Welcome to the new, all-improved Sasha-says.com!!!

Please bear with me as I make changes to my blog. The old content will be back in a couple of days, after I make sure that it doesn’t contain any suspicious codes, elements, etc. I don’t want to become a threat to the security of your own sites. I found out that my site has been hacked and I have asked the help of Comodo to get rid of it. As an extra precaution, I also removed all content of my site, transferred to a new web host (Namecheap hosted now), and reinstalled a brand new WordPress.

I asked Google Support to un-tag the malware carrier notification that my site got. I hate that this site, which has been in existence since 2007, is now tagged as a dangerous site, possibly carrying malware. Let me tell you, this site is 101% clean!!! After I get whitelisted, I will put back the blog and I guarantee you (my readers, subscribers, clients, potential partners) that this blog will stay clean with an SSL certificate to boot!

Let me reiterate…


If you have immediate concerns with regards to old content, advertisement, ad links, etc., please drop me a line at sashashing @ gmail.com

Thank you for still dropping by and for not giving up on Sasha-says.com.

Stay tuned.