Fontana vacation gone bad

Let me share with you this story of my friend’s vacation to Fontana Leisure Parks. What would have been a really great family vacation-long overdue get together with her brother who now lives in Ireland (and his Lithuanian wife) turned out to be the worst vacation they ever had!

Read and let everyone else know the horrible treatment they got from the staff of this horrid place!

A Good Vacation Gone Bad

I have always reiterated in the past how important it is for a company to have good service, pre- and post-sales. Most especially during. Word of mouth is more powerful than any kind of ads in my opinion. So why ruin a company’s reputation by being such pain in the ass to your customers? Why go into that kind of service when you know you are not capable of carrying it out in the first place?

Local companies should learn a thing or two from world-class companies who give a great deal on customer service.

I do hope someone from Fontana Leisure Parks, maybe Jack Lam who I believe owns a big chunk of this place, will get to read this and do something about their staff who doesn’t know what good service is.