Spam comments


I am really having problems regarding spam comments. Sure, Akismet catches most of it. But it gets really annoying seeing how many spam comments manage to get into this blog. Just a minute ago, I deleted 22 spam comments. A small number, considering, but I also deleted around 40+ a few minutes before that.

I want to use a stronger spam filter plugin. What are you using?


  • I’ve just saw a similar post at yet another blog!
    Looks like everyone has Spam-Pains!
    You have Akismet already, just add WP Anti-Spam SpamFree and BanHammer and you are set.

  • Spam is always a problem with blogs, the best way to combat it is to install as many spam plugins as possible.

    WP Anti Spam and BanHammer are both good ones to start with.

  • hope you are not getting spam now. for me Akismet works. 🙂

  • I can so relate with you… Im experiencing the same. I also use Akismet but what I did was to block their IP address thru cPanel.

  • uy thanks ha. pinalitan ko na at naging ok na yun 1716south blog ko. buti alam mo yan mga ganyan.

    btw, magxmas party naman tayo…mejo di na busy these days. walang ng opp. bwiset!!!!

    payag ka? alam mo ba new number ko. nagpalit ako ng phone. nagkandaloko loko phonebook ko. tamad lang ako isa isahin kung sino sino yun mga numbers sa phonebook. hehe…

  • i don’t know kung nasubmit yun earlier comment ko. ok na yun site, thanks a lot. baka di ko alam gawin ko pag ako lang nakatuklas nun.

    btw, xmas party naman tayo. wala na opp kaya di na busy. kaasar nga eh. paisa isa na lang. bumaba kase pr ko.

  • I am using Akismet and so far, so good.

  • I’ve found the most effective plugin for comment spam is WP-SpamFree

    With Askismet you still have to spend way too much time handling comment spam. Whereas WP-SpamFree does it all for you and it still lets genuine comments through. I installed it months ago and haven’t had any problems with comment spam since.

  • I´m having a similar problem in my food blog. I´ve been receiving loads of spam comments, many of them in what looks to be Chinese.
    My best option so far is to approve all comments manually. I´d also like to have an anti-spam plugin that works well for blogger…
    Regards, Mizé