3 Mistakes Great Parents Should Never Make

Parenting can become an emotional roller coaster with plenty of highs and lows. At one moment, everything may seem very peaceful and calm, and the next moment everyone may be on each other’s necks. How do you manage to control these strong emotions and get control over your family as a parent when your children appear to act out?

As a parent, you want your children to feel good about themselves. You may want your children to develop confidence, which makes them less anxious, create healthy relationships, and improve their school performance.

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There are strategies you can use to help nature your child’s confidence, including getting a primary care doctor. However, be careful about the approach you take. Some methods may instead rob off your child their faith and make them go through a vicious cycle where they struggle to discover who they are. Instead of waiting to regret when it is too late, here are some of the biggest mistakes you should never make as a parent.

Punishing your child rather than disciplining them

When your child makes a mistake, they should know that their actions lead to severe consequences. Instead of punishing them, you need to discipline them for their bad choices. When you punish a child, they will psychologically think that they are bad hence the punishment. But when you discipline them, they will know that it is as the result of their poor choices and will make an effort toward changing for the better.

Fighting your children’s Battles

A big part of growth is learning through experiences. But for most parents, they would rather have their children not experience anything that has a negative impact. Instead, they take on the fights of their children and deal with the consequences on their behalf.

But does this protect the child or damage them even more?

You will only get to learn once you have firsthand experience of the consequences of your mistakes. But when parents shield their children in this way, rather than offering protection, the road may lead to a less than desirable outcome. As your children grow to become adults, they need to make independent decisions, but this may only work if parents allow their children to face the consequences of their choices and actions.

Projecting your goals on children

As a parent, you may want what is best for your child. But under whose perspective does this ‘best’ lie? Is it on behalf of your child or your behalf? Some parents view their children as their second chance of success.

As such, they may push their children to pursue an item they wish they did while in their youth. In such a case, your child may not know what to do. When you are giving your child advice about their future life decision, you should always take a step back and put aside your own goals. Only when you are present for them to choose what they want can you say you are a good parent.

Your child may have to get professional help if they become emotionally scarred due to trauma from negative words that show disapproval, berating, and blaming. An emotional scar can negatively interfere with their daily life. Rather than raising your voice to your child, make your tone calm when speaking to them and praise them on noteworthy occasions. Ensure that you create a safe and healthy home where they can always feel comfortable to stay.

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Is Anxiety Impacting Your Life? It’s Time to Make a Change!

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Not too long ago, mental health had a taboo or stigma attached to it. People didn’t tend to talk about their mental and emotional well-being for fear of being labelled different or unusual. But the truth is a huge percentage of the population will experience a mental health condition at some point or another during their lives. The good news is that nowadays, we are becoming increasingly aware of mental health conditions and their prevalence thanks to people being more open and more money being invested into the scientific and medical research of mental health. Anxiety is a condition that many people face. If you feel you may be suffering from its symptoms, read on. We’ll highlight the basics and give a little advice on how you can alleviate feelings of anxiety in your day to day life!

What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a common mental illness that causes unnecessary feelings of unease, worry, fear or dread. It’s expected that we should feel anxious when we are faced with potential threats and dangers. However, if you suffer from generalised anxiety disorder, you may experience these feelings regardless of the situations you find yourself in.

Health Concerns

Anxiety results in mental trauma, but it can also have a profound impact on your physical health too! Common physical consequences of anxiety include fatigue, weariness, weakness, dizziness, feelings of nausea, sleep problems, digestive issues and even chest pain.

Dealing with Anxiety

If you are concerned that you may be suffering from anxiety, but haven’t been officially diagnosed yet, it’s absolutely essential that you visit a medical professional. Your doctor will be able to determine your condition and refer you on to therapy or recommend medication if necessary. You can then practice self care and other methods alongside your therapy or medication to improve your quality of life. Here are some additional treatments and practices you may want to consider as supplementary care.


CBD is a natural cannabinoid that can help to alleviate or minimise your symptoms of anxiety. You can learn more about this at PearlCBD.


