My heart goes out to all the people in the US affected by hurricane Sandy. From someone who is used to severe weather conditions (read: super typhoons), I know how hard it is to cope with devastation. I hope everyone will be able to recover as soon as possible.

And praying it won’t happen ever again!

Stay safe everyone!

CNN US Presidential Debates

US Presidential debate

I’ve watched all three CNN US Presidential Debates live. I’ve tweeted about it alongside Americans and those of us who are interested in the upcoming US presidential elections. You see, I may not be an American but I have vested interest in the upcoming elections and the one to be elected president. I have love ones and friends living and working in the USA and other US territories. My work is connected to the US soil. So you can see where I am coming from, right? Why I am affected and why I care.

For the past couple of years, unfortunately under President Barack Obama‘s administration, my work suffered a lot. I am not blaming it on the president, let’s make that very clear. I am saying that it happened during his administration. And you know what? I don’t think I’d want another couple of years like that. Work affected, income plummeting. That’s just bad.

I was able to talk to a friend who is now a US citizen. His whole family now lives in the US and he told me how sad the economy is there right now. He has friends and relatives who are jobless for more than a year already! They’ve seen sad things happening around and they don’t want that anymore. They all voted for Obama, rooted for him from the very beginning, but they are now as disappointed with him as many more Americans are. I know, I’ve been reading updates in Twitter and other online sites. I am not sure if Mitt Romney is the answer but if and when Obama is given another chance, I sure hope he lives up to everybody’s expectations this time around. It isn’t an easy task. And I believe him when he said that most of the problems he faced and is still facing are just handed down to him. But people need change. People need to see improvements. It’s not all talk and no walk.

I will be taking a closer look at the presidential elections. And I will be praying alongside many Americans that the one leader who can create a real change be voted (or reelected as the case may be).

And as Bob Schieffer‘s mom would say… Go vote. It makes you feel big and strong.

Overly sensitive people

I was reading entertainment web site when I saw an article about Lucy Liu‘s apparently ‘racist‘ comment in her October 11 interview on the The Late Night Show With David Letterman. It said that Lucy Liu made a comment about how she doesn’t want to get dark skin from running outdoors as it will make her “look a little Filipino”.

Of course, her comment became the hot topic on the net! Filipinos were outraged that such a racist comment could come from another Asian.

But was the comment really racist or are we just being our overly sensitive selves over an innocent comment like that?

Well, I think it’s the latter. We Filipinos are just overly sensitive people! Well, we really have dark skin, right? So what’s wrong with that? Filipinos are associated with dark skin and that’s a fact! I think we shouldn’t let comments like that get us all riled up because it’s nothing. If she associated us to dirt or poo then that’s something else.

For whatever it’s worth Lucy already apologized for her comment saying her words were taken out of context.


I had goosebumps all over my body while reading the story of Amanda Todd. She was a Vancouver-area teenager who was bullied online and in school. She then committed suicide just recently when she couldn’t handle it anymore. Before it took place, she posted her story on Youtube for everyone to see that she once thought she could be strong and face it all. She’s hoping that her story will inspire others battling bullying like she was.

You know I am very much against suicide. But with Amanda’s story, I can fully understand the reason why she thought ending her life would solve her problems. Her tormentors were relentless! I can’t even begin to imagine the kind of terror she’s lived in! Those bullies are monsters! They are evil! How they could have done it to a teen and others still being bullied as of this writing is something I can’t ever fathom. Why waste your time and energy bullying someone when you have your life to manage and think of? Why not focus on yourself? I just can’t understand!

To those suffering from bullying…

Do not let them win! Do whatever it takes to stop the bullying. Report it to authorities. Tell your parents or elders about it. Be vocal about the bullying and reach out to others. Do not let it rule your life. I know it’s hard for me to say this because I am not in a position of being bullied but the old adage that there is light at the end of the tunnel is true. There is an end to the bullying. Do not let those bullies win!

And to those with love ones being bullied…

Make sure the victim is protected especially if we’re talking about a minor. If protecting the victim would mean a change of identity, a change of cities or even countries, and giving the minor a sabbatical from school, then so be it! Do whatever it takes! Do not let those bullies win!

Parents and elders/guardians…

Listen to your kid. If you see signs that the kid is troubled, take the time and go out of your way to know what’s going on. Dig deeper if you feel there’s more to the story that what everyone’s saying. Make sure that your kid knows he/she can reach out to you and tell you his/her problems, whatever it is! Do not let a day go by without asking your kid how he/she is. And if your kid goes online, safeguard him/her by putting firewalls and guidance for its use. Reiterate the need to NOT trust strangers especially on the internet where anybody can pretend to be somebody so easily. DO NOT TRUST STRANGERS!

And a reminder to everyone…

Stop taking photos of yourself in compromising situations because one way or another it will come out and get taken advantage of by bad people. You don’t want to see your naked self plastered on the internet, right? So if you don’t want that, do not take a naked picture of yourself!

Schemes by the criminal minds

These days, getting a wireless security systems, a CCTV to be exact, for your home and business is a must. If there are other security gadgets you can invest in that you know will protect your home and love ones, think about getting one. There are so many schemes being employed by the criminal minds that I am sure you want to be safe and secure from.

I don’t know if you were able to watch the news report about a house help being victimized by the notorious Budol-Budol Gang. A caller pretending to be her boss sought her help in getting the jewelries and money in the safe. The help, fearing her boss was in dire situation and really needed her help went and broke the safety deposit box’ lock. She got all the valuables in it and met up with the caller who’s supposedly her boss. You know what happened next. The criminal got the valuables from the help. That easy.

Lesson learned? Install a security system over the place(s) at home where your valuables are. Or a monitoring system if you know your house help is still not sure what to do in emergency situations like what happened with the Budol-Budol Gang victim. What’s investing in a security system when you know it will save you from more harm, right?

Caught by the cameras

Three kids were suspected to have taken goods at a local grocery store. Junk foods were put inside their bags without them knowing it. Good thing the security cameras caught all that transpired in the junk food lane of the store. It showed three high school students putting the junk foods in their bags while the three kids were not looking. The store called up their parents and told them what happened while the three high school students are now being sought by the security officers of the store.

Be aware of your surroundings. Teach your kids to be alert at all times. Good thing there are security cameras around. What if there’s none? The kids would be branded as shop lifters when they are not.

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