Getting hospitalized.

No, I didn’t get hospitalized. But a friend’s mom is currently in a hospital attached to tubes and a ventilator to keep her alive. And it is reminding me of how hard it is to have a love one get sick and be hospitalized. First of all, the worries whether your love one will get well or worsen. You are stressed out, worrying what the doctor will tell you the next time he/she drops by the hospital room. You are also stressed out about the increasing hospital bill!

When my mom got diagnosed with a rare kidney disease, our journey in and out of the hospital began. Regular medical check-ups with three specialists, laboratory tests at least once a quarter, numerous trips to the pharmacy to get her supply of medicines, and, of course, the several times a year of confinement. You can just imagine how much we spent every month for three years to make my mom as comfortable as possible. Can you also imagine what would’ve happened to my mom if we didn’t have enough money to pay for all her medical expenses? She probably died sooner.

And, you know what? That is the usual scenario with most Filipinos who don’t have health cards, health insurance plans, or deep pockets. Sick love ones suffer in their homes because the cost of hospitalization is high. An admission into a private hospital will cost you 10,000 pesos (roughly US$235). If you are only earning so much and is living from paycheck to paycheck, where will you get that amount?

I really hope that the day will come when the government will find a way to make hospitalization affordable for all Filipinos, especially for the poor.