Spec Success: Tips for Spec-ing Your Truck

If you’re thinking about becoming an owner-operator and are looking for a truck to call your own, choosing that truck’s specifications is extremely important. The following tips will help ensure you “spec” for success.

Match the Specs to the Work You’ll Be Doing

You could buy the fanciest, most tricked-out rig on the lot but if it isn’t right for the types of loads you’ll be hauling or routes you’ll be driving, it’ll simply be a waste of money. Make sure the specs you choose are the best for the types of jobs you’ll be taking.

Consider Both Versatility and Resale Value

While you do want your rig to handle your loads, whenever possible spec with an eye toward versatility and resale value. Not only will you be able to take a wider variety of loads and as a result, make more money, you’ll also increase your rig’s resale value if at some point you decide to sell.

Sleep on Your Decision, Then Move Forward With the Purchase

When you’re making a big decision like buying a rig, it shouldn’t be done in a short amount of time. When making an investment in something, you should always sleep on it for a night and then move forward. This prevents even the most rational person from making a knee-jerk decision, and should be a move in your strategy when spec-ing your truck.

With these tips, getting the specs on your truck that you need when becoming an owner-operator will help your trucking career move in the right direction.

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