What kind of values does Big Brother imparts to teens?

I have been watching Pinoy Big Brother, the local version of the popular reality tv franchise. I am just concerned over what the show imparts to the number of teens watching it thrice a day. My brother who is a 16-year-old teener watches it daily. He watches the noon time video streaming, the 5pm update Uber as well as the primetime show at 9pm. What alarms me is that the show has a verbally abusive father who shouts and curses at his son, Kevin, another housemate Josef and Josef’s aunt Anna. I have ranted about it here…

Have you seen the primetime show today? My goodness, if that is not a verbal abuse, I don’t know what is!

Another thing that alarmed me is the way another teen housemate, Ejay, cried just because he broke a glass. I believe it is totally bull to make a kid afraid because he broke a glass. The teener cried for crying out loud! It was just a glass. Yes, he needed to be reminded to be careful. But the poor guy thought he’s be punished because of the broken glass. I am not a psychologist but I do know there is an impact in the teen’s psychological well-being if he or she is being threatened with punishment just because he broke a glass or a plate or a vase. You can just feel Ejay’s concern over what he did.

Accidents happen. Next time, be careful.

Those should be the words uttered to the boy.

Umiinit talaga ang ulo ko sa Pinoy Big Brother na yan! Consider the following:

  • The teens interact with each other like they are truly fond of one another. And then come nomination time, they’d release pent up sentiments over their housemates. After nomination, they’d hug each other like there’s nothing wrong.

Shouldn’t the correct way to address this kind of situation is to talk it over with the person you are having these sentiments over?

  • It is good that you are part of a “love team” so that you will instantly get legions of fans just like previous PBB seasons.

I believe the main goal of the show is to showcase the Filipino trait, camaraderie, true emotions… and not to encourage nonstop flirting and showing of too much PDA on tv!

I sure do hope teens get something positive out of a show like this. And parents/guardians, please guide your kids when watching tv. You don’t know, a simple straight forward tv show can turn out to be a fountain of negative values for your kids.