About This Blog

I started blogging in Bravejournal in 2004. That time, I was only looking for an outlet to the many pent-up emotions swirling inside my heart. I needed an online diary where I could pour my heart out. I set up my Bravejournal blog and proceeded to do just that.

After almost a year, I believe, I set up a Blogspot blog. In that blog I met a lot of friends, some of whom I even met in person. It was an ad hoc blog where I wrote almost every little thing happening in my life back then. I post almost daily. I wrote about my life at home, at work, my family and friends and co-workers. I ranted and raved about things. I shared my joy and sorrow with my regular readers.

Then I met Ghee of akoni.info who gave me a subdomain. I poured my heart and soul in that subdomain. I met more new friends, went to EBs, became close to some of them… and I learned how to monetize during that time as well.

Learning the ropes in monetizing was the key in quitting my corporate work. I am now working at home, blogging full time and doing bookkeeping and auditing work at the side.

From sasha.akoni.info to Sasha-says.com.

I met a wonderful and generous soul in Devilicious Girl. She is the reason why I am where I am right now in blogging. She introduced me to DOT COMs, personal web hosting, cpanels, and paid blogging. I learned the basics from her. When I thought I was already confident with the knowledge I had, I went and gotten a DOT COM and my own web hosting plan.

Thus, Sasha says was born. On May 10, 2007 to be exact.

And the rest, they say, is history.

Sasha says is about Current Issues, Reviews and Work at Home. Current Issues like what’s being talked about in the society at the moment. If there are scandals in the government, important matters affecting each one of us, issues regarding the internet, blogging and everything related to it. That’s what will fall under Current Issues. Reviews will obviously be about reviews I do and get paid for. Work at Home will be about the pros and cons of working at home. The perks that go with it. The downslide of staying at home and all that.

Join me as I journey to the world of blogging.