Credit card billing complaint

Another one for the books…

My aunt called me up last night around 11 PM. She was foaming mad with a major credit card company here in the country. She got her bill yesterday and was only able to see it last night. She noticed that there was a double posting of an amount she incurred when she went grocery shopping. She immediately called up the credit card company’s customer support and reported the double posting. Guess what the guy rep told her…

“Ma’am, just pay the amount and we’ll see what we can do.”

My aunt was so shocked that she asked the guy rep if he’s serious. And he was! The amount my aunt was complaining about is 9,000 pesos. Not a paltry amount, especially with the state of economy now.

My aunt called up a bank officer that she knows and she was told to just make a formal complaint letter and to fax it to the billing department so they can check.

If nothing will happen to my aunt’s complaint, I will post here the name of the bank and credit card company. Again, local companies should make their customer service better. Improve your after sales service if you want return customers!