5 Hotels and Restos in Makati for that Five-Star Experience

Makati City is the premier central business district in the country, and as such, you are sure to find the some of the best hotels and hospitality establishments in this city. Makati is where many foreigners come to do business during the day and wind down at night. Even among Metro Manila urbanites, Makati is the place to be to enjoy the best in world-class cuisine, shopping, and entertainment.

It’s no surprise that among families and groups of friends these days, top hotels in Makati are the most sought-after when looking for a great staycation and dining experiences. Aside from being easily accessible, Makati offers a whole world of activities right within the city proper. Makati hotels and their in-house restaurants are among the most in-demand in online deal sites such as Deal Grocer.

If you are planning a staycation in Makati but are still not sure where to go, check out Deal Grocer’s Customers’ Choice deals, which ranks hotel and restaurant offerings according to actual and genuine reviews from customers just like you. Nothing speaks higher about an establishment than an honest-to-goodness positive review, after all. All other deals on the site are guaranteed to be the lowest price, so any package that you end up with will sure to be worth your money.

Here is a listing of the some of the best hotels in Makati today that you might want to consider for a five-star experience:

Makati Shangri-La Hotel
It is perhaps the most prestigious and well-known hotel in Makati owing to its prime location right in the heart of the central business district. It is among the most preferred venues for social events such as weddings and birthdays, as well as corporate events such as seminars, conferences, and awards shows. Its F&B outlet Circles is renowned for its complete and satisfying buffet spread.

Discovery Primea Hotel
This relatively new establishment does not only offer luxury hotel accommodations but exclusive high-end condominium residences as well. Its advantageous location also makes it an ideal staycation place for those who wish to go out and enjoy shopping and dining in Makati’s premier lifestyle centers like Greenbelt. Foreigners especially love staying at this place for its vibe of modern and contemporary elegance.

The Peninsula Manila Hotel
Considered one of the most historic structures in Makati, and even in the entire country, staying in the “Manila Pen” is an experience like no other. You get to revel in the quiet luxury of its famed and iconic lobby and enjoy must-try dishes off its popular menu. You can also enjoy the various international flavors at their buffet in Escolta and other cuisines at its other F&B outlets such as Spices and Old Manila.

Holiday Inn & Suites Makati
This businessman’s hotel is a great choice for a practical yet comfortable and convenient R and R experience. Integrated right within the Glorietta mall in Ayala Center, it places you in the middle of the bustling action of the city whether during the day or at night. When you retire from a busy day, it is the perfect place to cocoon and enjoy watching movies. Don’t miss out on great lunch and dinner buffet deals at its in-house restaurant Flavors.

The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences
For a hotel that actually feels just like home, why not try out this unique serviced apartment. The boutique ambiance is warm and cozy, and the personal service will make you feel pampered and well-attended to. There are great deals for its studio units that can accommodate up to 3 persons, as well as for its loft units where you can host up to 10 guests for an intimate cocktail party.

The best hotel deals in Makati
Snagging a great hotel deal online is not that difficult — just click once you think you have stumbled upon a great offer! Online deals disappear fast so make sure you are always prepared with your budget and your schedule when surfing the web for hotel and restaurants packages and discounts.

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Creative Writing Services According to GRADE Standard: How to Get Better at Your Assignments

If doing creative writing assignments is giving you nightmares, you should probably change the course you are taking. However, it isn’t always an option, and in order to resume moving in the direction you’ve chosen for yourself you have to first slog through a creative writing course. In this case, you can only bite the bullet and try to do your best in order to acquire the necessary skills through constant practice and repetition. There is, however, a faster way of achieving the same goal if you consider buying essay samples from professional creative writing services. Why exactly are they useful? Because, unlike when you study theoretical paper writing instructions in textbooks, you see the results in front of you and can learn through imitation. By using the same principles, methods and techniques as the ones you see in samples you can quickly learn how to apply them on your own and later extrapolate these skills to other types of assignments.

