Home Tech That’ll Keep You Entertained During The Lockdown

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Even when times are good, we spend a lot of time thinking about our homes. But now that most of us have to spend practically every hour of every day in them, that focus has shifted up a notch. We’re far more obsessed with our interiors in 2020 than ever before.

Hometech has moved on considerably in the last few years. Ten years ago, the concept of a “smart home” wasn’t even on the radar. Now it’s practically a part of the language.

Technology is helping many of us through what is an otherwise challenging time. Think about it: we have all of the entertainment we could ever want on Netflix and Disney. And we can communicate with our friends and family via zoom. We also have all manner of gadgets lying around the home that make being stuck indoors considerably more tolerable.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at the home tech keeping you entertained and comfortable during the lockdown. Enjoy!

Blenders That Vacuum Your Food At The Same Time

Okay, this one might sound a little weird, but don’t knock it until you try it!

When you use a typical blender, the action of the blades impregnates the resulting liquid with air bubbles. These then alter the taste and texture of the food you’re consuming. The effect is usually positive when you’re making, say, a strawberry smoothie. But it can be detrimental if you’re making a savory dish.

Now, though, blender companies have come up with a solution – apply a vacuum. Here, you place the lid firmly on the top of the blender, switch it on, turn on the vacuum setting, and then hit go. The mixer then whips up the mixture and draws out any excess air at the same time, leaving you with pure liquid. It’s almost magical.

Fridges That Order Food For You

No smart home system is complete without a smart fridge. These incredible objects are a massive step up from the refrigerators of old. Not only can you control them remotely, but they can actually make decisions on your behalf, such as ordering food for you.

How it works goes something like this: a camera in the fridge detects that you’re running low on milk. It then sends an order to a grocery delivery service telling them what you need. The service then ships you the missing items, completely negating the need for you to do any work yourself.

Yes, granted, the technology still needs a bit of work. But it is an exciting prospect for the future, and ideal during lockdown when you don’t want to go to the store.

Something to be aware of when you add a smart device like this or similar pieces of tech to your home is that it will put more pressure on your broadband. If you don’t want to face a significant slow down, make sure that you explore a new bundle or package available from sites such as www.highspeedoptions.com. After all, a modern home with the latest tech requires modern connections.

Speakers That Play Music Depending On Your Mood

Imagine if you could walk into your home, and speakers would suddenly start playing music to reflect your mood. You wouldn’t have to spend ages fumbling around on for a particular Spotify playlist – it would happen automatically.

Now, you can actually get systems that will do this. Most are voice-activated and will work anywhere in your home via Bluetooth.

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5 Amazing Apps You Need In Your Life

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Technology has given us so many new and exciting things to take advantage of. Needless to say, when used correctly, it has definitely changed our lives. Mobile technology is perhaps the most critical in this aspect. We’re now in a position where we have mini-computers in our pockets whenever we need them. Cell phone technology is mind-boggling, but you might be surprised by what I deem the most brilliant thing about modern phones.

That’s right, the title gives it away, I’m talking about apps. Apps are so incredible as they provide you with everything you need in the palm of your hand. There’s an app for just about everything and anything. So, on that note, here are some fantastic apps that you need in your life right now:

There are lots of great streaming apps out there – some would say too many. You’ve got Hulu, Amazon, Disney Plus, etc. Still, I think Netflix offers the best blend of TV and movies across them all. It has a diverse roster of shows or films for every taste. There are new ones every month, and more classic options are being added as well. It’s always good to get recommendations from your friends for things to watch on Netflix as you discover hidden gems all the time. With a streaming app, you’re armed with entertainment in your pocket wherever you go. Plus, Netflix lets you download some shows and films while you’re at home, so you can steam them without using up mobile data!

Flo is an absolute life-changer for any woman on her period. Essentially, this app lets you track your period and tells you when it’s due. All you have to do is put in when your period last started, and it will figure things out with strange accuracy. The beauty of Flo is that it helps you prepare for your period and also lets you see when you’re ovulating. Thus, it turns into a fantastic app for people who are trying to have a baby. If you successfully conceive, then you can carry on using the app to track your pregnancy and keep tabs on how your baby is growing. Honestly, it’s the definition of an app you can’t live without.

