Wedding Video Editing Tips Revealed

There are certain things to take into consideration when editing a video. However, sorting out the footage of someone’s big day is a huge responsibility and as such there are a few other more specific factors to take into account.

We take a look at the different considerations you will need to bear in mind.

Decide on a theme

Before embarking on the video-making process itself, be sure to create a meaningful theme to surround your wedding film. For some great ideas, check out Strictly Tables and Chairs’ wedding theme ideas.


First and foremost, it is important to start the footage with a compelling and attention-grabbing introduction. This applies with a lot of video editing, but for a wedding, you want to be sure that you have an especially great introduction to get the video off to the perfect start.

Focus on Bride and Groom

The most important rule of editing wedding videos is to focus on the bride and groom. The footage is a commemoration of a special day, and the couple being wed should be the sole focus of the day. As such, a wedding video needs to reflect this and the bride and groom should always be at the centre of everything.


Of course, it is important to involve good shots of guests and the venue, along with any other touches you feel may benefit the video, but it is vitally important to regularly return the focus to the bride and groom throughout the video.


Most weddings have a theme, something that provides an extra dimension aesthetically to the day. When editing a wedding video, incorporating the theme into the video can be a lovely extra.

Using editing techniques such as borders or transitions it is possible to seamlessly incorporate the chosen theme of the wedding day.

Even if there was no specific theme for the day, there will have been important thematic colours, it is a good idea to make use of these colours when editing the video. Whether it’s in using the colour to give photo montages an interesting tint, or if it’s ensuring any borders or lettering are of the wedding theme colour, it can really benefit the video as a whole.

Personal Touches

The most important thing in a wedding are the bride and groom, and this extends into the organisation and editing of the wedding video. Before starting any editing, it is quintessentially important to speak to the couple beforehand to make sure you appreciate their personal preferences.

You may have brilliant ideas as to how to go about editing the video including a nice photo montage in the middle as a focal feature. However, if the groom personally hates photo montages, there couldn’t be a worse idea. In order to get the best video, that the married couple will be happy with for years to come, you need to speak to the couple themselves to ask what exactly they want.

Also, by speaking to the couple about personal preferences, you are relieved of responsibility when it comes to making choices about certain things. There can be nothing worse than having to make a decision, only to find out the solution you chose wasn’t the best one for the people you chose it for. Instead of hazarding a guess at things such as duration and titles, if the couple it is for tells you what they want, you aren’t to blame should they not like the finished product.


Sound is very important in a wedding video, and during the editing stages, if sound isn’t dealt with efficiently, a wedding can seem a little stale and not realise the emotive potential wedding videos possess.

It is likely that the footage you have available wasn’t filmed with audio in mind; after all, having a boom mike hovering over the couple as they marry may be a little off-putting to say the least. As such, the background noises and sound recordings you have to work with are probably not brilliant quality; this is where music comes in. If you mute the clips and overlay the video with music, not only does this provide a better quality audio soundtrack to the video, but it emphasises and compliments the emotions that the wedding video serves to capture.


Editing a wedding video can be a real privilege; therefore, you want to know you’ve done a good job. Unlike other video editing work, wedding video editing requires special due care and attention to ensure that the bride and groom have a perfect captured memory of their special day that they will treasure for years to come.

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