Creative Writing Essays by DoMyCreativeWritings.com: Samples That Ensure Your Results

DoMyCreativeWritings.com is one of creative writing services that don’t just help you with your current job but try to have a long-term effect by increasing your overall academic performance though application of their GRADE standard of quality. GRADE is an abbreviation based on five aspects DoMyCreativeWritings.com considers to be its most important selling points: growth, reliability, authenticity, diversity and excellence. If you think about it, other writing agencies would do well by imitating this approach and applying the same standards to their own writing, for GRADE addresses all the main concerns of potential clients:

  • Growth means that the article you buy will not just help you deal with your current task but get better over time;
  • Reliability means that the content you’ve ordered won’t be late and that you can safely assume that whenever you place an order somebody will be there to start working on it immediately;
  • Authenticity guarantees that the paper you buy is custom written and checked for plagiarism before being delivered to you;
  • Diversity means that the creative writing service in question has a wide selection of authors to work on jobs dealing with different topics and areas of knowledge;
  • Excellence means that whoever gets assigned to your order, he is going to know what he is doing.

The fact that DoMyCreativeWritings.com has been staying in business for quite a while without being accused of forgoing any of these principles is a good indication that they are actually taken seriously here.

Customize Your Assignments with DoMyCreativeWritings.com

Another thing that you may find to be interesting about DoMyCreativeWritings.com is the amount of freedom it gives its clients when it comes to customizing their orders. There is nothing unusual about giving clients an opportunity to control the price of their order by choosing the deadline (the earlier it is, the more expensive the job is), but with DoMyCreativeWritings.com customization goes much further. You may, for example, select Progressive Delivery – this means that your order won’t be delivered to you at once but in parts, with intermediary deadlines for its parts. This way you can analyze the earlier parts and ask to correct them early on, before the writer proceeds further and has to revise the entire paper to keep in agreement with your demands.

DoMyCreativeWritings.com Is Ready to Work on Virtually Any Tasks

In addition to creative writing DoMyCreativeWritings.com can be hired to do other types of freelance writing jobs: proofreading of your already completed works, writing other types of academic assignments, such as book reviews, essays, research papers and so on. In the long run, the range of assistance you can get from DoMyCreativeWritings.com is decided by you alone – simply ask their customer support if they can complete this or that job, and you will most likely receive an answer within an hour (as customer support is online 24/7).

Should You Choose DoMyCreativeWritings.com to Be Your Writing Sample Provider?

“Is DoMyCreativeWritings.com and optimal choice for me and my project”? This is the question oft asked by people who cannot make a decision right away. The answer depends on what exactly you need and what you expect from the writing. DoMyCreativeWritings.com isn’t the cheapest company out there despite offering more than affordable prices, but it has reasonable price/quality ratio. It delivers its papers on time most of the time and has an impressive team of writers to choose from – so all in all, in most cases it will deliver what you need.

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15 Ways To Start Getting Smarter With Your Money

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If you’ve recently found yourself in a less than perfect financial situation, you may be looking to really turn things around for yourself. But sometimes, you can’t always find the motivation to do that. There’s something about being in a less than ideal financial place that just makes it so much harder for you to turn things around. The motivation isn’t always there. But, if you know that you want to be in a good place with your finances, then you should find that actually, being able to get there should be motivation enough. Even if you are really motivated to turn things around, a lot of the problems for you could be that you just don’t know what you need to do. But when it comes down to it, you just need to get smart.

So, what does being smart with your money look like? In short, you really need to ensure that you’re stepping back, assessing your situation, and making a commitment to chaining things around. Once you know your habits and the patterns that you find yourself doing over and over again, then you need to work on changing them. Maybe you don’t even realize what you’re doing is causing the issues. Whether you’re overspending, not making the most of your money, or you’re struggling to earn more, you’ll want to get smart about your financial future from now on. And here’s exactly how you can do it.

