Living in the metro

new home

My sister and I are often on the lookout for a place where we can move into. A new home for the family. A neighborhood where it’s quiet and near the road as much as possible. We are not looking for a grand place to live in. We just want a modest home, one which we won’t be too embarrassed to invite friends over.

But you know what? Almost all the houses in the metro, in the vicinity where we currently reside, are being sold at exorbitant prices. You need to have at least 3M pesos (roughly US$75,000) to buy a modest townhouse or condominium unit. If you want a detached house and lot, be ready with at least 5M pesos (roughly US$125,000)!

Yes, there are houses being sold at lower prices. But I’m talking about houses in the far Northern QC or those in the Rizal areas. Places too far from schools, hospitals and offices.

The whole family wants to stay in the Quezon City area, preferably in this same area we are now but in a different neighborhood. I guess I have to work so much harder each day and save up every extra penny I have to be able to buy that brand new house for the family and to stay living in the metro.