Weather in Manila today…

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It’s slightly better than yesterday. The weather here in Manila as of 6PM today, April 14, 2009, is 31°C. It feels like you have a flu. That’s how hot it is right now. Taking a bath won’t do that much. It will just make you feel the heat and humidity more. Even putting the electric fan on steady so the air will blow directly to your face and body will only cool you down a bit.

Imagine the electricity shutting down! Meralco knows that every summer, people need electricity more than ever. As always, brownouts happen every now and then. A few minutes ago, electricity was down in our area. Tsk tsk

Maynilad Water is also pulling a stupid stunt. Shutting down water supply and just giving us an hour or two every day to fill our water drums. My dad has been calling up Maynilad Water’s 24/7 hotline 1626 asking them to do something about the water supply in our area but they are stubbornly refusing to do anything about it. My dad told the CS he talked to two days ago that should a fire break out in our area (wag naman sana!), residents wouldn’t have any water to use to put it out. What without water even dripping in our faucets!

So I am here in my corner at home right now, sweating even with the electric fan on steady in front of me, fuming mad because we don’t have water supply so I can take a shower to feel a bit cooler. Aargh!

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  • Wow! It is extremely hot there! I even read it reached 35 a few days back?

    Btw, I signed up for your link show off widget. So hopefully I earn and you earn too! 8)hehe…