1. Track Your Spending

The very first thing you need to do is absolutely non-negotiable. If you want to be smarter with your cash, then you absolutely have to ensure that you’re tracking what you spend. If you just buy what you want and purchase as you feel like it, you’ll never know where your money goes. Instead, you have to know exactly what you’re spending. So track it. There are apps that help you to track your spending, you could also look to do it manually by keeping your receipts. Either way, you’ll want to start tracking right away.

2. Set Up A Budget

Alongside tracking your spending, you really have to have a budget in place. This isn’t about limiting what you spend, but more about controlling it. By creating a budget, you have more of a say over where your money goes. You can allocate money to whatever you want, but it has to be accounted for. This is the only way to ensure that you’re being smart with your money.

3. Think Before You Swipe

A big step for you here will be to think before you swipe your card. Whenever you are purchasing anything, make sure that you have thought it out, that it’s something you need or that you really want. Try to do as many planning purchases as possible and avoid anything impromptu.

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4. Cut Those Small Expenses

From here, one of the best ways to get smart is to watch the small amounts that you’re spending. Any little expense that you have, that you don’t really need, will be good to remove from your expenditure list. Think coffees on the way to work or small subscriptions that don’t add value to your life. Buy cutting out things that don’t matter, you could save a significant amount of money overall.

5. Cut Expenses You No Longer Need

Then, you can do the same with the larger ones too. Make sure that you have a huge list of everything that you pay out. Then you can start to trim it down. There are lots of ways that you can save on your monthly expenses, but removing those that are unnecessary is one of them. That way, you allocate more funds to the things that you do want to be spending on.

6. Make A Switch

For things that you can’t cut out, you should look to switch them. You will find that this is a big way you can cut down the cost of your expenses, but it’s also a smart move to make with your utilities especially. Each year, look to get a better rate on your bills, and do the same whenever things like your calling plans or insurance are due for renewal.

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7. Downgrade What You Don’t Need

But there are going to be some payments that you think are fixed and that you can’t change. But that’s never the case. If you know that you’re paying a crazy amount for your car lease, then switch that too. Get a car that costs half the monthly price. It may not look as snazzy, but do other people’s perceptions matter more to you than your financial security? It’s the same with your mortgage. If your payments are incredibly high, then you should think about selling your property and getting somewhere cheaper than you can afford.

8. Get Smarter Cards

When it comes to your financial products, you need to get smart here too. Think about the credit cards that offer rewards or that add value. If you’re spending a lot on them, make sure you have a better rate or at least benefits that you can get a lot back from.

9. Switch Balances

When it comes to any debts that you have, if they’re large amounts, you’re going to want to ensure that you focus on paying them off in the smartest way possible. Sometimes, it’s best to consolidate them all into one loan so that you know you have one rate and one payment. But again, you need to work out if this is cheaper.

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10. Get A Consolidation Loan

When it comes to any debts that you have, if they’re large amounts, you’re going to want to ensure that you focus on paying them off in the smartest way possible. Sometimes, it’s best to consolidate them all into one loan so that you know you have one rate and one payment. But again, you need to work out if this is cheaper.

11. Pay More Towards Your Debts

But even if you do that, you have to be able to pay as much as you can towards any debts that you have. If you want them gone, you need to throw money at them. So think about how you can pay off your debts quicker. If you’ve freed up money from your expenses, this is how you can do it.

12. Set Up An Automatic Savings Payment

Now, we need to talk savings. If you want to make sure that you’re getting some money behind you each month, set up a payment to your savings account that you won’t notice going.

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13. Make Some Long-Term Investments

Then you’ll want to think about the long-term investment strategies that could work for you. If this means that you need to go slow to find your feet, so be it. Just make sure that you’re doing something for the long-term. You may not see a return here for ten or more years, but that’s the point. Because you will earn more the longer you have everything in savings.

14. Think About Your Retirement

From here, you’ll then want to make sure that you’re covering off your retirement planning too. Even if you have a 401k in place, there are other retirement ideas that you might like to go with, so ensure you give them some serious thought. If you know that you want to live out your retirement comfortably, then you have to have a plan in place. No buts!

