Friend requests

I got a friend request from a high school classmate. I think I mentioned it in the past that my Facebook account is only for the people with whom I really interact with. Or to those with whom I want to reconnect with. From time to time, I accept friend requests from old classmates. But I check their profiles first since I want to know if they are the same person I’ve known in the past.

This old high school classmate of mine was not really a friend. I barely talked to her in class. We were only classmates in freshmen year. After that, I didn’t know what happened to her anymore.

So I checked her Facebook profile. And boy did she looked crazy to me! Literally crazy! She also looked like she’s in the flesh trade, if you know what I mean.

I ignored her friend request. As I’ve said in the past, my Facebook account is not there to win the most number of friends in the history of social networking. It’s there to communicate with friends and love ones. I really ignore friend requests from persons I am not interested in becoming friends with. Or to those who look totally weird or crazy to me. Like that old high school classmate.

Do you approve all Facebook friend requests you get?