Meralco electric bill April 2010

The most awaited electric bill for the month of April 2010 arrived yesterday*. And unlike other people’s rants that I read where their bills doubled, ours was just increased by a thousand pesos. Of course, it’s still too high if you think about it. Meralco is telling everyone that the increase was brought on by the El Niño phenomenon and the numerous breakdowns of the electric plants. You know, they are charging us for the repairs and maintenance and other miscellaneous items that I am sure go directly to the officials’ pockets…

I have a beef against that reason given to us by our electric provider. See, they knew beforehand that an electric crisis brought about by El Niño would happen. Meralco knew that every summer they experience a surge in the use of electricity. Why can’t they be ready beforehand? Why can’t they prepare the power plants so there will be lesser break downs? Always the unprepared…

Anyway, how’s your electric bill? Did it cause you to faint when you first saw it?

*This was supposed to be posted last April 29, 2010 but due to schedule mixes, it was only posted now. Sorry.

Meralco bills

The amount of our Meralco electric bills are “see-sawing”. About two months ago, it started decreasing as we are really cutting down on our electric use. But for this month, I was surprised to find it back to the high amount it was. I checked if we’re consuming more than the previous month. But that’s not the case. Our electric consumption is actually almost the same as last month.

Meralco is duping us with this electric bill refund they’re boasting about. I believe that while we are all focusing on the refund, they are increasing the cost of those other charges they are billing us every month.

I don’t know if you notice this but as I budget and pay for the bills every month, I am aware of this see-sawing Meralco bills.