15. Focus On Your Financial Goals

Finally, above all else, you have to ensure that you’re really thinking about your financial goals and where you want to go with your life. It’s important that you’re thinking about your lifestyle and the future, and not just today or the amount of money you want. Then, you’ll want to work on ways that you can prioritize your financial goals to make this happen. Then keep them in mind and you’ll easily be able to meet them.

Now that you’ve seen the list, you should find that you’re able to really change up the way that you approach your finances. Becoming smart with your money doesn’t have to be hard. But you do have to work at it. Each of the fifteen points above should help you to do that. Yet, you may find that not all of them work for you. And that’s okay. They’re not really supposed to. As long as you can find that some of them do, then you’re off to a great start.

Go slow and see what works for you. First aim to keep your spending on track, then see what you can do to start saving more money, and freeing up more cash for the things that you want to do with your life. It takes time, and it can be tough to commit to, but if you really want to make this happen, you will.

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Careful, These Troubles Could Kill Your Career

We often think that if we work hard, try out best and come in on time each day, our career will be safe. After all, that’s all that you’re expected to give when you take on a career right? Not quite because there are issues that can, and there’s no way to put a positive spin on this, put your career in the toilet. They will drag you down and slowly, but surely you’ll find yourself fighting to even get the most average jobs. So, what issues are we talking about here and how can you make sure that they don’t kill your career?

Dipping Into A Dependency

Fun and Dangerous

It’s possible that your work is stressful. There are plenty of careers that will slowly eat away at you. That includes everything from handling finances to being a teacher. You need to be careful here though because this can lead to you seeking out a coping mechanism. There are many that can cause issues including, but certainly not limited to alcohol. Alcohol rehab centers are filled with people who were drinking to deal with the pressures of work. You don’t want to be one of them. You can avoid it completely by making sure that you are finding a better way to deal with your work stress.

The Trouble With Credit

You might not realize that your credit score can impact your career, but it can. It will often be part of the background check that will determine whether an employer takes you on for a job. They will look at your record and consider whether you are both trustworthy and reliable. They will consider whether you are worth taking a chance on and this is particularly true for any position related to finances, but it’s not the only career where it will come into play. Honestly, it could be any career where a business owner thinks that your credit score and your ability to pay back money could be significant. No one wants someone financially desperate working at a high level in a business. It could put the company at risk.

Fixing this is a matter of changing your score. You can do that in a number of ways. Start to pay off your debt and borrow from places that you know you can pay back.

Socially Savvy?

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Perhaps you’re not particularly socially savvy online? Maybe you are an open book and have no issues showing everyone, everything about you across social media. Or, perhaps you have controversial opinions that you have no problem expressing online. This is an issue. It puts you at risk. It puts the brand that your company has built up at risk too. Just look at Roseanne Barr. She was recently fired for offensive comments on Twitter.

The simple rule here to follow is this. If you wouldn’t say it in public, don’t say it online. Even setting your accounts to private could still leave you vulnerable.

We hope you see now how these issues can bring trouble for your career and how to avoid them.

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Listen Up! Sharpen Communication Within Your Company

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Can you imagine what your business would be like if none of your team communicated effectively? It would be incredibly difficult to bring work projects to completion, and the teamwork in your office would suffer as well. As you can probably tell, a company with poor communications will not have a successful future ahead of it.

So, if you think that you could do with improving the communications within your business, it really is worth putting plenty of money and effort into doing so. Once you do improve things, you will find that your company and its processes become a lot more streamlined and efficient.

So, think it’s time you focused on your company’s communications? Here are a few ways you can work on them.

Set Up A Communication Strategy

Do you already have a communication strategy in place in your office? If not, it is really important that you get one set up as soon as possible. This kind of strategy helps everyone understand how they should communicate with each other. For instance, as part of the strategy, you might want to create a communication flow that shows employees who they need to reach out to depending on the answers or advice they need.

