Webhost problems

There is something terribly wrong with my web host right now. I keep experiencing these minute-long downtimes that happen several times in a day. It doesn’t last long. As I’ve said, it’s a minute long. But it still irritates me because it happens when I am busy with a post and about to publish it. Imagine my surprise for getting an error message and when I check, there is no problem with the web host’s server. As soon as I check again, connection to the web host is back!

I have complained already. And the management has replied right away. I will have my account evaluated and they will determine if there is a need for me to be migrated to a new server. They think that I might be on a server that’s been experiencing a lot of problems lately.

I appreciate the fact that they listened to my complaint and will do something about it asap. But I am really not comfortable with these downtimes. I am already trying to look for a new web host. Let’s see if I find one better than the current one I have.

The business of spamming

Wow! For the very first time, I opened my admin page and there are no spam comments! Thank you, Akismet! And thank you, too, spammers for sparing my blog! Hehehe!

Anyway, there was a topic in a radio show about spamming. This was just related to me. According to my source, a caller told the radio hosts that he/she works for a company whose sole purpose is to spam the web. I am not sure what exactly is their target but my guess would be blogs and email accounts. What struck me the most in the story was that the caller told the radio hosts that the company earns more than a million pesos in a month in spamming alone! Wow! I didn’t even know that spamming is that lucrative!

I was once accused by someone that I might have left spam comments in her blog. WTH, right? I told her that I won’t benefit from that and I would have let her accuse me if I knew I would earn from spamming. That was an ignorant statement, of course! Now I know there are earnings in spamming! Hahaha!

Spam comments and emails are annoying. Thank goodness for Akismet and the one-click button to delete spam comments and emails! But seriously, I am still wondering how these people earn from it when we, the bloggers and account owners, just delete spam right away? Or do they earn from those people who get lured to click on spammy links?

The business of spamming, ladies and gentlemen.

EC spammy sites

I keep on seeing dubious sites in Entrecard. There are sites masquerading as blogs but are actually marketing pitches on products that you don’t really know what could do to you. There are so many widgets showing women in various states of undress. Links that lead to sites that look to be splogs.

I don’t know if Entrecard is doing something to the sites. Or they just keep on accepting sites that pay even if the site is luring you to download software that can give you a virus.

I hope Entrecard will do something about spammy sites masquerading as blogs/legitimate sites.

Intermittent DSL connection

I am getting so darn irritated with my DSL provider! My internet connection since the typhoon Basyang is intermittent! I can connect but after a minute or two, I will get disconnected. I reported it already but there’s no action yet. I think they want another first page bad write up Google search about them!

I swear your patience will ran out!

Calling Bayantel DSL!!!

PR update


There was a PR update a few days ago. Have you noticed any increase or decrease in your PR meter? Mine’s still the same. A big fat zero! What about you?

I am doing my best to get back my PR but, well, no luck yet. Maybe on the next update? Calling the big G of the world wide web!

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