Exercise can set feel good chemicals running in your body. These are generally known as endorphins and physical activity releases them, helping to reduce feelings of stress and enhance feelings of happiness or contentedness.

Take Time Off When You Need

If you are going through a difficult period of mental illness, let your employer know. You may need to take some time off to rest and recover in the same way you would from a physical illness. It’s important you take sufficient time to feel better without stress.


Talking can often make things feel a lot less scary. If you’re anxious, why not reach out to a loved one, a support group, or a helpline? Talking to people as well as your therapist can help to lift a weight from your shoulders.

It really is essential that you make steps towards feeling better if you’re experiencing anxiety. It may be hard, but there is help out there that could change your life!

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Four Ways Technology Is Improving Our Lives

When you look at news reports, there tends to be a considerable level of doom and gloom around technology. Some reports are obsessed with the idea that tech is going to take all the jobs, despite there being little to no evidence to support this. Other reports lean into the idea that technology is making us less sociable, but this doesn’t seem to be the case either. So, let’s look at some of the ways that tech is actually changing our lives for the better.

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There’s now quite a lot of tech that is used in the health sector on a daily basis. Personal tech boosts the quality of life while advanced equipment ensures that the latest procedures can be completed safely. One of the clearest and easiest areas where we can see tech improving medicine is with hearing aids. There are countless different types of hearing aids today and this means that everyone can get the full support they need. You no longer have to worry about not being able to hear or struggling to continue to enjoy an active lifestyle while wearing devices like this. Both options are now fully accessible to everyone.


You might think that tech is making us less sociable. If you’re a parent, you could be frustrated with the amount of time that your kids spend on different apps or particular devices. However, it’s fair to say that the benefits outweigh the negatives. Thanks to the latest tech, it’s easy to keep in contact with people, regardless of where they are in the world. Essentially, the barriers of distance have been broken down completely. Finally, we have a world that is completely connected where individuals are able to interact regardless of where they are. It’s fair to say that this has brought society closer together.


You might think that tech hasn’t had a massive impact on fitness. However, you would be mistaken. Tech has certainly changed the fitness game. With tech, it’s possible to track fitness performance and ensure that we are reaching towards goals. We no longer have to wonder how much we are achieving during a workout. It’s possible to measure performance down to tiny detail. Since we can set goals, we are more motivated to achieve them. This has helped countless people find the support they need to conquer the hurdles they faced when trying to improve their health.


Finally, tech has even improved the business world. New technology has made it easier for businesses to operate in a way that is far more effective and efficient. This has opened up the market to smaller companies, allowing them a chance to compete. Without tech, there is certainly no way that we would have the entrepreneur fuel economy that is clearly apparent today.

We hope you see now the huge positives that tech has brought to the world. Yes, it may be frightening when you assess just how fast it is evolving. However, there is no doubt that is improving our quality of living overall.

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Consider This Before Opting For A New Mobile Phone

Are you thinking about investing in a new mobile phone? There are lots of choices on the market to consider, even if they do look remarkably similar. If you think about it, this is also quite an important decision. Out of all the tech that you probably own, the mobile phone is probably the one piece that you use the most. Some people struggle to put their phones down at all. Instead, they have them nearby at all times, ready to answer a call or respond to a text. They become even more widely used when you consider how many different apps there are. So, let’s explore some of the things that you should keep in mind before you buy a new phone.

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Yes, you may want to think about the style of the phone that you choose. While it might seem as though all the latest phones look the same, this isn’t quite the case. There are some stand out options among them. For instance, you might opt for the Motorola Razr. It’s worth noting that this does have a unique style but is certainly a little behind in terms of tech. Still, if you can look past that it’s sure to help you make a great impression.


There are plenty of phones on the market today that have awful batteries and that’s an issue. Particularly when you consider how often you use your phone. Ideally, when you purchase a phone these days, you should make sure that it will last at least a full day on a full charge with frequent use. These options are accessible on the market and batteries are constantly improving too. Do be aware though that after a couple of years, the battery of your phone will deplete, similar to virtually any other tech device.


