De-stressing after a hard day at work.

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We all experience tough days from time to time. I mean, personally speaking, 2020 to 2022 were tough years for me. I am pretty sure it was for a lot of people, too. Businesses were closing, jobs stalled for most, and sources of income were threatened. Those were truly stressful years.

One of the things that I did and have been doing until now is taking little breaks, here and there. I try online games when one catches my interest. On such game is the very engrossing Tap Supermarket game. It is a grocery store simulation game where you will be boss of a grocery store managing it, the stocks, customers, and basically making sure you use the profit of the store in expanding the product lines.

Tap-Supermarket-Welcome Let me tell you how the game works.

I started the game with only half of the store open, one cashier and two staffs refilling every section of the grocery store. All I needed to do was to make sure that the cashier works fast, every section of the store is filled with stocks, and whenever stocks are out, refill it. Make sure stocks are always available because customers will get mad and will walk out of the store.

Start of the game with 1 cashier, 2 stockroom crew, and just half of the store open.

Everything is done with the tap of your mouse, thus the name of the game. It is so engrossing you will forget everything while playing. Your focus is on the challenge of keeping up with the demands of the customers who go in and out of the store! I tell you, the sound of the ka-ching every time a customer checks out will bring a smile to your face. And when you see your profits increasing by the minute…

Now, as your profits increase, you can start adding up a crew, cashier, and you can start opening other shelves. My tip: open the ones with the higher cost to open like the gadgets, fashion items, and dairies.


I promise you time will go by so fast because you will enjoy every minute of playing this game.

The only drawback that I observed is that there is no “pause” button so everyone can take a break from the very busy grocery store. You can stop playing the game for a minute or two, the game pauses somewhat. But when you go back and continue playing, you will notice a lot of angry customers with mad emojis on top of their heads. You really need to keep up with the demand to make them happy. Haha!

All in all, it is a very relaxing game to play after a tough day.

There are so many relaxing and engrossing games to play when you need to take little breaks from life. There are LEGO City Adventures Build And Protect, The Amazing World Of Gumball Tidy Up, Mahjong Solitaire. There is a Coffee Shop game for those who are dreaming of owning their own cafes. And so much more!

You know what they say about how short our lives are. It may not be all happiness but we can insert pockets of sunshine into our daily lives. Take breaks!

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Setting up parental controls.

computer-internet Kids these days are expert in gadgets and the internet. They already know which is which and whatnot in order to play their favorite video game or watch that viral video on YouTube. Even a three-year-old kid can operate a tablet all on his own.

But we all know the dangers lurking in every corner of the world wide web. We all know that there are predators out there disguising themselves as kids the same age as ours in order to gain their trust before going for the kill. The internet is such a dangerous place for our kids to be in without our guidance and protection. So, how can we do that? Through setting up parental controls.

What is parental controls? You tinker with your settings in any gadget, tablet or laptop, in order to put control on what your child can see online. Parental control and privacy settings are best friends when it comes to protecting your child from what he can experience online.

A side note: If you cannot do it yourself, there is always a group of IT support team Toronto you can ask help from. It was the same thing we did for our home since we have our own network of gadgets we use and two internet service providers we connect to.

A child has this natural curiosity to explore things, especially what they see from others. Your kid can see you using the internet and his curiosity will likely get going just by that. We all want our kids to explore, learn, and be amazed by how big the world is right at their fingertips. But we also want to make sure that they are safe and protected while doing it. Who does not want a safe online experience for the little ones?

So, get that gadget your kid is using. Go to settings and you will most likely see a parental control button you can click on. If not, check online whether your gadget brand has it. Again, if you cannot do it, you can ask an IT expert to help you out. Just make sure you know exactly what will be done to the gadget so you know how to navigate the controls.

We used to say that we will not let our kids use gadgets until they turn a certain age. I believe it is not applicable anymore considering how we are all so dependent on technology already. Technology is now part of our way of life, every one of us. But since we are aware of how predators lurk in every corner of the web, we can do something about it in order for our kids to explore on their own and still be safe while doing it.

Parental controls. Read about it. Learn how to do it. And use it for your own peace of mind.

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Vlogging: Can you really earn from it?

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A couple has been on the hunt for furniture toronto for a few days now. Not for a brand new home or renovation. Not to give as a welcome home gift or for a newly-wed couple starting to build their forever home. The furniture will become the backdrop for their videos. The couple is into video blogging or, simply called, vlogging.

Vlogging has become such a trend nowadays that even ordinary individuals have their own YouTube channels you can subscribe to. Do you know why? The money to be earned in a video viewed by the millions. It is rumored that a YouTube video viewed at least five hundred million times will earn you a whopping one million US dollars!!! Not too sure about the accuracy of that article I read but if it is true, then you cannot really blame the hundreds of ordinary individuals who would do anything just to get their videos to go viral online.

But, can you really earn from vlogging?

