Get More Control Over Your Website Today


Your small business needs a website – that much has probably been made pretty clear to you already. But what if you don’t have the tech skills to build your own one from the ground up? In that case, you’ll probably use one of those website builders that makes the whole process incredibly easy. But when you do this, along with other things that new website owners do, you actually don’t have as much control over your website as you should have. The fact is that it’s better to have complete control by taking the creation process into your own hands. Here are the things you need to consider.


Original designs

Those templates that website builders use? They were, of course, designed by someone else. This generally means you’ll have to have text at the bottom of the web page highlighting that it isn’t yours. And if that person decides to get their template removed from the host’s database, then you’ll end up having to pick something else that you may not like. It’s best to get a website design custom-built for you if you don’t have the skills to do it yourself. You can then have the rights to that design.

Your own code

If you’re not too great with code, then you should look into Java or HTML training. Otherwise, hire a freelance coder to help you develop the website. You should do this because other solutions will restrict you in what you can achieve with your website. You don’t want to be stuck with templated website behavior, nor do you want to be stuck with the clunky, slow code that these website builders often create on the back-end.


Sourcing your own images

Royalty-free stock images can be your best friend when it comes to building website content. But there are certain images out there that many new businesses use on their website that everyone has seen before. And if these images are removed from that stock database, then you’ll be left with a broken image link. It may be best to take your own photographs for the website, or to hire a photographer to do so. This will add more of a personal touch to your business website, anyway!

Create your own servers

You could create your own servers. While some people may see this as taking things a step too far, many will be delighted at the prospect of being in complete control over their own data and being the true ruler of the services they can provide. If there are ever any failures, you can get to work on the problem yourself instead of hoping another web host is working on the issue. This is something for the advanced among you, however; by and large, going with a trusted host with 99.9% uptime should be fine!


Terms and conditions

Whatever you do, it’s vital that you thoroughly review the terms and conditions of whatever web host and services you’re using. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you’ve basically signed away the rights to everything you put on the website to another business. Check the terms and conditions, as well as independent reviews of the service.

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