You might also want to think about levels of connectivity. This is particularly important if there are other tech devices that you want to use with your phone. For instance, an example could be compatible hearing aids. This will ensure that if you are wearing hearing aids, then they can connect directly to your phone. It ensures that you will be able to use the device with absolutely no interference at all. Effectively, this means that you won’t have to worry about issues with not being able to use your phone if you do have hearing trouble.


Finally, you might also want to think about data. When you purchase a phone, you will get to choose how much data you want. So, what’s the right amount? Well, this is an interesting question, because the reality is that there’s no right answer. However, more data will make your phone far more useful. Furthermore, there are plenty of things that require a lot of data these days. As such, somewhere around 50GB per month is probably going to be your best option here. Do this and you shouldn’t have issues with running out of the date you need.

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Honing Entrepreneurship Skills: Employee Scheduling

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Entrepreneurs are not born; they are made through hard work and determination. Anyone can learn the skills to become a great entrepreneur, and there are endless software options to help you on your journey. Things like learning to be more efficient, delegating tasks, and updating software platforms are all things anyone can do to improve their business sense.

One major area of running or managing a business is scheduling work hours for employees. Most companies have various employees working different jobs at different pay rates. This can make budgeting and planning a nightmare. Each employee has a different availability schedule, as well as a different designation between part-time and full-time. You may even have to deal with one worker who takes on multiple jobs at the same establishment, so double booking becomes an issue. On top of all that, requests for time off and shift changes are constantly changing and need to be accounted for when the schedule is created.

Work Hours

One of the first things you need to learn about when managing a business is how to handle all the work hours. First of all, what are work hours? Work hours refers to the amount of time that an employee must be on duty at their place of employment. One thing to remember is that the time card for an employee is a legal document, whether it be a physical card or online, that can be used to ensure compliance with labor laws on the local, state, and federal levels, so things must be done in order. Not having a clear record or having an incorrect record can cause you legal problems.

Work hours can fall into three categories: full-time, part-time, and overtime. Full-time work hours were instituted in 1940 by the Fair Labor Standards Act to set limits on the maximum number of hours an employer could demand employees work each week. Before this law was passed, employees could require their employees to work as many hours as they wanted with no regulations. Now, this number is set at 40 hours each week. There is no minimum for full-time work, only a maximum, so some companies have opted to have a shorter workweek, some going as low as 30 hours per week.

Because there is no minimum number of hours required to constitute full-time work, there are no regulations for how many hours make up a part-time work schedule. That number depends on how many hours you designate as a full-time workday. Once you decide how many hours constitute a full-time schedule, then anything less than that is part-time. Generally, part-time workers are set at half as many hours as full-time employees.

This makes sense because setting part-time hours just under full-time hours usually leads to disgruntled employees. Full-time employees often have access to healthcare and retirement plans that are not available to part-time employees. If the part-time employees are only working a few hours less than the full-time employees, they may wonder what the point is and start looking for other work.

Anything over the limit of 40 hours for full-time now becomes overtime work. Once an employee enters into overtime, their pay increases to 1.5 times their regular hourly wage for those hours. This is sometimes referred to as “time and a half.” Overtime hours should be limited when possible because the expense to pay them adds up over time. This expense will affect your labor budget, overhead expenses, profit margins, and taxes. Instead of having a full-time employee work a lot of overtime, it may make sense to hire a lower wage part-time employee to pick up the slack. This can come out to less money spent on employee paychecks, and it also gives the full-time employee more time off of work.

Recording Hours

When calculating the work hours for an employee, you will first need to determine how you will record the hours, so they are accurate. You can either use a written sign-in sheet, a clock that will print the time on a piece of paper, or a computer-based tracking system. Some systems use a combination of a couple of these methods, but it basically boils down to those options.

Next, you will need to choose a format to track time. You can either choose to use standard time or military time. Standard time is what is usually shown on a clock with numbers from 1-12 for morning hours and then repeating again for the afternoon hours. Military time uses a 24-hour time frame, so there are no repeating numbers. Military time often works better because instead of counting the hours worked, a simple subtraction problem will give the total to you.

