It’s the perfect way to capture your happy spirits and share the positivity with friends and family. The shots can also be turned into canvas art or photos to brighten up the home all-year round. What move inventive could you need?

Decide on your charity endeavors

Giving is more important than receiving, and charitable donations at this time of the year are more common than ever. Finding a cause that is close to your heart should sit at the top of your agenda. Whether it’s sponsoring a child, helping with homelessness, or something else is up to you. But be sure it’s an idea that unites your family.

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Things You’ll Need to Get Right When Working From Home

If you’re about to start working from home, you might be a little nervous about the prospect or you might simply be looking forward to it. Either way, it’s worth being prepared and gaining an understanding of the things you’ll need to get right as you make this workplace transition. Working from home presents its unique challenges, so read on to learn about the things you’ll need to get right.

Start the Day Early

You can get a lot more done and achieve a lot more when you start the day. So, don’t hit snooze when the alarm goes off. Instead, get up early and make the most of the day. That could mean doing some yoga, heading out for a run or simply relaxing before the day’s work starts. You should definitely take the time to eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast before you do anything else.

Structure Your Day the Same Way You Would in the Office

Your day of work is going to be similar to how you’d work in the office. Many people make the mistake of making their working days a lot different just because they’re working from home. That’s never a good way to go about this because work is still work. To achieve the best possible outcomes, you should structure your day in the same way you would if you were at the office.

Having the Right Hardware and Software

Having the right hardware and software in place will have a big and positive impact on your abilities to work successfully from home. You’ll have the right tools at your disposal and be able to rely on them as you focus on your work. Whether it’s something as simple as buying a Microsoft office 365 Product key or investing in a brand new desktop computer; do what you need to do with your hardware and software.

Have a Dedicated Work Space

You’ll also need to have a dedicated work space that you can work from each day. Doing this matters because without a dedicated work space, you’ll struggle to really focus on your work. You don’t want to be distracted by the many things around you in your home. Avoiding those distractions is one of the things people struggle with most when working from home.

Stay Connected

Staying connected is also important. If you’re still needing to work collaboratively with the other professionals you work with, you’ll need to have ways of communicating with them smoothly and effectively. The challenge of staying connected while working from home is easier than ever to overcome thanks to the wealth of communication options that are out there for you to take advantage of nowadays.

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Working from home tends to be a lot tougher than most people anticipate it being. There are many challenges to overcome and distractions to dodge. But if you can get the things discussed above right, you’ll be on the path to home working success. So, keep the things you’ve leaned in mind.

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When You Do A Home Overhaul Follow This Guide

What is a home overhaul? It’s a changing or updating of the major systems in the house. Things like plumbing, electrical wiring, gas pipes, central heating, air conditioning as well as other aspects like flooring and wallpaper. These parts of the house are important systems but also important decor points. The change of flooring is something that comes around every 10 years or so. However you might need to change your electrical wiring every 10 to 15 years depending on the condition of the home. The design is very important as well because older homes will need to be cared for much more regularly. Central heating is directly linked to plumbing so if you are correcting one system the other will most likely need to follow. But just how do you go about with such massive changes without disrupting the rest of the home?

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