Apparently, yes. You need to reach a certain number of viewers in order for your uploaded YouTube vlog to start getting advertisements. Those ads will pay you depending on the popularity of your channel. I believe celebrities command a higher rate for their vlogs especially as their videos generate millions of views in a span of weeks.

Very recently, an unknown man uploaded a vlog of his. He was spaced out in the video, looking somewhere in front of him, eyes wide open and unblinking. The caption of the video was this… wait and see if the man will blink his eyes. It was a two-minute video with nothing but the wide-eyed man spaced out. It went viral! The video was viewed millions of times by netizens who got curious if something would happen in between 1 second and two minutes. Nothing happened. I was also duped by that video but can you imagine the amount of money the vlogger earned just by that simple vlog of his?

In reality, vlogging was coined to connote a new performance art or music released by an artist. It was used in a different manner, with everyone who has a video camera and some confidence to record themselves, would create a video to be uploaded in YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or even their own blog sites. In all honesty, had I know that vlogging will generate a big chunk of income, I would have joined the bandwagon a long time ago.

Still, I wish that some people respect the platform. Not everyone can vlog! And not because you have the equipment, you can now record video after video, then find a way to make it go viral just for you to earn. Vlog if you have something important to say or impart. Vlog if you really think you will entertain someone to lighten their daily load. Vlog if you must but hopefully with the good intention and not only for you to earn from it.

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Online classes and meetings and IT experts.

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In this side of the world, there are three big internet companies that compete in providing citizens with the “best” of what they can offer. Their “best” is dependent on specific areas and subscriber usage. Internet provider One can be the best in this part of the city and the worst in another location of the same city. The same with internet provider Two and Three.

Imagine a number of kids in one home taking online classes using one internet connection. Or imagine the same but this time around with a number of adults participating in online meetings using one internet connection.

A lot of bad-tempered kids and adults in a given place!

One solution that I can think of is getting IT support. An IT expert can help find a solution to the problem of multiple users with a single internet connection. If there is an IT expert on standby, downtime can be minimized and a prevention to common troubles in internet usage can be anticipated.

Students in this part of the world learn through online classes. It is almost the same as to the traditional ones except instead of a blackboard, teachers use cameras and online materials to teach. I have been observing my nephew and my younger sister with their online classes. With my nephew who is in first grade, taking his classes online is effective. He is learning a lot from his teachers these days. But with my younger sister, who is already in high school, there are just so many distractions including social media which is open in her cellphone while taking classes.

There are pros and cons. Topmost pro of online classes is, of course, the safety of the students. Safe and sound at home, away from everyone who can pass on the virus to them. The topmost con, well, the stability of the internet connection.

The same goes for online meetings. Based on personal experience, being in the middle of a meeting with the boss and the internet connection going intermittent is not a very nice situation to be in.

So, here is what an IT professional, also a cousin, did to alleviate the internet situation at home.

He bought two wifi routers, one he put on the second floor of the house, another on the ground floor. The first two floors of the house are where we normally do our online work and meetings. He also got a wifi extender for my nephew’s room. He did some tinkering so that our internet connection will be enough even if there are four to six persons using at the same time. And it is working for us just fine.

Get an IT professional to help you sort your internet connection, either for online classes or meetings, or both. You need them to do some tinkering around. You need their expertise. It will help with all the online activities that we are participating in right now.

Unless you want chaos to rule when everyone is online?

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How To Meet Work From Home Challenges Head-On With The Right Software

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In the last few months the world has been turned upside down. The COVID-19 healthcare crisis has changed everything in our lives. One of the areas that it has affected the most has been the workplace.

With workers unable to share a space, non-essential businesses have had to close their doors. Those that have been able to, have adapted by asking employees to work from home.

Working from home has its benefits, especially when social distancing and isolation are such major issues. Working from home can lead to improved productivity, and it can help your business remain flexible to challenges.

But the issues associated with working from home include challenges surrounding communication and collaboration, and concerns over cybersecurity.

In this article we’ll talk about how you can meet all of these challenges head-on with the right software.


When you share an office space it’s easy to collaborate. But when your workforce is spread out and is completely isolated, it can be a challenge to work with other people effectively.

The right software can help this. Firstly, by making use of Cloud Services and Solutions you can work together on the same documents in real-time. All of the changes that anyone makes, will be visible on the other person’s screen. All of the work will be stored safely on the cloud.

Email is a way of communicating collaboratively, but it’s not effective. Because emails tend to be long-form they lack immediacy.

Using a tool such as Slack, you’ll be able to quickly engage with other members of the team and share ideas quickly.


In addition to using services such as Slack to communicate, one way that your business can stay effective and productive is by having regular meetings. Servies such as Zoom are great for this as they offer the ability to host meetings with multiple participants.

Try and keep regular meetings. Maintain a schedule as you might when you were in the office. Given the change in circumstances, it may be productive to host more meetings and include the wider team where possible.


One of the biggest concerns you will face will be that of cybersecurity.

