Condo living: Life in a box.

Can you see yourself living in a condominium unit? Can you live in a small space usually provided in condo units, say 25sqm only? That’s like a very small room with everything crammed in it!

I can see myself living in a condo unit but only by myself. I can’t see the whole family packed inside one, like sardines in a can! Most units sold are just too small and can only be occupied by a maximum of two persons. Three, if there is a loft. Aside from space, the price is also staggering! Can you imagine paying 3 million pesos (roughly US$68,000) for a small space? You’d be lucky if it comes with a balcony.

condo unit

To be honest about it, one of my younger sisters and I like condo living. Especially if the condo building is situated in a busy commercial area where there are lots of restaurants and fast food joints. That would make eating easier for us. But the rest of the family isn’t sold on the idea of living in a literal box. I can understand why and I know space and title of ownership play major factors in it, not to mention the amount of a unit that can also pay for a modest size house and lot somewhere in the south.

These days, though, with the unpredictable weather causing harsh downpours and flooding, living up in a building seems a much better option than living in a traditional house prone to being submerged in flood waters. And I do believe that this is the very reason why condominium units are selling like hotcakes nowadays.

My question for you is this: are you sold on the idea of condo living?

Living in the metro

new home

My sister and I are often on the lookout for a place where we can move into. A new home for the family. A neighborhood where it’s quiet and near the road as much as possible. We are not looking for a grand place to live in. We just want a modest home, one which we won’t be too embarrassed to invite friends over.

But you know what? Almost all the houses in the metro, in the vicinity where we currently reside, are being sold at exorbitant prices. You need to have at least 3M pesos (roughly US$75,000) to buy a modest townhouse or condominium unit. If you want a detached house and lot, be ready with at least 5M pesos (roughly US$125,000)!

Yes, there are houses being sold at lower prices. But I’m talking about houses in the far Northern QC or those in the Rizal areas. Places too far from schools, hospitals and offices.

The whole family wants to stay in the Quezon City area, preferably in this same area we are now but in a different neighborhood. I guess I have to work so much harder each day and save up every extra penny I have to be able to buy that brand new house for the family and to stay living in the metro.

Meralco bills

The amount of our Meralco electric bills are “see-sawing”. About two months ago, it started decreasing as we are really cutting down on our electric use. But for this month, I was surprised to find it back to the high amount it was. I checked if we’re consuming more than the previous month. But that’s not the case. Our electric consumption is actually almost the same as last month.

Meralco is duping us with this electric bill refund they’re boasting about. I believe that while we are all focusing on the refund, they are increasing the cost of those other charges they are billing us every month.

I don’t know if you notice this but as I budget and pay for the bills every month, I am aware of this see-sawing Meralco bills.