Maynilad Water’s Customer Service

I have written before about Maynilad Water’s 24/7 Hotline 1626. I really like the fact that when my dad reported the sudden water interruption in our area, someone, an officer I would assume, from Maynilad made a follow-up call asking about the previous call my dad made. In that follow-up call, the officer told my dad that he will schedule a Maynilad personnel to visit us and check about my dad’s report.

This morning, the personnel from Maynilad came and checked on the validity of my dad’s report. He checked our water connection and was convinced that we have poor water supply in our area. In fact, since six this morning, there’s no water supply anymore.

You know, I am raving about Maynilad Water’s Customer Service because this is how it should be done. As a customer, I am satisfied with how they are handling my dad’s report. First, there’s a follow-up call. Mind you, it took a while because the guy who called up really listened to my dad and asked questions in turn. Then, this visit from their personnel.

Again, calling on local utility companies and DSL companies I’ve ranted about… this is how a customer complaint/report should be handled. Learn from it!


  • I discovered your homepage by coincidence.
    Very interesting posts and well written.
    I will put your site on my blogroll.

  • @Don Waldron…

    Thank you for the nice words. I have made it this blog’s mission to write about local companies’ customer service. I will rant and rave about it here. Thanks for the add.

  • Grace K. Jang

    Hi…I had a similar case with Maynilad, but unfortunately I did not receive a similar reply from their customer service..I waited 3 months for a reply from them, that is only when I vehemently asked the CSR to put her supervisor on the line…even the supervisor could not give me a reply..I sent them an email directly to their VP and lo and behold a reply!!!!…Their CSRs need more training to handle calls…

  • @Grace… Hopefully, what we experienced is an improvement in their system 🙂

  • Marjorie Fernandez

    I am very much disappointed with this action from your company. My meter based was padlock without notice of disconnection. My balanced account was 340 pesos only and paid it already.That was unfair to us my neighbor has a previous account and 1,200 pesos balance account and nothing happens. The inconvenience and hassle was done.Please let your people do the job correctly.