Maynilad web site and hotline

I wrote about Maynilad Water a few times in 2009. It was connected to shortage of water supply and my experience dealing with Maynilad’s customer service. Since I am used to dealing with so-so customer service here in the country, I was suprised that Maynilad’s customer service was actually pretty good. I wrote about it, even putting the Maynilad 24/7 Customer Service Hotline 1626 here.

Since I wrote about Maynilad, I’ve been getting comments asking for help regarding water supply. One woman even left a heartfelt plea for Maynilad to give back their water supply since she already paid their overdue account. I try as best I can to reply to all the comments but some emails left were either erroneously written or bogus.

Let me just reiterate once again that I am in no way affiliated to Maynilad Water Services. I just wrote about that satisfactory one-time customer service experience I had with them. You may contact Maynilad directly through their Hotline 1626 or through their web site at

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