All things come in 3s…

There’s the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The previous Pope John Paul II was beatified. And then Osama Bin Laden was announced finally eliminated by the U.S. Forces at Pakistan.

I wasn’t one of the many people who waited with baited breath over the Royal Wedding. I watched it over the evening news. I just can’t see what good it would do to me if I gushed over the wedding. Fine, so the balding young prince got married. Big deal! Will poverty be eliminated? I don’t think so. Alright, I’ll relent a little. It did provide a momentary entertainment to everyone who watched it. But with what happened to Princess Diana, the cynic in me says it can also go that way for Kate.

On the other hand, I felt blessed with the beatification of Pope John Paul II. I saw him up close during the World Youth Day in 1995 wherein our school was one of those who sent delegations to the Quirino Grandstand. Seeing him up close was like being as close as one could get to the Lord. I swear, it felt that way to me. That changed something in me. And the pope’s beatification was more significant (especially to my religion) than that wedding.

And there’s the death of Osama Bin Laden. The notorious leader of the Al Qaeda group. An announcement surprised all of us last Monday. President Barack Obama himself announced it. Bin Laden was found in a rather big house in Pakistan with his wife and with the go signal of Obama himself, the house was attacked by the US Forces.

Where were you when these events happened?

Three big events during last weekend and early Monday.


Remarkable discipline amidst disaster


We all know what happened to Japan. A magnitude 8.9 earthquake hit the country that resulted to a huge tsunami destroying the Eastern part of the said country. It was devastating! I’ve seen so many before and after photos of the specific areas hit by the tsunami and it was horrible.




But one of the things that struck me while watching videos of the situation in Japan now was how disciplined the people were. People were lining up like there’s no reason to panic. Rows and rows of grocery items were gone already but still the Japanese people were slowly walking inside the store. No one was running. There was no one pushing others out of the way to get to the remaining items as quickly as possible. We don’t even hear looting or chaos in relief distribution normally associated with calamity-stricken countries.

Even in a tough situation, their discipline is remarkable!

If there is a country that can rise up against this kind of disaster, it will be Japan. Let’s continue praying for the country and the people living there.

Valentine’s Day commercialism

Today is Valentine’s Day. February 14. Heart’s Day. Love Day. Whatever you call it, it’s a day meant mostly to be celebrated with a special someone. It’s a red letter day for lovers out there.

How do you celebrate this day?

Most people will give their special someone roses or bouquet of flowers, chocolates, stuffed toys, cakes, cards. Some would celebrate with a bottle of wine and a special candle-lit dinner. Or a romantic getaway…

Roses Chocolates Wine

StuffedToy Cake Roses Card

What are you getting your special someone?

I would just like to comment on the commercialism of Valentine’s Day and how we are all so eager to celebrate this day. Filipinos love to grab any opportunity to celebrate. That’s why we have a lot of fiestas and the longest Christmas celebration. Valentine’s Day is no different. It’s an opportunity to celebrate so we grab at the chance to do so. Only, it’s become too commercialized! Have you noticed how every single merchandise you see from day 1 of February up to the 14th is meant for this day? You are lured to spend your hard earned money on something, anything, for this day. If you think about it, with these hard times, we should have been saving up instead of spending. There are different ways to celebrate this day without spending too much money. Have you seen the news the past few days? Prices of flowers, specifically roses and those bought for this occasion, have gone up! Is it really wise to shell out so much for something that will be rotten and dead in a few days only?

I am not being a party pooper here. I just want to point out how we are being lured by companies to celebrate a day extravagantly that we can otherwise celebrate simply so they can profit from us.

Life insurance plans

I think we already know how important a life insurance plan is. Look at the victims of the Eton property gondola crash. Employers should really make it a point to get a life insurance plan for their employees. Even a term life will do.

Which reminds me that I also need to get one for myself and my dad. Majority of the people in this country who have life insurance plans are those employed or the ones who can spare some from their budget to pay for premiums. Ask anyone from the poor sector of the society and they’d tell you they don’t even know what a life insurance entails.

My fellow countrymen still lack the knowledge on a lot of important things that a person needs to know about being secure. I wish the government would take time to educate everyone and that each and every Filipino can afford an insurance plan for themselves.

The new Facebook profile

Have you seen the new Facebook profile?

Of course, you do. The question should have been this: do you like it? What do you think of it?

