GLOBE Telecoms network signal

I’ve been a GLOBE Telecoms subscriber for as long as I can remember. I was one very satisfied customer that even during those times I had to change numbers, I made sure that it’s still a GLOBE number I would use.

So can you imagine my disappointment when lately I’ve been experiencing bad network signal? I thought it might have something to do with my phone but then my siblings are complaining about it as well. We are all loyal GLOBE users in our household because of the network signal. Other networks have fluctuating signals inside our house. But now, the best we can get here would be two to three bars and even then it’s hard to send and receive text messages and phone calls.

I don’t know what’s happening to GLOBE but we’ve had this problem for close to three months now, if I am not mistaken. More or less three months of bad cellphone signal, garbled and most of the time incomplete and delayed messages. I think it’s about time my family and I try a new cellphone network.

I am sad to be leaving GLOBE but the bad signal can’t be tolerated anymore. What if there’s an emergency, right?

We’re choosing SUN Cellular. Let’s see if it’s better than GLOBE.

Monopoly in cable provider industry

I read in a while back that SkyCable, the leading cable TV provider here in the Philippines bought Global Destiny Cable TV and one other cable provider. Truth be told, I don’t care if SkyCable would want to buy every cable provider there is in the country. All others except Destiny. It is our cable provider at home and we were happy with their service before SkyCable bought the company. These days, cable reception is very poor and their customer service has become so-so. Before the buy out, Destiny’s customer service was great. They would act on any complaint as soon as possible. Sometimes in a matter of two to three hours after your call or text message. They used to act that fast! But these days… and I can understand why the company’s gone that way. I do believe the employees left are demoralized by the buy out.

And I have no one to blame but SkyCable. The cable provider who charges way higher than any other cable service in the country. They charge around 700pesos up, I am not sure of the exact amount. But I knew from my aunt that it’s higher than Destiny’s 500 pesos a month. Destiny doesn’t have the Lifestyle Network, AXN, Starworld, Velvel and some other channels. But Destiny has TLC, FOX Channel, Chase, BIO, Warner Channel, 2ndAvenue and TalkTV. I love the channels we have in our cable network. But SkyCable, wanting to monopolize the cable business industry I am sure, just up and messed with our cable provider.


Truth is that we are already anticipating a higher charge with our cable subscription. Now that SkyCable owns Destiny, I am sure there will be new rules and all that. I just wish they won’t take away the channels that we love.

Fontana vacation gone bad

Let me share with you this story of my friend’s vacation to Fontana Leisure Parks. What would have been a really great family vacation-long overdue get together with her brother who now lives in Ireland (and his Lithuanian wife) turned out to be the worst vacation they ever had!

Read and let everyone else know the horrible treatment they got from the staff of this horrid place!

A Good Vacation Gone Bad

I have always reiterated in the past how important it is for a company to have good service, pre- and post-sales. Most especially during. Word of mouth is more powerful than any kind of ads in my opinion. So why ruin a company’s reputation by being such pain in the ass to your customers? Why go into that kind of service when you know you are not capable of carrying it out in the first place?

Local companies should learn a thing or two from world-class companies who give a great deal on customer service.

I do hope someone from Fontana Leisure Parks, maybe Jack Lam who I believe owns a big chunk of this place, will get to read this and do something about their staff who doesn’t know what good service is.

Globe Postpaid bill bad delivery service

Let me tell you something about Globe’s Postpaid Bill delivery service. My sister and I are both Globe Postpaid subscribers. Last week, she got a text message from Globe Telecoms asking her to settle her bill immediately. She was confused because she hasn’t received any bill yet and she was being asked to settle it asap.

She called up Globe Customer Service and she was told that it was already delivered several days ago and one of our neighbors received it. Upon hearing this, my sister got angry. First and foremost, there’s always someone at home, either my dad or me. So why did their delivery personnel gave the bill to a neighbor? Second, doesn’t Globe educate their delivery personnel about confidentiality? My sister does not give out her number to just about anybody. And to give the bill to a neighbor… what if our neighbor opened the bill and copied her number? It’s no big deal to some people who are used to receiving text messages and calls from people they don’t know, even prank calls in the middle of the night. But my sister is very private so this is a big deal to her! Lastly, she is bothered by the fact that there was no bill according to our neighbor! Talk about a messed up delivery service!

Naturally, when my sister talked to a Globe CS personnel, she was irate. She was assured that it will not happen again. As it should! Globe and other delivery services should educate their personnel that some things are kept private. Bills most especially. Just imagine what a bad person can do to the information he/she can get from a bill…

If you experienced this, do call Globe Customer Service and express your displeasure. Local companies should learn how to value post-sales services once and for all!

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