5 Core Topics

I have decided that moving forward, there will be 5 Core Topics here in Sasha-says.com:


This core topic will include articles on jobs, career, and work. There will be personal input on working at home and being a freelance accountant from time to time. I will also publish stuff related to real estate, small businesses, franchising, the economy, and any business-related news that I feel will have a huge impact on blogging and being self-employed.

Money and Finance

Since I am a licensed accountant, this core topic will include articles on accounting, taxation, financing, mortgages and loans, credit reports and debts, banking, foreign exchange and currency, insurance, investments, and any finance-related news.

Traditional and New Media

This core topic will include local and international news, social networking, microblogging, and anything blogging-related.

Computer and Internet

Computer and Internet

This core topic will carry a lot of sub-topics: advertising, marketing and promotions, web development, hardware and software news, latest gadgets, networking, search engines and SE optimization, technology news, blogging, earning online, article writing, web hosting, domains, online presence, and a host of other computer and internet-related stuff.

Life in General

Snippets of personal thoughts here and there.

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