This is one of those apps that’s risen in popularity thanks to the COVID-19 lockdown measures. In essence, it’s a group video calling app where loads of people can get together to have some fun. The difference between Houseparty and other apps is that it comes with a host of party games built-in. So, you and your friends can all have fun playing games as though you’re at a real house party. It’s excellent to use during these times of social distancing, but equally excellent at any other time. If you and your friends are all bored with nothing to do, then fire up the app and have some fun. Also, it’s amazing if you have family that live far away – this app keeps you connected!

I’m aware there are other language apps available, but Duolingo seems to be the best for beginners. Learning a new language is loads of fun, but it’s often hard to get started. With Duolingo, the lessons are so easy to follow and highly addictive. I like how it gives you a daily streak, and you lose it if you don’t go through at least one lesson a day. This keeps you motivated, as do the endless notifications it sends you to make sure you practice. After using the app for a few months, you’ll see a vast improvement in your base knowledge and vocabulary. Is it the best app if you want to be fluent? Probably not, but it’s an app you need if you’re looking to brush up on some old school knowledge or want to pick up a few key phrases for your next trip.

PS Express
Lastly, you need a good photo editing app, and PS Express is the best of all. This is like a condenses version of Adobe Photoshop for your phone. It’s free to use, there are no intruding adverts, and you can play around with so many editing features. If you want an app that will enhance your phone’s camera, then this is my recommendations. As a bonus, it lets you crop the pictures into the ideal size for social media posts or profile pictures, which is a nice touch.

If you’re looking for some app inspiration, then try these out for size. They’re helpful pretty much every day, and you can get them on both Android and Apple devices.

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Four Ways Technology Is Improving Our Lives

When you look at news reports, there tends to be a considerable level of doom and gloom around technology. Some reports are obsessed with the idea that tech is going to take all the jobs, despite there being little to no evidence to support this. Other reports lean into the idea that technology is making us less sociable, but this doesn’t seem to be the case either. So, let’s look at some of the ways that tech is actually changing our lives for the better.

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There’s now quite a lot of tech that is used in the health sector on a daily basis. Personal tech boosts the quality of life while advanced equipment ensures that the latest procedures can be completed safely. One of the clearest and easiest areas where we can see tech improving medicine is with hearing aids. There are countless different types of hearing aids today and this means that everyone can get the full support they need. You no longer have to worry about not being able to hear or struggling to continue to enjoy an active lifestyle while wearing devices like this. Both options are now fully accessible to everyone.


You might think that tech is making us less sociable. If you’re a parent, you could be frustrated with the amount of time that your kids spend on different apps or particular devices. However, it’s fair to say that the benefits outweigh the negatives. Thanks to the latest tech, it’s easy to keep in contact with people, regardless of where they are in the world. Essentially, the barriers of distance have been broken down completely. Finally, we have a world that is completely connected where individuals are able to interact regardless of where they are. It’s fair to say that this has brought society closer together.


You might think that tech hasn’t had a massive impact on fitness. However, you would be mistaken. Tech has certainly changed the fitness game. With tech, it’s possible to track fitness performance and ensure that we are reaching towards goals. We no longer have to wonder how much we are achieving during a workout. It’s possible to measure performance down to tiny detail. Since we can set goals, we are more motivated to achieve them. This has helped countless people find the support they need to conquer the hurdles they faced when trying to improve their health.


Finally, tech has even improved the business world. New technology has made it easier for businesses to operate in a way that is far more effective and efficient. This has opened up the market to smaller companies, allowing them a chance to compete. Without tech, there is certainly no way that we would have the entrepreneur fuel economy that is clearly apparent today.

We hope you see now the huge positives that tech has brought to the world. Yes, it may be frightening when you assess just how fast it is evolving. However, there is no doubt that is improving our quality of living overall.

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Consider This Before Opting For A New Mobile Phone

Are you thinking about investing in a new mobile phone? There are lots of choices on the market to consider, even if they do look remarkably similar. If you think about it, this is also quite an important decision. Out of all the tech that you probably own, the mobile phone is probably the one piece that you use the most. Some people struggle to put their phones down at all. Instead, they have them nearby at all times, ready to answer a call or respond to a text. They become even more widely used when you consider how many different apps there are. So, let’s explore some of the things that you should keep in mind before you buy a new phone.

