Corporate Housing Solutions

As a business owner, you should be searching for the most cost-effective way to complete any process. Logistics can be a tedious process. This issue is complicated even further when you have employees who have to travel for work. Coming up with travel arrangements and housing arrangements is annoying. Sometimes you have employees who need to stay in a place for an extended period. That is why corporate housing was invented. It helps companies cut out a few steps when they are finding living quarters for their traveling staff members.

Corporate housing is a turn key property where someone can live for a period. It is sort of between an apartment and a hotel. They are ideal for some business travelers. Here are some reasons why.

It’s cheaper – With corporate housing, everything included with the property is available to the traveler. That includes things that hotels might charge for, like parking. During an extended hotel stay, the daily parking fees can add up. That is not an issue when you purchase corporate housing solutions. The overall day rate will also remain the same. Hotels charge different prices depending on demand.

Taxes – This another factor in the cheaper of corporate housing. Hotels have to pay a hotel tax. You pay this tax every time you stay in a hotel or motel. It isn’t as noticeable when you are just staying for a night or two. These taxes can add up over the course of a couple of weeks or a month.

Furnished – These properties are turnkey properties. That means corporate apartments and condos are fully equipped. They are also fully stocked with kitchen utensils and cooking appliances. It feels much more like a home than a hotel. This is incredible considering corporate housing is usually cheaper.

Eating out is fun, but the cost can add up. When you stay in corporate housing, you will usually have access to a full kitchen. That means you can make some healthy homemade meals while you are staying there. That can make the stay feel even more like home. Most hotel rooms have no kitchen at all. Some extended stay hotels have a smaller economy kitchen.

There is still one more reason that business housing is a better option, more space. A rented apartment or condo is much bigger than the typical hotel room. They also provide more privacy. Many companies offer these services. Contact one today to see how much money they can save you while also improving your business’s travel logistics.

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