Rotten DSL-ISP companies here in Manila

What is it with companies here in the Philippines? Only a handful are giving excellent service to their clients! You have to complain again and again before they will give you a better service. YOU HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT THEM FIRST TO GET THEIR ATTENTION!

Instead of giving excellent service on the onset, they will test you first. See if you will complain and assert your rights. See if you really know what you are in for. If you complain, be assured you will somehow get a better service! If you keep silent, you’re done for!

That’s what happened to me with Bayantel DSL. I had to blog about my constant complaints. All I was asking was a technician to check my internet connection, a feedback on when their service will become stable, something from someone other than the customer service reps that I talked to. Nothing. Nada! When I blogged about it here, that’s when someone higher in their customer support emailed me, another one called me up. Imagine! Do you have to raise hell before you will get a decent response from companies around here? BAYANTEL, do your clients need to air their grievances online before they can get anything from you???

Do you know that after this issue with Vincent Dimaculangan (who belatedly called me up to offer his services, and direct line when he could have inserted that in his email and conveniently deleted it!), a Dennis Cruz called me up and offered to assist me personally and to send technicians here, as well as his direct line as well. I declined because I had every intention of terminating their services already. What for??? After all the headaches, when I was done talking to them that’s the time they will send over technicians (notice the plural use of the word)? After over a month of requesting assistance, when I was already fed up that’s the time they will offer their assistance???

And then, wonder of wonders, they can give you a decent service after all!!! I am now getting a very stable internet speed from them. I couldn’t believe it! I was supposed to have their service terminated tomorrow but my Global Destiny DSL connection is acting up since Day 1. I wasted a chunkful of cash for my Global Destiny ISP connection when I can get back the service I was getting from Bayantel before! Tignan mo nga naman ang kapalaran! Tsk tsk tsk

From one palpak company to another! Mga bulok na DSL companies in Manila! Nakakahiya naman sa akin kasi gumastos ako nang todo to get Destiny’s services yun pala mas worse pa ang Destiny! $%#^#*@@!

If Destiny won’t give me a better service, I will raise hell more than what I did with Bayantel. They can expect that from me! I am the best hell raiser this side of QC kaya they better make sure I get a stable 1MBPS that they promised or else………..

I work hard for the money I pay for their services. All I am asking is a decent service in return. Mag-load ka ng Youtube video it will take you forever to complete the buffering! Load a page and it will take you an eternity to see the full homepage! Ano ba yan????

Paging that Jen I talked to. And Global Destiny, kick out your lazy tech support!

Oh yes, Bayantel DSL, you can laugh all you want because I am regretting this transfer to another rotten DSL company! But until I get a decent service from Destiny, Bayantel will continue getting flak from me. If it weren’t for your ineptitude, your CS department, this wouldn’t have happened to me!

And I will gather other blogger friends to write about these DSL companies! I will ask friends in major social networking sites to spread the word. These people don’t have any idea what a blogger like me will go to to get back my money’s worth. Mahirap kumita ng pera kaya magbigay kayo ng magandang serbisyo!

Thank goodness I am listening to Ne-Yo’s Closer the whole time I was writing this post otherwise I would surely have written something MORE.

I wish there is a decent DSL company here in Manila who can offer better services. GLOBE is good, I heard. But I don’t think my area is being serviced by their company. Too bad. And don’t tell me about SmartBRO. I will never get their services, yang Smart. Sorry sis. Your signal is just way too bad in this area.


  • OMG!!!I feel sorry for your predicament, those company were not only GREEDY,but also BUNCH OF LIARS!!!I can imagine, when you visit their CS Center, oh yeah all the receptionist is busy exchanging about all the crappy text they recieved wearing an evil facial expression don’t bother us!Good Luck to your “campaign”.

  • Hi too bad to hear that. Hi nako wag ka talaga sa smartbro their speed is like walking pagong. Promise!!! Ito lang gamit ko kasi wla akong choice for now. Ayoko sa bayantel have tried their service before pero wla, palpak. Thanks for this. Binigyan mo ako ng idea to air out my grievances over a companies who’s service is low, super low in quality.

  • you should label your post the name of the companies, so when people search abt them,your post will always be on top!

  • @Fickleminded… So true! Bunch of liars who are only after their client’s money! Those banners advertising a 1MBPS DSL connection are a bunch of crappy advertisement designed to lure potential clients to their crappy service!

  • @Glamorous Slyph… Hay naku we should all start asserting our rights talaga. Itong mga DSL companies dito sa Pinas akala ata tameme lahat ng clients nila. Nakakainis kasi nagbabayad naman tayo ng matino tapos bibigyan tayo ng bulok na serbisyo! Di ko talaga sila titigilan!