It may also be important to set up a rounding policy to account for some people getting to work a little early and some arriving a little late. It can be very hard to calculate the correct number of hours worked when the numbers are uneven. Keeping track of the time in 15-minute increments so that anything under seven minutes worked is rounded down while anything over seven is rounded up. This makes keeping track of time much more straightforward.

It may be necessary to sort your work hours into categories so you can track them better. Tracking time in categories is helpful when employees may be working different jobs at different pay rates. Separating the work into categories means that the pay is all allotted for the correct amount and you avoid legal issues later.

Calculating Pay

Once you have done these steps, then you can tabulate the hours worked for the week. This is just a matter of figuring up the number of hours worked that week and then multiplying by the hourly rate. Don’t forget that if anything above 40 hours was worked, overtime will need to be calculated. You may also need to figure this twice if the employee was working two separate jobs at different rates. If there are multiple categories for one employee, you may want to cut two different checks to keep better records.

Sometimes there may be errors in the timesheets that will need to be corrected. Employees may forget to clock in or out, or there may be technical issues. If this happens, you will need to talk to your employee and have them initial the change, so it is on record that it was discussed.

Scheduling Ahead

It makes sense that you will need to get an idea of the number of hours an employee is going to work before they actually do the work in order to budget and plan for the whole company. Keeping track of all this can be challenging to do, but there are apps or software programs that can make it easier.

Streamlining this process can make it less of a headache for you and can open up more of your time to spend on other areas of managing the business. You can avoid conflicts in the schedule by using features that offer guidance, suggestions, time-off requests, availability, and notifications for overlapping shifts or double-bookings.

You can even find programs that help you to distribute the work evenly, keep it up to date, find substitutes for shifts, and communicate with the employees. Having all these things in one app will significantly reduce the errors and mix-ups that always seem to happen. Having these open lines of communication with employees also allows everyone to feel like a part of the process which alleviates some of the contentions over who works different shifts.

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Two People Intertwined: How To Work Together To Fix Your Relationship

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It’s always painful when someone close to your heart hurts you but when it’s the person that you are in a relationship with it can hurt just that little bit more. When we get into relationships we can struggle to fix the little things. And when we get to a certain point it can prove to be almost impossible. Working to fix a relationship is not about one person but it’s about working together. What can you do as a couple to ensure that you are both fixing your relationship?

There’s No Shame In Counseling

When a couple is going through a tough time, especially in terms of external problems that are impacting the relationship such as addiction, there is no shame in finding a counselor. Ultimately, plenty of people do it and there are so many different professional approaches to fixing a relationship, from couples rehab to going through therapy. The counseling is one of the best forums in which to start talking about it. If you’re going through a rough patch and you’re not able to find the right way to speak to yourselves about it, counseling can help you to move forward.

Practice Forgiveness

It’s not just about practicing it but actually putting it into motion. If you don’t forgive your partner it’s not going to improve. Whether it’s after betrayal or you’ve both realized that you’ve been psychologically beating each other it can be difficult to keep going through the same incidents in your mind again and again. This is why you’ve got to learn to forgive, but do it sincerely. But what does this mean? It’s about not bringing up the past. If there is a fight that happens if you use this down the line and it means that you bring something up from years prior it’s not about supplementing your defense in the argument. Everybody goes through tough times; it’s about singling out these problems as isolated incidents. Once you learn to make peace with problems in your past and start to seriously believe that you and your partner will work their best to be better for the relationship this is when you can progress forward.

Learn To Be Responsible And Accountable

Sure, it takes two to tango and while one person might be more guilty depending on the situation, if you’re both working to improve the relationship you’ve got to become accountable. If you did something wrong you need to apologize for it. It’s crucial that we realize that we are at fault. Once we start to take accountability for something we are recognizing we’ve made a grievous error and so we won’t make it again.

It is always possible to mend something that is broken but you have to work together. Sometimes you can be like ships in the night which means that you’ll never communicate or confide in each other. And if you continue to lay blame and never accept responsibility regardless of who is at fault this is going to prove to be a massive obstacle to jump over. A relationship is two people and this is why you have to work together.

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