Going the Way of the Entrepreneur: 2 Key Personal Traits to Learn

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It seems that many people are jumping onto the freelance way of life at the moment. And partly, it’s to do with necessity, it’s also the personal outcomes that can influence our decision. Many people are learning how important it is to have control over their lives, and it seems that this is one of the key ways these days. When there is a recession there appears to be a spike in people looking for ways to make money for themselves. But when you start to build your own freelance career and decide that you want to be an entrepreneur there are certain personal considerations that you need to think about.

Money Is More Than a Commodity, It Is a Mindset

Building any company, whether it’s online or in real life, requires a relationship with money that goes beyond the physical. The best place to begin when you have a poor relationship with money and you’ve been in debt previously is to get a clean slate. While there are debt discharge programs like on www.DTSS.us you have to think about being debt-free as a mindset too. So many people start a business as a way to scramble together money quickly, but this is not the case. The first year can be incredibly difficult for any budding business person. And you may feel that you are financially worse off. This is why you need to change your relationship with money. Changing your lifestyle so you can invest in the business but also get an understanding of that sensation you feel after you’ve earned that first dollar can help change your entire approach to how you live.

Learning to Lead

Going back to the idea of being self-sufficient in terms of our own careers, we may feel that we need to be in control of our domain. The big problem with being in charge of your own business is that you have your own preconceived ideas of what being a boss actually entails. So many people have so much of a chip on their shoulder, they feel in order to get anywhere they’ve got to beat on people below them or be incredibly harsh leaders. The true value of being a leader is not about shouting loud or being someone who puffs their chest out; it’s about being the person who listens, inspires, but also has an approach that considers everybody. You may think that you need to be a Donald Trump and start blaming everybody for problems that you’ve created (hopefully without the hairstyle and hue of orange), or you can be the person that takes responsibility, like Abraham Lincoln. There are so many characteristics of great leaders to consider, and there are 5 of these on www.FastCompany.com. And while you will encounter people throughout your life that think this is the best way to be, morally speaking it doesn’t help.

To be a business person you may have preconceived notions of the entire mindset. But when you are in charge of something that has to pay other people as well as yourself, you have a duty of care. If you are considering going the way of the entrepreneur, these are the two key personal considerations to start with.

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