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I wrote about Maynilad Water a few times in 2009. It was connected to shortage of water supply and my experience dealing with Maynilad’s customer service. Since I am used to dealing with so-so customer service here in the country, I was suprised that Maynilad’s customer service was actually pretty good. I wrote about it, even putting the Maynilad 24/7 Customer Service Hotline 1626 here.

Since I wrote about Maynilad, I’ve been getting comments asking for help regarding water supply. One woman even left a heartfelt plea for Maynilad to give back their water supply since she already paid their overdue account. I try as best I can to reply to all the comments but some emails left were either erroneously written or bogus.

Let me just reiterate once again that I am in no way affiliated to Maynilad Water Services. I just wrote about that satisfactory one-time customer service experience I had with them. You may contact Maynilad directly through their Hotline 1626 or through their web site at

Maynilad Water’s Customer Service

I have written before about Maynilad Water’s 24/7 Hotline 1626. I really like the fact that when my dad reported the sudden water interruption in our area, someone, an officer I would assume, from Maynilad made a follow-up call asking about the previous call my dad made. In that follow-up call, the officer told my dad that he will schedule a Maynilad personnel to visit us and check about my dad’s report.

This morning, the personnel from Maynilad came and checked on the validity of my dad’s report. He checked our water connection and was convinced that we have poor water supply in our area. In fact, since six this morning, there’s no water supply anymore.

You know, I am raving about Maynilad Water’s Customer Service because this is how it should be done. As a customer, I am satisfied with how they are handling my dad’s report. First, there’s a follow-up call. Mind you, it took a while because the guy who called up really listened to my dad and asked questions in turn. Then, this visit from their personnel.

Again, calling on local utility companies and DSL companies I’ve ranted about… this is how a customer complaint/report should be handled. Learn from it!

Maynilad Water 24/7 Hotline 1626

Our water supply is being serviced by Maynilad Water | This past weekend, we experienced water interruption when there was no announcement made that there would be one. Water interruptions are announced on the daily news program Balitanghali on QTV-11 and we always watch it.

Anyway, so the whole Saturday, water supply was cut off. My dad called up Maynilad Water’s 24/7 hotline 1626 to ask why there was water interruption in our area. There are several constructions near our neighborhood and my dad was worried that a water pipe was hit or something. He reported it and a customer service representative promised to get back to my dad about the water interruption. Unfortunately, the CS was a badass one who reneged on his promised and never returned my dad’s call or even reported it to concerned Maynilad people. My dad didn’t get the name of the CS. The next day, we experienced the same thing. My dad called up again and this time, the CS he’s able to talk to was a good one. She made a report and asked my dad to call back again should the problem persist after 24 hours. The CS did her job and water supply is back to normal now.

Today, I heard my dad talking to someone from Maynilad Hotline 1626. Someone from Quality Assurance (QA) most likely because he asked my dad about the call he made last Sunday and if he’s satisfied with the way the CS handled the call and his complaint. My dad was very generous in her praises of the CS who, to be fair, really did her job.

Let me just take this opportunity to tell the rotten DSL companies in Manila to follow this kind of example from Maynilad Water’s 24/7 Hotline 1626. THIS is the correct way to operate a customer service operations. When a client calls to report something, someone from the QA department or those people monitoring calls, if they even have it, should call back the client and ask for feedback. Most especially if your QA notices that a client kept on calling again and again to complain about your rotten service! This is how American companies being serviced by local call centers handle customer service. Because if you don’t know it, customers keep the business going. A happy customer is a repeat customer! Now, if you just let your CS department do their own stuff without even any monitoring done, then do not be surprised if there are many angry customers like me blogging about your services!

Calling Bayantel and Global Destiny! Sana naman gayahin niyo ang Maynilad Hotline!

By the way, you can also contact Maynilad Water customer service through email at or through their web site listed above.