Ditch Expensive Cell Phones

If you give some of your employees their own company phones, you might find that the cost of these can end up being a big strain on your budget. Thankfully, companies like Peak Push To Talk are now providing companies with some affordable solutions. There are now sophisticated walkie-talkies that use SIM cards and cellular data that you can utilize to keep employees to connected while they are out and about. You’ll find that these are often a lot more reasonably priced than traditional cell phones.

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Invest In Good Communications

As you can see from the point above, there are going to be various costs associated with your business’s communications. Rather than struggling to pay these, it’s necessary that you include them in your monthly budget. It’s also worth allocating slightly more than what you expect to pay. That extra cash can help you buy the best communication devices and software that are on the market, helping you improve your team’s communications further.

Get Some Feedback

It’s always a good idea to get some feedback from your employees to find out how they find your current communication processes, and the areas in which they think some improvements would be necessary. You might want to even create a feedback process that encourages your team to give their opinions and ideas. It’s crucial that your employees feel like their feedback is taken seriously and valued. Otherwise, you might struggle to get any feedback from them in the first place. This also ensures that your company’s communication is all transparent and out in the open.

Once you utilize the tips in this blog post, you will find that your company’s communications come on leaps and bounds.

Get ready to enjoy all that improved communication!

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5 Reasons to Buy Stick Tip Hair Extensions

Everyone desires beautiful hair. The lustrous length, the voluptuous volume, the eye-grabbing locks of the hair are a must in every girl’s bucket-list.

Sounds magical? Well, it’s time to buy stick hair extensions to make your dream hair a reality. What wonders are there in stick hair extensions? Let’s find out.

1. Get Natural Look: Stick tip hair extension is a pre bonded hair extensions. It helps you to add some additional length and volume. As the process involves using a hook or loop, in order to fit easily to your hair giving you a natural appearance. At Adele Hair, the best resource for online micro loop hair extensions, you will get plenty of options to shop the best one for you.


2. Get your desired length and volume: Stick tip hair extensions are the best options to get your attractive length and volume. As this hair extension is easy to set, you can try unique styles with yours renew length and volume.

Often the stick tip hair extensions are known as the “i” tip hair extensions. This term is used in relation to applying hair extensions directly onto strands of your own hair. Here lies the best perk of the stick-hair extension. You get the growth or volume of the hair from inside which makes your hair more beautiful.

3. Sport any style you desire: Adele Hair offers a wide range of stick tip hair extensions. Not just length or greater volume, once you buy stick tip hair extension from Adele Hair, you can instantly achieve curly locks, wonderful waves, stunning silky straight hair depending on your mood and occasion. If you want to be little bold, go for jazzy colors or striking highlights. Stick tip hair extensions offer you many options to play with your hair.

4. No Commitment: Online micro loop hair extensions from Adele Hair will never ask you to spend your lion’s share of time in maintaining it. Available in polished and shining condition, it will glam up your hair in no time. Buy stick tip hair extensions today and get rid of cleaning, conditioning, drying, curling, combing, and shining your hair for all day long. Stick tip hair extensions gives your hair new life. Period!

5. Zero damage to your natural hair: Don’t fret on using the stick tip hair extensions from the house of the Adele Hair. Free from any synthetic materials, the best resource for online micro loop hair extensions, the Adele Hair provides 100% Remy human hair extensions. You can grow your natural hair without any headache.

There is another perk of using the stick tip hair extensions of coloring, straightening and perming your hair vendors. Hair procedures such as coloring, straightening, and perming often damage our natural hair. In our efforts to stay in trends, we spoil our hair, length and volume. Opting to buy the stick tip hair extensions keeps you away from the calamities and experiment with different looks with a big AYE.

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How to Apply a Lace Front Human Hair Wigs?

Lace front human hair wigs are very popular–but how do you actually put them on? The following guide will help you put on your lace front human hair wigs, whether you’re new to human hair wigs or simply want to refresh your memory.

