Plan and Deliver Training More Effectively

If there’s an award on offer to any company, employees will work to their maximum to achieve reaching their goal. City & Guilds help people gain the skills that employers require via flexible learning options and qualifications. This encourages workers to unlock their potential and make progression throughout their career. There are training awards which are given when businesses plan and deliver training to employees more effectively. Princess Anne is an advocate of the exclusive Princess Royal Training Awards, the first of its kind. A ceremony will take place in the Autumn of 2016, an event to be held at a prestigious venue along with high profile VIPs in attendance.

What do City & Guilds do?

City & Guilds offer qualifications that can help people gain skills employers value the most. There are over 500 qualifications available that have been developed with key organisations in over 25 industries. These qualifications are recognised throughout the world by employers which in turn give employees the chance to apply for the best jobs and salaries. Progression can be made in a career for those who have successfully achieved:-

  • Entry level qualifications
  • The equivalent of a postgraduate degree

The Princess Royal Training Awards Hallmarks the value of investing in skills and training development to support business development. The creation of this new award definitely confirms how important development and learning is to an organisation’s performance.

How to register your interest

It’s quite a straightforward process to register your interest in this excellent award. Further information will be provided once you’ve submitted an online form with your:-

a) Name
b) Position in the company
c) Organisation name
d) Email address
e) Contact telephone number

Once City & Guilds have received this completed form, an adviser will get back to you as soon as possible with instructions of what you have to do next.

The Hallmarks

The Hallmarks are basically standards and criteria used to evaluate applications for the Princess Royal Training Awards. They ensure that the same standards are used to evaluate all entries. Hallmarks also provide a good guide for applicants when completing their application forms including an assessor’s visit. Applicants will need to demonstrate evidence of how each of these Hallmarks have been met.

Here is a brief list of the Hallmarks and criteria which applicants will be assessed on:-

– The First Hallmark – this programme involves training, learning and development as an internal part of business performance.

– The Second Hallmark – this programme is delivered efficiently and effectively.

– The Third Hallmark – this programme has an impact on the success of the organisation and its people.

Quick links

To sum up, when it comes to the Princess Royal Training Awards there are many quick links to browse such as:-

  • How to register your interest
  • Submission information
  • Interactive brochures
  • Key dates

For any queries or questions make contact online with a support team who will be more than happy to help.

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