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Yes, you may want to think about the style of the phone that you choose. While it might seem as though all the latest phones look the same, this isn’t quite the case. There are some stand out options among them. For instance, you might opt for the Motorola Razr. It’s worth noting that this does have a unique style but is certainly a little behind in terms of tech. Still, if you can look past that it’s sure to help you make a great impression.


There are plenty of phones on the market today that have awful batteries and that’s an issue. Particularly when you consider how often you use your phone. Ideally, when you purchase a phone these days, you should make sure that it will last at least a full day on a full charge with frequent use. These options are accessible on the market and batteries are constantly improving too. Do be aware though that after a couple of years, the battery of your phone will deplete, similar to virtually any other tech device.


You might also want to think about levels of connectivity. This is particularly important if there are other tech devices that you want to use with your phone. For instance, an example could be compatible hearing aids. This will ensure that if you are wearing hearing aids, then they can connect directly to your phone. It ensures that you will be able to use the device with absolutely no interference at all. Effectively, this means that you won’t have to worry about issues with not being able to use your phone if you do have hearing trouble.


Finally, you might also want to think about data. When you purchase a phone, you will get to choose how much data you want. So, what’s the right amount? Well, this is an interesting question, because the reality is that there’s no right answer. However, more data will make your phone far more useful. Furthermore, there are plenty of things that require a lot of data these days. As such, somewhere around 50GB per month is probably going to be your best option here. Do this and you shouldn’t have issues with running out of the date you need.

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Everything You Need To Know About 5G

We all rely so heavily on mobile devices these days, and all of those devices need to be connected somehow. That’s why the mobile industry is working on 5G, a new mobile network that promises to be faster than ever.

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You may have heard about 5G in the news, but you may not know what it is, when it will be available, and how it will impact you. This is everything that you need to know about 5G.

What Is 5G?

5G gets its name because it is the 5th generation of mobile internet networks. All modern phones are already equipped with 4G, which you probably use on a daily basis to access the internet when you are not connected to wifi. 5G will work in exactly the same way as 4G does now, but the big difference will be in the speed.

5G promises speeds of 10 gigabits per second on your phone. That is over 600 times faster than the speeds that you currently get on 4G, and it’s even 10 times faster than the average fibre optic broadband speeds that people get in their home. That’s a huge jump in speed and to put it in perspective, it will allow you to download a 4K movie in around 25 seconds.

When Will We Have 5G?

It is not yet clear exactly when we are going to get 5G everywhere but it has already been rolled out in certain places. However, there have been some hurdles that are slowing progress in some areas. Firstly, the Sprint and T-Mobile deal did raise some questions as it is up to the big providers to roll it out. But what a Sprint & T-Mobile merger means is that 5G is likely to come faster because the new T-Mobile Sprint combined company has committed to a 5G network that covers 97% of the US in the next 3 years.

The other potential hurdle is the relationship between China and 5G. Although Chinese providers like Huawei have already rolled out 5G in a lot of places, there are a lot of security concerns. US companies are currently trying to develop an alternative to the Huawei network.

How Will 5G Change Things?

The most obvious change that will come with 5G is the increase in internet speeds on your phone. It will make things so much more efficient so if you are running a business from your phone, for example, you will benefit in a big way. It will also make it a lot easier to stream movies on your phone wherever you are.

But 5G will also have a bigger impact on society as a whole. Things like driverless cars, for example, will rely heavily on 5G networks to send messages and data to one another so they can avoid crashing. Cities will make far more use of AI to control things like traffic lights, and it is likely that everything will be connected once we have a network that is capable of handling that.

Only time will tell just how 5G will change the world, but it will definitely have a big impact on our society.

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How To Run A Business From Your Smartphone

Nowadays you don’t need a PC to run a business. You may not even need a laptop. A smartphone could be all you need to run your business. And a good online content creator.

Smartphones are the ultimate multipurpose tool – you can communicate with them, do your accounting on them and even take photos to post on company social media. They’re also very portable, making it possible to run your business from any location whether you’re in an office or stood up in a busy train carriage on the way to a meeting.