    Cge go air your grievances. Para dumami ang searches about these rotten DSL companies at nang ayusin nila serbisyo nila. Salamat sa comment 🙂

  • @FickleMinded… Thanks for reminding me ha 🙂 I always label my posts with the names of the companies or persons I write about. If you look at my previous posts, may naka-label talaga na Bayantel at Bayantel DSL. That’s probably why Vincent Dimaculangan of Bayantel saw my blog post and contacted me.

  • Kat

    Don’t know about Globe in other areas, but I’m a Globe DSL user for almost a year now and I’m far from happy. There were months that the connection was great, but if it’s acting up, it’ll take weeks before they can fix it. It had been a long and very turbulent relationship (if you can call it that) with Globe since the start, and I can’t wait until my contract expires so I can get a new service. Hopefully, PLDT would be better.

    My parents use Smart Bro in the province and so far it’s ok naman daw. It’s been a year now since they had it. I’m guessing dahil hindi pa ganun kadami ang gumagamit ng Smart dun kaya maganda pa ang speed.

  • Mel

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  • tama yan sasha. bigyan mo ng leksyon yan mga yan. magaling lang sila sa umpisa…

  • @Kat… I think SmartBro is dependent on a tower near you eh. Yung sa area talaga. Kasi those who are near their tower, maganda ang connection. But believe me, konti lang ang nagsasabi na OK ang SmartBro. Mas konti kesa sa other DSL companies. Imagine, they cut the cost of that modem you can bring anywhere with you, which simply translates na maraming nagrereklamo at wala ng bumibili hehe

    You are the first Globe user I’ve heard complain about their service. But it’s worth looking into. Go and air your grievances online rin and see if it will reach someone in the higher ups. I know some Globe people who are also bloggers 🙂

  • @Cherry… Talaga! I won’t take something like this sitting down. Ako pa! Numero unong reklamador sa mga ganitong services hehehe… Check out the searches in Google using “Bayantel DSL” as your keyword. Andun ako sa 1st page! Hahaha

  • Gosh, Sasha. The companies you mentioned look bad. I have heard of the bad online reception from several Filipino bloggers. Even in Singapore, we do not have good reception too. 🙁

  • Sorry about what happened, yay mas worst pala ang Destiny. I agree, kakainis talaga pag no internet connection tayong mga bloggers. Btw, so far wala akong problema sa smartbro.

  • ganun ba, sis? di rin pla maganda ang sa destiny? dito sa bahay we’re using both pldt and skybroadband (recently lang ung latter) and so far ok naman … so far. lol

  • Mike

    Bloggers, you all think you own this world eh, what are you American? hahahaha, What do you expect from 1,200 monthly bill. You want a better and faster Internet then get a business line or get a cable internet from Skycable,oh i forgot bayantel own skycable. If you dont like there service then dont pay them, thats it. Peace V_^_^_v

  • Khyadee

    Does anyone from you guys know where can we complain about this providers??? I am having issues with smart and I am sick and tired of their poor customer service who doesn’t know what the hell they are talking about and giving wrong information’s. All they want is your money and don’t give a s**t! about you at all. We all have customer rights and we expect a good service from them… and to you Mike… just think of the quote do not give promises you can’t keep… Because this is what these providers are doing… We just want to get the most of what we are paying for… I am currently shopping for new ISP, any suggestions?

  • @Eastcoastlife… Ah yes, these are companies with lousy customer service. They will only take notice of you when you air your grievance online and they know so many people can read it. I think Japan has the best internet connection in Asia. And India as well, I think.

  • @Raquel… Oo, it turned out I jumped from one bad ship to a worse one. Kainis nga! Naiinis ako kasi ang bagal ng connection. Parang di ako naka-DSL… Swerte mo kasi wala kang prob sa Smartbro. Baka malapit ka sa tower ng Smart kaya ok. Yan ang isa sa pinaka-worse na DSL dito sa Pinas ngaun eh. Based na rin sa mga nababasa ko.

  • @Maiylah… Oo eh, di maganda ang Destiny, sis. Nakaka-disappoint nga sobra. Yung Sky Broadband alam ko Bayantel din yan. May feeling nga ako na kaya pangit na service ng Bayantel dahil nakatutok sila sa Sky Broadband eh.

  • @Mike… Read my post about you???

  • @Khyadee… You call their hotlines and ask to talk to someone higher than the CS you are talking to. Or better yet, go to their web site and find the contact number or email of someone from their Sales division. That’s what I did when I complained regarding a bank’s inaction over a very important issue. I emailed the CEO and an executive called me up. And I suggest you find blogs airing their grievances on Smartbro. Mag-comment ka dun and see how the other visitors faired with their complaints.