I don’t like it. You can’t see the latest update you made anymore. The ones on top of the page are the photos and some information about you. You can’t see the description anymore as well unless you go to the Info tab. And I can’t figure out how to choose the friends you want to feature on your sidebar.

I held out for as long as I could but I was still forced to use the new profile :(

I want the old Facebook profile back!

What do you think of your Facebook profile now?

Someone won the 6/55 draw already!

Somebody already won the most coveted prize bag this side of the planet… the 741M pesos Grand Lotto 6/55 draw! According to, a lone bettor won last night, getting the winning numbers 11-16-42-47-31-37.

741 million pesos! Can you just imagine how much money is that? Can you even imagine how you’re going to count that much money if you have it in cash?!?

If I was the one who won that much money, I already know what to do with it. 70% will be divided among my dad, my siblings and I. 10% will go to a common fund for traveling. The rest will be divided among relatives, really good friends, and charity, the cancer institute in particular. It would have benefited a lot of people but it’s not really meant to be mine. I do hope the person who got the prize is someone worthy and will use the money for good.

I also hope that it’s not the president who won. Imagine this, just when he took over the PCSO that’s when someone won the prize money. Hmm… just thinking out loud, okay? đŸ˜‰

What will you do if you won that much money, huh?

Shame on you, Maura Kelly!

There is an article in Marie Claire DOT com entitled: Should “Fatties” Get a Room? (Even on TV?). I became aware of this article through Twitter. A couple of my fave authors tweeted about this article and how they were left speechless after reading it. Speechless in a bad way!

Apparently, there is a CBS show called Mike and Molly. It is about an overweight couple who met at an Overeaters Anonymous group. The show is drawing complaints from some sectors for the abundance of fat jokes and from some people who aren’t comfortable watching intimacy between two plus-sized actors.

Maura Kelly, the author of the blog post, said that she’d be grossed out if she has to watch two characters…

…with rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other … because I’d be grossed out if I had to watch them doing anything. To be brutally honest, even in real life, I find it aesthetically displeasing to watch a very, very fat person simply walk across a room…

Wow! What a jerk!

And she also wrote that…

But … I think obesity is something that most people have a ton of control over. It’s something they can change, if only they put their minds to it.

What? Maura Kelly?!?! What did you say???

Let me state my reaction to her article…

You see, I’ve been overweight most of my life. It’s a combination of genes and lots of temptation around me. I came from a family of overweight people (my dad’s side) and we are a family of foodies. I would like to tell Maura Kelly that if it’s just something that can be turned on and off easily, I would be as skinny as her today! Does she think it’s EASY to control the cravings? Does she think it’s like a light switch that can be turned on and off when we want to? Why is it that there are so many overweight persons in the world if it’s as EASY as “if only they put their minds to it”?!?

It’s a struggle. It’s a lifelong battle for some (like me). It’s never easy because even when I stop eating for a week, the excess weight won’t come off easily. I can starve myself and sweat gallons to lose weight. And I will surely lose weight. But it’s never going to be skinny like her. It’s never going to be like that because we don’t stop living. There are still cravings to stave off.

As long as there are people out there who are like her “grossed out seeing a fat person walk across a room”, or persons who think that being obese is a choice that we can un-make, then the struggle becomes doubly hard. There’s more pressure coming from all directions and it adds to the battle we’re facing.

Does Maura Kelly think we enjoy being this heavy?!? Does she think we like the fact that a show about obese people need to be made for people to understand our lives more? And does she think it’s funny to read her call obese people “fatties”?!?

We don’t need more bullies in this world. Especially in this generation. I think the Maura Kellys of this world should think twice before egging people with the same mindset as theirs to start bullying the “fatties” out there!

Prepared for typhoon Juan?

Are you ready for the coming super typhoon? PAGASA‘s latest update listed typhoon Juan as already in Aparri, Cagayan. In fact, public storm warning signal # 1 is raised over Cagayan including Calayan and Babuyan Group of Islands and Isabela already as of 10PM yesterday.

Typhoon Juan is said to be as strong as Ondoy. That’s one scary statement and I hope enough to make you prepare yourselves. It will hit Central Luzon on Monday. My dad already bought some basic items we might need should we experience another Ondoy (which I am praying so hard not to happen).

I am actually praying it will change directions and just go out of the country!

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