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Maynilad web site and hotline

I wrote about Maynilad Water a few times in 2009. It was connected to shortage of water supply and my experience dealing with Maynilad’s customer service. Since I am used to dealing with so-so customer service here in the country, I was suprised that Maynilad’s customer service was actually pretty good. I wrote about it, even putting the Maynilad 24/7

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Maynilad Water’s Customer Service

I have written before about Maynilad Water’s 24/7 Hotline 1626. I really like the fact that when my dad reported the sudden water interruption in our area, someone, an officer I would assume, from Maynilad made a follow-up call asking about the previous call my dad made. In that follow-up call, the officer told my dad that he will schedule

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Maynilad Water 24/7 Hotline 1626

Our water supply is being serviced by Maynilad Water | www.mayniladwater.com.ph. This past weekend, we experienced water interruption when there was no announcement made that there would be one. Water interruptions are announced on the daily news program Balitanghali on QTV-11 and we always watch it. Anyway, so the whole Saturday, water supply was cut off. My dad called up

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