A healthy work environment.

I was talking to an older cousin during our annual family reunion on my paternal side. We talked about work environment and how she despised (yes, that’s the word she used) her former office. The atmosphere was always thick with tension due to her former boss’s tendency to bite everyone’s heads off whenever he’s not in the mood. She also didn’t like some of her co-worker’s penchant for gossip. They would gossip their heads off especially when the boss was not in the office. I told my older cousin that I could only imagine the negative vibe in the air in that work place. She said that it was worse than my imagination because words can never describe the bad vibes of that office.

You know what, I used to be in that kind of office. I was working for a graphics company back then and the intrigues surrounding every person there was more than enough reason to drive me away from that office. Every person had some issue or another attached to him/her. It was crazy! Even the bosses, the chairman and the president were both married, were being gossiped about due to their affair. Crazy, don’t you think?!

A healthy work environment is one where the boss leads by example. A positive disposition, delegating work accordingly, giving everyone equal opportunity, where co-workers are supportive of one another and are inspiring towards others… that’s a healthy work environment! Count the fact that music is present (a focusright audio would be good!). And people are smiling genuinely… I would want to be in an office like that!

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