Showing a More Relaxed Style of Life to the Public and Clients

Taking a vacation and making time for fun can be a vital part of any hardworking professional’s life. It also can be an important way to show the public and a business’ clients that the people behind a company also want to enjoy life and spend time with family just the same as they do. With social media becoming a primary way for businesses to engage their clients, more companies like Jason Hanold Associates are demonstrating their human sides by posting pictures on sites like Facebook. Vacation pictures and more relaxed posts can help the public understand that the professionals who work for them go through the same life experiences and more than likely harbor the same sympathies as they do in real life.

Vacation Pictures and Family Posts

Clients often want to know that the people who help them with a range of professional services share the same concerns in life. They want to see the humanity behind these professionals rather than simply the formal and business-oriented aspect of these people. When they can log onto Facebook and get a glimpse into these people’s everyday lives, clients may feel like they can approach their business partners with more confidence and ease. They understand that the people on the other side of the desk are as human and fun-loving as they are.

These pictures and posts also allow clients to learn more about the people with whom they are doing business. They can only glean a certain amount of information from a business’ website, for example. By engaging with their associates and partners on Facebook and other social media sites, they can learn more about people to whom they will entrust important business matters. They can ask questions, make comments, and expect personal answers in return.

Real-Life Experiences to Gain Trust

Another important reason why social media fosters relationships between the public and businesses involves showing clients and customers that the people behind a business bring with them everyday experiences to their jobs. They have real-life knowledge about circumstances that other people go through on a daily basis.

Knowing that someone at a company has been through the same experience, such as parenting dilemmas or taking a vacation to a certain resort, can be important for people who want to feel completely at ease with this individual. They want to know that the person with whom they are doing business is on the same level as they are and is not basing advice simply on textbook knowledge or classroom lectures.

Facebook posts can be a great way to engage customers and clients. The public can feel more at ease by viewing these posts and pictures.

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