Step One: Prepare Your Head for the Wig. First, you’ll need to make sure that your hair is as flat against your head as possible. The best way to do this is securing it down with bobby pins. If your hair is long, tie it in a ponytail and wrap it into a flat bun before pinning. If you have short hair, you can either rely on the wig cap to keep it in line or braid it flat against your head and pin it down afterward.

Step Two: Put On Your Cap. Now, put on your wig cap over your flattened hair. You should make sure that the cap is just covering your hairline, and isn’t too far down–or too far up. Don’t forget to tuck in the hair along the nape of your neck that didn’t make it into the bun or braids.

Step Three: Prepare Your Skin For the Adhesive. Human hair lace front wigs use adhesive to stay on, but you can’t put them on your skin without preparing it first. You’ll need to gently wash your skin with a cleanser and pat it dry first. Next, put some basic rubbing alcohol onto a pad or cotton ball and swipe it down along your entire hairline. Let your skin dry.


Step Four: Fit the Wig. Do NOT put an adhesive on before you do this step. You want to make sure that the wig is properly fitted to your head before you secure it down with adhesive. Put the wig on and adjust the tightening straps or make other adjustments as necessary. Remember: The wig needs to be secure, but not too tight or too loose. Keep the wig on.

Step Five: Trim the Lace. Now it’s time to prepare the wig. The first thing you need to do is trim the lace by trimming it along your hairline, being careful to leave about 3 mm of lace intact.

Step Six: Apply your adhesive. There are a few different kinds of adhesive you can use. Here’s how to use the most common adhesives for human hair wigs. Tape: Cut about 6-10 pieces and line them up against your hairline, then remove the lining on the top. Liquid Bond: Apply the adhesive using a clean brush along your entire hairline. If you’re using a soft bond adhesive, you need to wait until the glue becomes tacky before you can move to the next step.

Step Seven: Put your wig on. Carefully and slowly put the wig on your head. The edge of your wig’s hairline should match up with your actual hairline. Once the wig is in the right place, press the lace onto the adhesive on your skin.

And finally: Style your wig and enjoy!

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5 Outdoor Activities to Enjoy with Your Family This Summer

Family time is the best! You will definitely prove me right as soon as you go through and practice the below list of activities. You have been working very hard to provide necessities to your family and so that means you care for them. However, your little ones may not really understand how much you care and love them without you taking some actions and let them see. Spending some time with them no matter how little, will make a difference. Why not make it more fun and memorable by enjoying some outdoor activities together?

  1. Go karting


    Go karting is a fun activities for all the family members. It is safe as it comes with its safety rules; such as; wearing the helmet and Putting on the safety belt. Having your children to always follow the go karting rule will make them to always obey rule and regulation even in future. It will also help them to be able to control other automobiles. You can try go kart racing as a family and enjoy it more. It is a nice activity to help you unwind after having a hectic working moments. Go karts comes with different sizes and model, check Gokartsreview.Com for the review.

  2. Swimming

    This is another activity that will make you bond more with your family. Plan for a sunny weekend and take your family with you carry your swim suit and go have fun together. If you live near the coastal area you can enjoy it on the beach while having other fun beach games.

  3. Road trip

    Surprise your family with a road trip of a lifetime. You can hire a driver or a tourist van, either way is good provided you’re not the one driving. This is to make sure you will enjoy maximally. Make sure to take the best camera with you, enough snack and drinks. It’s also good to leave early so that you can explore more places before the nightfall.

  4. Bike riding

    Nothing makes kids happier than riding bikes. Their joy will be overwhelmed seeing their parent riding together with them. Simply get each person a bike carry some water and go riding. You can ride on your local park and avoid riding on a slippery floor. You can also suggest you do bike racing and your kids will enjoy it more.

  5. Walking

    Get some time preferably in the evening and take a walk together with your family members. This is not only going to help you have a strong bond but it’s also an exercise that will make you and your family to be healthy. Chat with your kids and advise them as you take a walk.

    The above activities are not only fun but they will also help you to relax your mind and be more productive as you go back to work. Make it a schedule to be with your family once in a while and enjoy the nature together.

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