Hackers and cybercriminals have increased their activity levels throughout the COVID-19 crisis and as a result, cybercrime has gone up. There is a very good reason that this has happened. Working from home puts your business’ data at risk. Home networks are far easier to hack than you might find in the workplace.

In order to avoid attacks on your home network, you should install a virtual private network. This will provide you with an increased level of security.

In addition to this, you should also hire a managed service provider. By outsourcing your IT support, you’ll get around the clock support. Your MSP will be able to spot any vulnerabilities in your network and they can work to address them. They will also be able to help you to put disaster recovery plans in place that will help you in case of the worst.

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4 Software Applications To Keep Your Business Safe Online

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Why is cybersecurity important?

Modern businesses rely heavily on the internet, whether it’s for project management, communications or customer service. Many operations run their businesses entirely online, it’s become essential lately due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. There are many benefits to running your business online, yet there are also risks. When you operate online you are at risk of a data breach. We can define a data breach as an incident where confidential or sensitive data is accessed or taken, without the permission of your company.

Perhaps you’ve often wondered why is cyber security important? It’s because a data breach can be both expensive and damaging to your branding and reputation. Data breaches have left many businesses in legal trouble. Many believe that their small online business won’t be targeted. Yet according to Hashed Out, ‘Small businesses are a favorite target of cyber criminals — cyber attacks were up 424% in 2018.’ Luckily, there are many software applications you can use for protection.

1. Flowmon

Flowmon is a network monitoring and security platform. The software relies on IP flow tracking to offer users full network visibility. This basically means that Flowmon discovers any security threats early, and stops them before these threats get a chance to do any damage! The software uses IDS, firewalls and antiviruses to combat cybersecurity threats. Flowmon uses network probes in real-time, which offers you high quality around the clock protection.

2. ThreatAdvice

Threat Advice is a cyber education tool which helps businesses to understand how they are vulnerable online and offers a solution. Some of the great features of Threat Advice include threat intelligence gathering, threat awareness and AI Machine learning. Using Threat Advice your business can determine the risks of attacks and respond accordingly. The app offers emergency response and has a cyber hotline that’s open 24/7.

3. TokenEx

TokenEx can help your business to look after it’s sensitive and confidential data. The software can reduce the damage of a security breach should the worse occur. TokenEx makes sure that hackers cannot break into your system, steal tokens, and consequently- make off with your data! Other features of the software include encryption, integrations and file transfer. With Token Ex you’ll get top protection against a data breach, so you can rest easy.

4. Barkly

Barkly offers businesses a straightforward management system, reliable protection and smart tech. The system works to block attacks and keep your network safe and sound. Some of the great features include endpoint management, AI and Machine learning, and behavioural analytics. With Barkly you can rest assured that your data is safe and get on with what you do best!

Besides adopting cybersecurity software it can be beneficial to use a password manager system. Use multi-factor authentication to ensure that no unauthorised users can access your network. This is especially important when employees are accessing your network on the go from various devices. With the right security solutions in place it’s far easier to expand your business online.

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Expanding Your Business From Online to Offline

Having an online business is one of the best ways to get your business out there, as there are so many people looking for things online. But if you want to expand your business, is taking the business offline a good thing to do? Bringing your online business based offline, can be a great way of expanding different revenues, and can be a great way to get in touch with customers that still prefer the traditional method of sales. There are some businesses that will really benefit from having an offline presence, as well as an online presence.

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Change is necessary

These days, and for modern businesses, you need to think about change, and really, it is more of a matter of need, rather than a choice. For many businesses, change is necessary. Changing the way that you run a business from online to offline, and using some modern technologies, like those from Total Merchant Services to help you, can be a big change, but a necessary one. No matter how successful your online business currently is, you can expand and go offline to better meet your customer’s needs.

World of competitors

There is a lot of competition in the online business world. As many businesses are solely based online, it means you are likely to have many competitors. They just need to look up on a search engine something relating to your business, and then competitors can keep coming up in sidebar ads and so on, if you’re not on top of your digital marketing game. So in order to cope with competitors, and be able to compete, updating what you do, and offering other products or services can be a great thing. You may be able to offer online personal training, for example. But if you can expand to offer it in person to local people, then it can help you to step things up a little, and expand your offering and ability to compete in a busy market. It will help you to attract the customers that you want.

Smart work is important

You need to understand the need to work smart, as well as working hard. Smart work and hard work are both things that go hand in hand, in order for success in business. Being able to transform your business from online to offline, is to work smart and find what works for you. Of course, there is a lot of work that goes into a store with staff, for example. But having it alongside your online business can be a way of working smarter, as you can let the online side of things tick along, and the offline side be where you put a lot of investment.

Customer Service

There are some businesses that are always going to work better online, and some that will always work better offline. If you are selling high ticket items, delicate items, or selling services, often people will want to see the items in person first, or see the person first to get to know a little bit about them, if they were to become their cleaner, for example. So think about your business and your customer base, and then you can go from there.

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