Suicide over tuition.

Before anything else, let me convey my condolences to the family of the UP student who committed suicide over tuition. I know how painful it is to lose a love one and how hard to carry on with life without them. I pray for understanding and strength for the people she left behind.

But let’s get on with the real reason why I am writing this post… suicide. The University of the Philippines student committed suicide because she was told to go on a leave of absence (LOA) as she couldn’t pay her Php10,000 tuition fee (approx. US$250). I have read somewhere that there might be some other stuff in the student’s mind when she took her own life. It might not be just about the tuition fee. You know what? Whatever the reason(s) was(were), suicide should never have been her only option. It’s just tuition fee! She could have worked part-time to save money or she could have approached a government institution, a local government official, or a non-government organization (NGO) to ask for help. But, no, she opted to kill herself over not being able to finish the semester. Let me note here that she was a freshman student and she could have had years ahead of her to finish college.

I am not being insensitive here. I know the student might have been depressed. Her mind might have been compromised somehow. But you know what’s irking me? The people around her didn’t even rally behind her! They could have told the poor girl that there was still hope for her to finish college and she just needed to wait a while. One setback was nothing compared to the many obstacles that she could have faced ahead of her. And the successes awaiting her! It’s a little problem that could have been solved easily with the help of so many people!

Suicide is never an option!

I would have understood if the one committing suicide has a terminal illness. But she was perfectly healthy! I just couldn’t believe that someone can take his/her own life that easily when so many are suffering and struggling to prolong their lives! My brother who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer (leukemia) fought for 6 months to prolong his life. My mother who was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease died 3 years after she was told about it. They both struggled so hard for their lives but they ended up dead. Gone too soon. He was 15 while my mom was only 48. And this student just killed herself because they don’t have enough MONEY to pay for her TUITION?????? What the f@ck!

She could have done something about it. There are a million ways to pay for that damn tuition fee of hers! Be a working student. Ask for help from others. Let her stupid parents work their asses off and stop procreating for more! She could have worked to pay for her college degree! A lot of people do that, you know. So many people have done that and survived! What’s one setback when she could have had her entire life ahead of her?!? I just don’t get it.

I know some of you will say that I don’t know what’s going on in that student’s mind so I don’t really know what triggered her suicide. Let me just say this… WHATEVER the reason was, SUICIDE SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN HER OPTION! PERIOD!

Sure, the issue itself shed light to the harsh policies of the University of the Philippines when it comes to late payment of tuition fees. But UP should not be blamed for what happened. The university didn’t tell the student to drink that silver cleaner and finish her life. Neither should the student be made as a hero. She isn’t! Whatever her reasons were, what she did shouldn’t be glorified! It was wrong, plain and simple. Taking your own life over tuition fee? It was wrong!

Kids should be taught that there is always a better tomorrow. We could have a life filled with one bad luck after another but there’s an end to it all. And taking one’s own life should never be an answer to any depressing problem. No matter how miserable we are, how depressed, killing oneself should never be an option in our lives. It’s just wrong! Life is precious. Once we end it, there’s no getting it back. There is a solution to every problem. Even those terminally ill has a very slim chance of a miracle. What more for those of us who are healthy, who can work, and has people in our lives who can support us? Just like that student!

Please don’t commit suicide. Don’t take your lives for granted. Respect those who are fighting for theirs!

[Read the news here: UP student kills self over tuition]

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