Globe Postpaid bill bad delivery service

Let me tell you something about Globe’s Postpaid Bill delivery service. My sister and I are both Globe Postpaid subscribers. Last week, she got a text message from Globe Telecoms asking her to settle her bill immediately. She was confused because she hasn’t received any bill yet and she was being asked to settle it asap.

She called up Globe Customer Service and she was told that it was already delivered several days ago and one of our neighbors received it. Upon hearing this, my sister got angry. First and foremost, there’s always someone at home, either my dad or me. So why did their delivery personnel gave the bill to a neighbor? Second, doesn’t Globe educate their delivery personnel about confidentiality? My sister does not give out her number to just about anybody. And to give the bill to a neighbor… what if our neighbor opened the bill and copied her number? It’s no big deal to some people who are used to receiving text messages and calls from people they don’t know, even prank calls in the middle of the night. But my sister is very private so this is a big deal to her! Lastly, she is bothered by the fact that there was no bill according to our neighbor! Talk about a messed up delivery service!

Naturally, when my sister talked to a Globe CS personnel, she was irate. She was assured that it will not happen again. As it should! Globe and other delivery services should educate their personnel that some things are kept private. Bills most especially. Just imagine what a bad person can do to the information he/she can get from a bill…

If you experienced this, do call Globe Customer Service and express your displeasure. Local companies should learn how to value post-sales services once and for all!

Rotten DSL-ISP companies here in Manila

What is it with companies here in the Philippines? Only a handful are giving excellent service to their clients! You have to complain again and again before they will give you a better service. YOU HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT THEM FIRST TO GET THEIR ATTENTION!

Instead of giving excellent service on the onset, they will test you first. See if you will complain and assert your rights. See if you really know what you are in for. If you complain, be assured you will somehow get a better service! If you keep silent, you’re done for!

That’s what happened to me with Bayantel DSL. I had to blog about my constant complaints. All I was asking was a technician to check my internet connection, a feedback on when their service will become stable, something from someone other than the customer service reps that I talked to. Nothing. Nada! When I blogged about it here, that’s when someone higher in their customer support emailed me, another one called me up. Imagine! Do you have to raise hell before you will get a decent response from companies around here? BAYANTEL, do your clients need to air their grievances online before they can get anything from you???

Do you know that after this issue with Vincent Dimaculangan (who belatedly called me up to offer his services, and direct line when he could have inserted that in his email and conveniently deleted it!), a Dennis Cruz called me up and offered to assist me personally and to send technicians here, as well as his direct line as well. I declined because I had every intention of terminating their services already. What for??? After all the headaches, when I was done talking to them that’s the time they will send over technicians (notice the plural use of the word)? After over a month of requesting assistance, when I was already fed up that’s the time they will offer their assistance???

And then, wonder of wonders, they can give you a decent service after all!!! I am now getting a very stable internet speed from them. I couldn’t believe it! I was supposed to have their service terminated tomorrow but my Global Destiny DSL connection is acting up since Day 1. I wasted a chunkful of cash for my Global Destiny ISP connection when I can get back the service I was getting from Bayantel before! Tignan mo nga naman ang kapalaran! Tsk tsk tsk

From one palpak company to another! Mga bulok na DSL companies in Manila! Nakakahiya naman sa akin kasi gumastos ako nang todo to get Destiny’s services yun pala mas worse pa ang Destiny! $%#^#*@@!

If Destiny won’t give me a better service, I will raise hell more than what I did with Bayantel. They can expect that from me! I am the best hell raiser this side of QC kaya they better make sure I get a stable 1MBPS that they promised or else………..

I work hard for the money I pay for their services. All I am asking is a decent service in return. Mag-load ka ng Youtube video it will take you forever to complete the buffering! Load a page and it will take you an eternity to see the full homepage! Ano ba yan????

Paging that Jen I talked to. And Global Destiny, kick out your lazy tech support!

Oh yes, Bayantel DSL, you can laugh all you want because I am regretting this transfer to another rotten DSL company! But until I get a decent service from Destiny, Bayantel will continue getting flak from me. If it weren’t for your ineptitude, your CS department, this wouldn’t have happened to me!

And I will gather other blogger friends to write about these DSL companies! I will ask friends in major social networking sites to spread the word. These people don’t have any idea what a blogger like me will go to to get back my money’s worth. Mahirap kumita ng pera kaya magbigay kayo ng magandang serbisyo!

Thank goodness I am listening to Ne-Yo’s Closer the whole time I was writing this post otherwise I would surely have written something MORE.

I wish there is a decent DSL company here in Manila who can offer better services. GLOBE is good, I heard. But I don’t think my area is being serviced by their company. Too bad. And don’t tell me about SmartBRO. I will never get their services, yang Smart. Sorry sis. Your signal is just way too bad in this area.

Erratic DSL connection

My DSL connection is highly erratic once again. I don’t know if I should call Bayantel up again. I believe most of their customer service support there know me already. I have been calling them up from time to time since December because of the erratic connection. For the past week and a half, I didn’t encounter any problems. That’s after I called them up and ranted about their poor service once again. I am a good client, I pay on time and have been with them for a number of years now (the DSL connection though is almost 2 years only). I believe I deserve a better service than the one they are giving me. So the service went well after that call.

But here we go again. I lose connection every few minutes/hours. I will get continuous connection for a few hours and then it will get erratic again. I am tired of calling them up repeatedly just to get a better service. Do I really have to do this all the time?

You know, here in Manila, we only have a few internet service providers. The big ones are PLDT, Bayantel, Smart and Globe. There are cable providers like Destiny. Bayantel is one of the cheaper ones. I pay only 1,200 pesos per month for DSL and landline services. It will make you think that just because it is cheap we get poor service? I hear negative feedback about Smartbro and PLDT MyDSL. I guess there are negative feedbacks on all these providers.

I don’t know if I should just stick with Bayantel or try a new provider. I will ask around about Destiny. I use Destiny for our cable services.