Wake-up call

I lost my passwords :(

I clean up every time I log out of my browser. I delete the cookies and everything except the saved passwords. My sister used the computer to update her blog and what do you know! She deleted all saved passwords! Good thing I listed some passwords down but only the newer sites I’ve been accessing. The rest I let the password manager remember for me.

Oh well, it’s a wake up call for me to start listing down ALL web sites, usernames, passwords and what-have-yous so I have a back-up.

Happy mid-week everyone!

Brand new laptop!


I am happy with my latest purchase. I bought a brand new Lenovo G400 laptop just yesterday afternoon. I am not too happy with my former laptop because it has Windows 8 as its operating system. This one I have now has Windows 7. I know it was a petty problem but I don’t care. I want a brand new one and I know this will bring me so many new good opportunities. I can already feel it coming!

I’ve been feeling a bit stuck in a rut for days now. I feel it in my bones that this new laptop will bring back my burning passion in writing. And, maybe, I will need to make sure that I be able to do both blogging and writing my planB.

So here’s to better tomorrows for you and me!

Kindle for Christmas! ♥

I have one gift that I know will truly make me happy this coming Christmas… a Kindle Fire!

Everyone who really knows me can attest to the fact that I am a bookworm. So anything related to books is a welcome gift to me. But space is a problem at home. We have limited space and a significant portion of it is being taken by my books. Since an actual book will take away another space I have in the house, an e-book reader is a good solution to my book space dilemma. Hehe!

So you now know what to get me for Christmas! Hahaha!


Canon Rebel XS

Canon Rebel XS

I got my Canon Rebel XS last May 29. I’ve been using it sporadically ever since. I must admit that I’ve been using it as a point and shoot gadget and not using it as I should.

Today I told myself that I should start learning the tricks to get the most out of my camera. I started shooting some random stuff around the house and I am happy with the outcome. I’ve posted two shots in my two other blogs. One’s a photo of a July while the other is a photo of a note to myself about saving up.

I will shoot some more and try not to use the full auto function of the camera next time around.

Canon Rebel XS

Canon Rebel XS

I may not be a photographer but I still want this Canon Rebel XS! It retails for $479 in Amazon.com and have been looking at it ever since a friend told me about its existence. I am a point and shoot type of person but I am very much willing to learn more than that if I have this kind of camera with me.


A4tech X-Slim Keyboard

A4tech X-Slim Keyboard

For those people who are used to the keyboard of a laptop/netbook, this is the desktop keyboard for you. A4tech X-Slim Keyboard. I saw this locally at Octagon in SM City North Edsa Cyberzone. It retails for 550 pesos. I also saw this online at Yahoo! Shopping for $11.99 only.

If you are looking for a desktop keyboard similar to that of a netbook or laptop, there is one you can buy. No, this is not a paid post. I just thought of sharing this information with all of you :)

Reminder: Back up!

I did something stupid a few minutes ago. I’ve been using Firefox 2 for some time now. I am satisfied with it and had no plans of upgrading to Firefox 3. But then this message from Mozilla kept popping up from time to time asking me if I want to upgrade to 3 already. I thought, why not? Better get the latest version now.

So I did. But I forgot to back up my bookmarks! :(

After upgrading, I saw that my bookmarks list reverted back to the old one. I lost the newest I organized a few days ago. Sigh.

Let me remind you if you are going to do any upgrades or whatnots with your pc… Back up!

Happy weekend everyone!