A smartphone does however have its limits and drawbacks. Here is how you can overcome these limits and drawbacks and run a business successfully using nothing but this device.

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Buy a separate work phone

It’s worth owning a separate phone for personal use and a separate phone for business use. This can help you to separate your personal and work life. Without this separation, you could find yourself getting distracted by personal Facebook and WhatsApp alerts when trying to work, as well as being bothered by work calls when trying to enjoy your free time.

You can log in to your work emails and business social media on one phone, while logging into your personal social media and emails on the other. On top of this, you’ll have two different numbers, so that you don’t have to give out your personal number to clients.

Separating the two can make bookkeeping easier too. You can more easily track work-related phone costs and deduct these as expenses from your taxes. This is much harder to calculate when you’re using the same phone for personal use and business use.

Choose the right contract

When choosing a contract for your work phone, consider looking into business phone contracts. Some of these ‘business’ plans can be cheaper than personal plans, offering free texts and calls to certain people in some cases.

A high-data plan could be useful if you plan to work on the go, allowing you internet access from any location. To maximise your data it could also be worth learning how to decrease your data usage. For instance, using certain apps could be using up unnecessary data as you’re working on the go.

Buy a portable charger

If you’re using your phone for all things business related, you can expect the battery to drain fast. In order to keep your phone charged up on the go, consider buying a portable charger. This could save you having to run into a coffee bar with plug sockets just to charge up your phone.

There are many different types of portable charger on the market. Some are able to hold several full charges. Just make sure that you charge your portable charger up each night.

Invest in portable wi-fi

If you want unlimited internet access on the go without relying on your data, another option could be to use your own portable wi-fi. There are wireless portable wi-fi routers that can fit in your pocket. Some of these can be topped up on a pay-as-you-go basis, while others may be combined into your home/office internet bills.

It’s worth comparing various forms of mobile portable wi-fi.

Download the right apps

With the right apps, you can handle all your business’s admin on your phone.

Accounting apps could be just one useful tool for helping you to do your bookkeeping. You can link up some of these apps with your bank account and automatically calculate tax on earnings. Some of these apps also allow you to handle your payroll, as well as invoicing clients. It means that you have access to all your financial information in one place.

It’s also possible to make use of project management apps that allow you to monitor the progress of employees and tasks. These apps can save you having to gather everyone together for regular catch-up meetings as you can simply track the progress of tasks digitally.

A document signing app could also be worth downloading. These allow clients and suppliers to send digital contracts that you can sign digitally using your touchscreen. It’s much more convenient than physically posting paper contracts.

Finally, it could be worth downloading a video-communication app. This could allow you to communicate with clients by video when needed.

Start using voice command

Voice command can allow you to use your phone hands-free. This could be useful when carrying out physical tasks such as driving or manual labour.

You can use voice command to do everything from writing and sending emails to making and receiving calls. Most smartphones have in-built voice command features – it’s simply a case of setting them up and getting used to them.

Consider buying a Bluetooth keyboard

The big advantage that laptops and PCs have over smartphone is the ability to type out emails, reports and other written content. While some people are fast at texting, it’s still not as convenient as using a keyboard.
Fortunately, it is possible to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to your phone. This could allow you to type normally when you need it.

Secure your phone

Security is a priority when running a business. All your personal information will likely be accessible on your smartphone, so you need to ensure it’s protected against criminals.

Firstly, you should try to set a strong lock screen password. Many modern devices also have biometrics enabled such as fingerprint scanning and even facial recognition in some cases. If your phone falls into the wrong hands, having these protective barriers in place could stop them from being able to access your personal information.

It could also be worth using a VPN when logging onto public wi-fi on your phone. Some public wi-fi connections can be insecure which can make it possible to steal your personal information. When using a VPN, your personal information is concealed.

You should also consider insuring your smartphone. If you lose it or if it is damaged it could have a serious negative impact on your business. Insurance could help to pay for a replacement.

Backing up your phone’s data on the cloud is also recommended. Most modern smartphones already do this automatically, but you may still want to double-check. By backing up your data, you can still access it on another device if your phone is lost or destroyed.

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