Oil & Water?: Your Health And Your Hospital Service

We’re finding out now how important it is to have great hospital care, now that so many people are being attacked by this novel virus. We have to consider what kind of challenges doctors and nurses are under when they treat us during normal stress status. We hope that they have had enough time to sleep and come to work refreshed. We hope that they are arriving to work without any personal issues getting in the way of their healthcare providing for you. We don’t just want them to be in good mental and physical shape for their sake, but for our sake. Hospitals aren’t always as safe as they could be and unfortunately, sometimes you can receive poor care. Yet this is the one place where this simply cannot afford to happen. So what can you do?

Document then alert

Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands. Your health is not something that should be gambled or ignored purely for the sake of courtesy. If you experience something that is troubling you, such as not having enough to eat or drink, not being given adequate clothing and not having decent sheets for your bedding, you must do two things. If it’s possible to get out your mobile and record what is concerning you. It’s okay to speak during the recording but make sure you can get a shot of the issues that are bothering you. Then, you must alert someone such as a nurse. Tell them what you’re not happy about and would like some things to be improved. You can record this via sound recording apps but make sure not to get anyone’s face in the shot.

Out of the ordinary

We must never forget that the doctors, nurses, and surgeons who look after us are human. They will make errors and mistakes but usually, this is caught by someone else or at least rectified before harm is done to you. If however it is not and you suffer from something out of the ordinary you may need to contact trial lawyers. They cover negligent healthcare events i.e. medical malpractice. It could be that those who were caring for you, didn’t pay attention to something that caused you temporary or even permanent damage. It could be that a surgeon was not paying attention to what he or she was doing when operating on you and caused you more harm than good. Some cases will be sketchy but others will be absolutely necessary as some healthcare professionals have a history of malpractice.

If you are able

The sad thing about modern-day hospital care is, in some areas they’re extra careful even when they don’t need to be. If you feel like getting up for a walk and are physically able to do so, you have the right to take that walk. Hospitals that won’t allow this are scared of patients falling and suing. However, you should exercise your right to look after and understand what’s going on with your body first.

Not every hospital stay is nice and pleasant. Some are rocky from the outset and just continue to get worse. You should pay attention to your own health and take good care of yourself even while in the hospital.

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